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      Upcoming Volcano Changes   04/27/17

      Please make sure you read the following information regarding the upcoming changes for the Volcano, as you are in potential risk of losing dinos or structures within a certain vicinity.  
Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Jabbakoid Jabbakoid 04/29/17 Great player to trade with, very fast and reliable. Will be keeping in touch Northernstar2018 Northernstar2018
TheJelly TheJelly 04/29/17 nice seller wowkiz wowkiz
FlameWinder FlameWinder 04/29/17 Another great and fast trade with one of my best clients/traders :) thanks again mate Razen Razen
Razen Razen 04/29/17 Just another fast and smooth trade with Razen. Thanks mate FlameWinder FlameWinder
hudi1 hudi1 04/29/17 Easy trade, was patient with my server being retarded AF during the process :) Vinhasa Vinhasa
Flay Flay 04/29/17 Great transaction. Fast and friendly. Would trade again! AsahiPriest AsahiPriest
AsahiPriest AsahiPriest 04/29/17 Quick discussion and implementation of the trade. recommend :) Flay Flay
wowkiz wowkiz 04/29/17 smooth trade, fast and easy to trade with. TheJelly TheJelly
Duncan Duncan 04/29/17 Cool guy that did everything to make the trade as easy as possible. Went to his server and was picked up and taken to an ob. Talked for a while in party and set up another trade for the next day. We hatched eggs and all 5 eggs came out as promised. My tribe is happy and looking forward to even more trades. Was some of the best prices I've come accross Dryest Dryest
Russia Russia 04/29/17 Contacted him lastnight and made trade this morning with no problems. Went to his server, was picked up taken to drop with no problems. Talked about setting up some future deals and he was reasonable in asking price. Couldn't be happier Dryest Dryest
AlmightyGamerYT AlmightyGamerYT 04/29/17 good,fast trade. Recommended melvin213x melvin213x
Barrett Barrett 04/29/17 really good trader, one of the best tribes iv seen in this game and has a really cool red obby base pielord pielord
Dhalae Dhalae 04/29/17 awesome fast n easy trade b0ender b0ender
b0ender b0ender 04/28/17 Nice trader! Dhalae Dhalae
BottledBurps BottledBurps 04/28/17 Really Fast!!! Amazing Seller Khadez Khadez
DeningWei DeningWei 04/28/17 Amazing guy to deal with. Went above and beyond the normal Barrett Barrett
MostSpy MostSpy 04/28/17 Friendly guy, everything went smoothly, would trade again Harrist14 Harrist14
Demerus Demerus 04/28/17 Smooth trade, a really nice trader. I recommend them and looking forward to future trades. TheJelly TheJelly
Harrist14 Harrist14 04/28/17 Good trade MostSpy MostSpy
SpCowboy SpCowboy 04/28/17 Good stuff b0ender b0ender
flex6969 flex6969 04/28/17 Quick, easy trade :) BottledBurps BottledBurps
BottledBurps BottledBurps 04/28/17 fast and easy flex6969 flex6969
Gluon Gluon 04/28/17 Quick and easy trade :) BottledBurps BottledBurps
ClayishFive08 ClayishFive08 04/28/17 Nice easy trade with a this guy, thanks again Tweakybox39706 Tweakybox39706
Tweakybox39706 Tweakybox39706 04/28/17 Great Buy! Would trade again. ClayishFive08 ClayishFive08

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