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StoneyDiagram2008 StoneyDiagram2008 02/24/17 Very easy to work with, and very patient. 10/10 would trade again ilikecows21 ilikecows21
gmunday gmunday 02/24/17 fast and helpful trader BodyBags BodyBags
ilikecows21 ilikecows21 02/24/17 Great Trader! Fast and Friendly. Bears are gorgeous! Will def continue business in the future. Thank you! StoneyDiagram2008 StoneyDiagram2008
Pacofou Pacofou 02/23/17 Easy trade will recommend trade ATjohnson ATjohnson
Nudelkocher Nudelkocher 02/23/17 Was a quick and easy trade. AlphaCarno AlphaCarno
Risings Risings 02/23/17 Was very fast, smooth and fair, great guy! wesley0444 wesley0444
Sky.NET Sky.NET 02/23/17 quick trade, very good trader! everytime again KdtBigs KdtBigs
viciousmusician viciousmusician 02/23/17 very fast and smooth Daku Daku
Daku Daku 02/23/17 Visited Daku on their server. Very friendly and positive experience. Quick, painless and trustworthy! viciousmusician viciousmusician
AlphaCarno AlphaCarno 02/23/17 Smooth trade, would do it again! Nudelkocher Nudelkocher
SamuelOrNoah SamuelOrNoah 02/23/17 Very cool chap, patient, understanding and willing to have a laugh. Overall good guy and would trade again, 10/10. bulldog1986 bulldog1986
Exemplarisk Exemplarisk 02/23/17 Great trader, fast and friendly. Picked me up and took me to obelisk to finalize trade. Thank you! Highly recommended. StoneyDiagram2008 StoneyDiagram2008
ludiglup ludiglup 02/23/17 no complain good and nice guy will trade again if il need 10/10 BeastMaster BeastMaster
BeastMaster BeastMaster 02/23/17 Really good and fast trader ludiglup ludiglup
bulldog1986 bulldog1986 02/23/17 Understanding and awesome guy...quick trade! SamuelOrNoah SamuelOrNoah
KdtBigs KdtBigs 02/23/17 Traded Sheeps, Yellow for Red and Blue w/purple eyes Sky.NET Sky.NET
Rustyo Rustyo 02/23/17 Great quick trade! Solarcraft Solarcraft
Thirel Thirel 02/23/17 good trade, satisfied.. highly recommend for the people who are buying stats. hard working breeder and trustworthy. Desilent Desilent
Solarcraft Solarcraft 02/23/17 ++ easy and smooth deal, great trader! ++ Rustyo Rustyo
pixelated13 pixelated13 02/23/17 Well very smooth guy and fast in trade too and nice mutation dinos he have and no matter what I would like to trade with him again soon enough Rixsta Rixsta
Rixsta Rixsta 02/23/17 excellent trader would recomend10/10 lovely animals pixelated13 pixelated13
Hoaxi Hoaxi 02/23/17 excellent trader very fast to would rcommend SouthernSamurai SouthernSamurai
Phoenixdive Phoenixdive 02/23/17 awesome deal , already have more deals to be made kriszup kriszup
JetJaguar JetJaguar 02/23/17 Got one of his mint rex eggs and hatched out a female. The photos do not do these rexes justice! They look even more amazing in person. Highly recommended trader! Scotty8319 Scotty8319
Zee Zee 02/23/17 Traded therizino mutations. Quick and easy. Thanks very much! Snowwy Snowwy

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