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  1. I know it happened in the past but surely they are doing something about it.
  2. How likely are character to get deleted at the moment if a server rolls back after you transfered on it?
  3. Try going through a stone dino gate with a mana, it wont fit, it can go through tek and wood fine, because of that it works yeah.
  4. Find a server that doesn't have cap on and join it.
  5. I dont feel bad about playing on pve servers. I get to avoid looking like this.
  6. Apparently manas seem to be the answer.
  7. Wave strengths very much depend on drop location.
  8. Night time just makes gameplay annoying. Enabling gamma breaks immersion so nah.
  9. There seems to be less of a variance on dust crystals than others.
  10. Cloning is broken with how easy element is to get.
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