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  1. Wow when and where is this happening? That would be so awesome :)!
  2. Thanks everyone I appreciate all the input and look forward my next phase of ARK :).
  3. What are the stats you have experience with working well for the Alpha boss fights using the Rexes?
  4. Dododex indicates simple kibble...but no matter how much I put in my slot.... the % tame goes no where at all.... I have tried all different amounts of mejos and by the time the bag is gone for the next round the taming has decayed back to virtually nothing. I don't get it.
  5. I have the same issue. Simple kibble does not work at all with 0 increase to the tame %, and I"ve tried all sorts of numbers of mejos in the 0 spot.... no matter what ...by the time it's done with the bag and ready to come again....it's decayed back to 0
  6. BUMP- I have the same issue. I have a Basilo not making any oil. I bought it and brought it over from another server.
  7. Newish player. Still grinding up some resources. Because I have limited time I am buying dinos in some instances to get a foothold on some progress towards boss fights. Building out my base (grinding the stone/thatch/wood), metal and poly grinds, and a bit of fishing on the side :).
  8. Stego is also a great berry and thatch dino.
  9. Welcome to any online open PVP. You either accept the reality that someone who has played longer is going to over power you, and find ways to hide and grow...or go for PVE instead.
  10. Spinos are really amazing dinos once you have one tamed up! Try some different tanky dinos that it might aggro to like a carbony?
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