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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Fieromyr Fieromyr 02/17/19 Simple, fast, fair trade. Next time you are welcome to trade with it. movsco movsco
shade613 shade613 02/16/19 Nice and fast trade NokTq NokTq
Manoko Manoko 02/16/19 Nice people , Verry good trade , recommended pampelmousse pampelmousse
pampelmousse pampelmousse 02/16/19 Friendly buyer :D !! Manoko Manoko
blueskies7204 blueskies7204 02/16/19 Smooth trade, great seller! Would buy again aabaz202 aabaz202
davey316 davey316 02/16/19 Fast and friendly trading, Everything turned out just perfect at the end :), just as trades should be! Hopefully, we meet again in the future. M1gic M1gic
Fieromyr Fieromyr 02/16/19 EASY FAST CHEAP, TOP Varekai Varekai
Manoko Manoko 02/16/19 Quick and smooth trade! chyarr chyarr
Fieromyr Fieromyr 02/16/19 Amazing seller! Smooth transaction and trustworthy! Will do business again. Myxomatic Myxomatic
Fieromyr Fieromyr 02/16/19 fast and efficient trade, nice guy :) master33431 master33431
7Suns 7Suns 02/16/19 Reasonable prices for owl eggs. Beliar Beliar
Fieromyr Fieromyr 02/15/19 Fast, Simple and Cheap. Gafgarion Gafgarion
d3vious d3vious 02/15/19 nice trade :)) all good mircoct mircoct
Fieromyr Fieromyr 02/15/19 Great seller, quick and positive experience caezzar caezzar
mircoct mircoct 02/15/19 Pleasure to deal with, plan to trade with again soon! d3vious d3vious
pampelmousse pampelmousse 02/15/19 Really cool person, fast and good trader ! will def trade again ! Addict Addict
knightmaregaming knightmaregaming 02/15/19 pleasure to trade with u , thx Beverly Beverly
Beverly Beverly 02/15/19 smooth trade got what i paid for knightmaregaming knightmaregaming
Fieromyr Fieromyr 02/15/19 Easy trade and egg was exactly as promised. Will trade again A+++ Seller 50ShadesOfRed 50ShadesOfRed
Fieromyr Fieromyr 02/15/19 Easiest trade I have ever done. Protected area and even food and water provided. Highlander27 Highlander27
Fieromyr Fieromyr 02/14/19 Quick transaction, thanks barracks35 barracks35
Fieromyr Fieromyr 02/14/19 Swift and polite. Ostrichluvr Ostrichluvr
Deviwolf Deviwolf 02/14/19 Very nice transaction, excellent communication. Nahpalm Nahpalm
Gimhana Gimhana 02/14/19 Came to my server did trade, good trade. Beliar Beliar
Beliar Beliar 02/14/19 Quick and smooth trade! Gimhana Gimhana