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Sleiva Sleiva 01/22/2017 Super fast trade, excelent communication. nunocsousa nunocsousa
nunocsousa nunocsousa 01/22/2017 Bought from him pike and bear bp for metal pillars without scam, recommend that guy! Sleiva Sleiva
Dreads Dreads 01/22/2017 After receiving the eggs he brought me back to the obelisk for transfer, great communication, everything smooth, would trade again :D Maedean Shepard Maedean Shepard
VJ1989 VJ1989 01/22/2017 A bit of a holdup on my end but the quickest trade I have ever done! Very easy guy, no stress, would trade again! CriticalDjin CriticalDjin
Zee Zee 01/22/2017 easy rade will do more Crowbar Crowbar
Crowbar Crowbar 01/22/2017 nice guy Zee Zee
Blueman803 Blueman803 01/22/2017 Quick easy trade, dino was as advertised! Firenutz99 Firenutz99
VillegeKing VillegeKing 01/22/2017 Awesome guy.. good trader.. legit :) Desilent Desilent
PlatinumCore16 PlatinumCore16 01/22/2017 very good trader fast and friendly i got what i was buying would trade again shortee2 shortee2
Firenutz99 Firenutz99 01/22/2017 273 Ptera Eggs hatched at level he claimed. Good trade Blueman803 Blueman803
Angel18tsc Angel18tsc 01/21/2017 Was very easy to talk to about the trading process and completely honest and fair. Would recommend! WickedWayz WickedWayz
Cl3o Cl3o 01/21/2017 Smooth trade. Bloodqq Bloodqq
CurtBurt CurtBurt 01/21/2017 Great trader, no problems at al. Will continue to trade. Recommend ShackledFob27 ShackledFob27
KazukiMar KazukiMar 01/21/2017 I love this guy doesn't scam is a true and faithful seller, buy from him :D Bisquik Bisquik
Bloodqq Bloodqq 01/21/2017 Super reliable for trading and beyond and fast. +1 Cl3o Cl3o
ShackledFob27 ShackledFob27 01/21/2017 Met him at red ob on his server. Good coms. No problems with the trade. Will continue to trade with them in the future. CurtBurt CurtBurt
TheStrip TheStrip 01/21/2017 Excellent trader with great communication would trade again :D KazukiMar KazukiMar
ludiglup ludiglup 01/21/2017 Good fast trader Gt101 Gt101
VillegeKing VillegeKing 01/21/2017 all great! 100% fine! BELFEGOR BELFEGOR
BELFEGOR BELFEGOR 01/21/2017 Trade went as planned. No issues, will trade again. VillegeKing VillegeKing
Maedean Shepard Maedean Shepard 01/21/2017 Fast, friendly and fair trading. :D Would definitely trade with again any day! vowels vowels
vowels vowels 01/21/2017 Was on my server faster than I could send a response through the forum. Very smooth trade, would trade again :D Maedean Shepard Maedean Shepard
kevinm10 kevinm10 01/21/2017 Egg didn't hatch the colour I wanted, but adult bird was worth the trade. Will deal with again. :) Scotty8319 Scotty8319
Gt101 Gt101 01/21/2017 Good and fast trader ludiglup ludiglup
BlindSumo4 BlindSumo4 01/21/2017 Very friendly and quick. Would recommend Weatherman Weatherman

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