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  1. Yunaa

    Velonasaur Stats

    Thank you very much for the answers!
  2. Yunaa

    Velonasaur Stats

    Hello Which will be the best velonosaur and Managarmr stats (health, stamina, melee) 150 lvl dino, without imprinting? I would like some help, I want to start breeding them, I need good wild ones through. 10x
  3. Yunaa

    Element Dust

    51.3 64.00 - city location where you find the solar tables With a good doed you will get 400-500 element dust per hit. You can easily farm those tables and craft 3-4 elements (depending on your doedi stats ofc) I would not bother farming street lights. If you are doing veins, farm the nodes with a good mantis with good pick axe
  4. My baby gacha died, so cute but painfull to bread, I would definitely not recommend raising a gacha. Too much work and the baby production will be random. Just tame gacha instead A trick to know what a wild gacha produces is to have snow pellets and be on your dino ( do not get down ) and drop the pellet. The taming will not start and you will see which crystals are dropped. Wait to open a few of them and when you see the resource you are looking for, start taming
  5. You can bring eggs from ragnarok for example and raise them on extinction.
  6. Yunaa

    Baby Gacha Food?

    Could someone clarify this to me: If breading one type of gacha (metal) with one that makes element dust will that guarantee that the baby gacha will produce one of the both or just random resources?
  7. The sooner the better This is actually my first Easter event, does anyone can tell me some tricks? what to expect? Each year at Easter events the wild dinos are available only in green, magenta, yellow and blue? No breeding event?
  8. 2018 Easter Event started in 29 March and ended in 10 April Easter 2018 - 1 April ( 3 days before Easter and whole event lasted 13 days) So the event should start before 2-3 days before Easter. 2019 Easter is on 21 April so I am guessing the event will be : 19 April - 2 May -ish? Definitely after 15 of April
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