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  1. What if phoenix die?(tamed) When he die staed some coal it that place and just layin. And it is all?
  2. can tek forcefield protect from radiation. Many people says yes. may be y know?
  3. ValeriyaKvi

    Karkinos stuck

    Hm. On kark may get pregnansy very easy without shealds and tameplaces. On kark and rock drake.
  4. ValeriyaKvi

    Karkinos stuck

    How long dinos will be stuck in texture ark? Why they didnt fix it? Sinse 12 december karkinos alvaus stucks! and often drakes and soinos when fight aspeccialy agants reaper queen.
  5. ValeriyaKvi

    what y method tame reaper

    what yor favorit method tame reaper(without drake)
  6. ValeriyaKvi

    reaper rise

    what most favorite kibble for reaper?
  7. ValeriyaKvi

    what food for ravenger is best?

    It tame well on muton.. but it tame quiqly on cooked muton then raw.. when I tame 150 wild on cooked mut. it rise 222... so need to tame on raw mut? but slowly?
  8. ValeriyaKvi

    rock drake raising

    hello. who knows, what is feeding interval have rock drake. for example... it bearth 1300 food.. and will lose food per second? how much? so how many times it need to feed. 180-185 lvl egg)) In past I was rise drakes, but in unpofficial servers. so dont know how is on official)
  9. ValeriyaKvi

    Planz z seeds often desapered

    When im farm plant z seeds they are often come in textute.
  10. May i complite(finish) game- go to island bosses. tek cave and tek boss on reapers snd ab spinos? If i will well breead spinos and hood lbl up reapers? Can i? How y think?
  11. ValeriyaKvi

    Tek Cave and Overseer on official PVE

    On what dunos y will go? Did y try to go on reapers or spinos?
  12. ValeriyaKvi

    Speak with me

    Hello. My name is Valery. I need have enterense in trade forum very much:) I play in Ark very long time 4100+ h. This best game ever to me. Please write something and i will be abble have enterense;)