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  1. Actually I just did this but on 1x Official PvE I KOed a 140 Rex and starve tamed it. Rates say that you don’t even need to use narcos on it. Then for the Bronto I sat on a hill and clicked a button 80 times and KOed the 145 Bronto. It was so easy that I tamed its 145 partner next to it too. Very easy
  2. Noob’s Guide to Ark. If you are good at the game you can get a Rex on day 2 & a Bronto on day 3. **Tested on Lost Island. Here’s how. Day 1 you are collecting berries and taming a parasaur and pteranodon. Day 2 you collected enough berries to get yourself tons of narco berries & using your pteranodon or spear you gather tons of raw meat that you can collectively make into Tranq Arrows. Then get on a cliff and shoot a Rex and bam you have yourself a Rex. **Starting off on the far right side of map with dozens of Ovis is best. Day 3 you do the same but now you have a Rex to gather the meat to spoil. Get on a cliff and shoot 80 arrows into a bronto. Bam you have yourself a berry gatherer and a meat gatherer. Very simple. ** I know you’d need a already leveled up character for some engrams but you can follow a note-run to do that and delay everything by 1 Day.
  3. Fastest way is to use a Purlovia. Ride your Purlovia and watch it gather millions of berries!
  4. Other 4 hatched and ran away. Hit your computer’s power button to whistle them all back!
  5. The r reaper is better obviously, it has more than R’s in it’s name so it is superior.
  6. Try Sweet Baby Ray's Original Barbecue Sauce, 18 oz. for just $2.83! The sauce is the boss, Squeezable, Award Winning.
  7. This applies to all juvenile babies when I say that they eat out of troughs. People think they can’t and they used to not be able to but I raised many Wyvern without a trough on Official PvE
  8. There is no such thing as “hogging beehives” because if you destroy and tame a hive, it will respawn after some time. There isn’t a set # of hives in the server and if you were to tame one you would be subtracting from that set # of public hives. Tame many hives and I think messing with the day and night settings could help somehow? I don’t know because I never played single player before but it’s a chance I suppose, don’t quote me on this ;).
  9. Don’t have a tribe mate. I’ll figure it out though.
  10. I use my bronto daily and see the same thing. Definitely an issue.
  11. As a visual learner I can’t exactly tell what you are saying but I think I know what you mean. It doesn’t hit bushes or trees when on a rock or something making it taller then the bushes yes? Yeah I’ve been seeing the same thing.
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