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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Dag Dag 11/19/18 10/10 would trade with again Jacira Jacira
Jacira Jacira 11/19/18 awesome trade and kind guy. Would recommend Jacira 100 %! Wont be the last trade Dag Dag
megaHammer megaHammer 11/18/18 quick and painless trade. Very patient and great to deal with. Hope to do business again soon! Thanks! Demerus Demerus
Teo96 Teo96 11/17/18 fast efficient seller, thank you very much hermanoark hermanoark
hermanoark hermanoark 11/17/18 Nice and fast trade with a nice guy ;) Teo96 Teo96
MeowMaggs MeowMaggs 11/16/18 Pleasure to work with! Was quick and efficient, would definitely trade again :D megaHammer megaHammer
Kruemel Kruemel 11/15/18 Fast and easy trade Dexos Dexos
Dexos Dexos 11/14/18 fast, friendly =) Kruemel Kruemel
Batty Batty 11/14/18 kept promises to deliver what I asked for, came to my server and was helpful to deliver dinos and take payment personally. 10/10 jbokhary jbokhary
HOSS602 HOSS602 11/13/18 Very convenient trade, 10,000+hrs of experience. Highly recommended epickarn epickarn
alexio86 alexio86 11/13/18 Perfect, would trade again! n_n DarkAriaN DarkAriaN
h2o h2o 11/12/18 Quick boss runs made easy. Recommended. jjt jjt
7826154 7826154 11/11/18 excellent seller MostSpy MostSpy
Batty Batty 11/11/18 Friendly seller. Would deal with batty again. MostSpy MostSpy
jjt jjt 11/09/18 Friendly guy h2o h2o
MausiKeksi MausiKeksi 11/07/18 Friendly and trustworthy trader, hope to trade again epickarn epickarn
epickarn epickarn 11/07/18 fast and esay Trade all times aigan :) MausiKeksi MausiKeksi
Teo96 Teo96 11/06/18 Good guy, faster and easy. 100% recommended Pegasito97 Pegasito97
Pegasito97 Pegasito97 11/06/18 Nice guy and fast trade Teo96 Teo96
Hakush Hakush 11/06/18 Good seller, will trade again Oldskill Oldskill
Ambush7 Ambush7 11/05/18 Thanks for sharing and great angler fish! Rainex37 Rainex37
chengge chengge 11/04/18 Good seller, trade went as expected Oldskill Oldskill
Rainex37 Rainex37 11/03/18 Excellent buyer, friend, thank you for shopping with me, I recommend everyone hermanoark hermanoark
hermanoark hermanoark 11/03/18 Thanks for the deal. Very comfortable and friendly. Rainex37 Rainex37
TheConstructor TheConstructor 11/03/18 Super trader, always again Kruemel Kruemel