Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Michido Michido 07/28/17 Thank You for quick replies and continual support! Scotty0717 Scotty0717
BlueFox91 BlueFox91 07/27/17 Great trade very happy , will trade again in the future + Jamie2142 Jamie2142
Xeeta Xeeta 07/27/17 10/10 would trade again. friendly and expedit. LadyofHats LadyofHats
Razen Razen 07/27/17 that was faster then i tought :D hope to see you again, amazing as always wolfbastion wolfbastion
RubeDragon RubeDragon 07/27/17 Prompt payment, buyer very polite and organised, definitely not a time waster A+++ WhiteCrow WhiteCrow
wolfbastion wolfbastion 07/27/17 Another great trade with wolf...including wolf :P Thank you so much. Wont be our last trade for sure Razen Razen
Razen Razen 07/27/17 Very good trader, quick, good communication, thanks for a smooth trade. Hammond Hammond
Hammond Hammond 07/27/17 Nice and friendly trader. Came to pick me up. Fast and clean . Thanks mate Razen Razen
Razen Razen 07/27/17 Very fast and easy :) thank you so much and very nice to meet you wolfbastion wolfbastion
wolfbastion wolfbastion 07/27/17 Awesome friendly trader. I dont get it how i never trade with him before. More trades will come for sure :) thanks Razen Razen
Jsennin Jsennin 07/27/17 friendly patient no problems :) good trader good price Carnifex1 Carnifex1
Exemplarisk Exemplarisk 07/27/17 Excellent! Perfect transaction. Very nice, met on their server and they picked me up with no problem. Was quick and easy. Highly recommend. Sunshinemya Sunshinemya
alexio86 alexio86 07/27/17 Once again a great trade with Alexio. Thanks mate, its always an pleasure to trade with you :) Schelmixi Schelmixi
yekrucifixion187 yekrucifixion187 07/27/17 Another great transaction with this guy goods were exactly as posted. Glad I was able to help out with a bp in the process. Shadowless28 Shadowless28
Almightybrad1985 Almightybrad1985 07/27/17 Great trader, helped me out a lot A++ Sumane Sumane
Sumane Sumane 07/27/17 Quick and easy. No hassle. Almightybrad1985 Almightybrad1985
TotoGeek TotoGeek 07/27/17 Thanks :) that was easy and awsome wolfbastion wolfbastion
MeowGaming MeowGaming 07/27/17 Great trade. I encourage others to trade with her. Almightybrad1985 Almightybrad1985
atamaro atamaro 07/27/17 Fast with no hassle Almightybrad1985 Almightybrad1985
Almightybrad1985 Almightybrad1985 07/27/17 Fast and safe atamaro atamaro
Hydrax Hydrax 07/27/17 Trade went fast&smooth! Would like to trade again in the future :) Oli4 Oli4
Oli4 Oli4 07/27/17 Awesome trade and a very faster on answers :P , 10/10 ill recom and hope we do more trades in the future. Hydrax Hydrax
wolfbastion wolfbastion 07/27/17 Very safe trades, i came to buy 1 dino and now im buying 3 !!! xD love his mutations. TotoGeek TotoGeek
Kruemel Kruemel 07/27/17 Fast and awsome thanks :) wolfbastion wolfbastion
Danielhollo Danielhollo 07/27/17 Quick and smooth trade BlueJayCommander BlueJayCommander