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  1. Join discord. All info is on discord
  2. Not for nothing. You have not read the rule in discord. But thank for your visite
  3. We have some veteran players and some new players. All fight is a success. Never fail we only had one player dead once during a fight on the dragon on island because of a bug that makes it pass under the map. the player had a gorilla as a mount
  4. on my profile you will see an envelope. click on it
  5. Hi We offer all boss fight. All run is free. you bring your stuff/dino. - Only for unlock the engram. - No elements. - You need reserve your seat on my discord. Don’t forget to read the rule on discord, if I ban you because you have not respect the discord rule is your responsibility to read the discord rule discord link: https://discord.gg/5U4zYQK
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