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  1. Dude stop arguing about a fictional dinosaur game that shuts itself off every 15 minutes. First of all you should throw out the concept of logic out the door when you are talking about a dinosaur game with Wyverns, lava monsters, Griffins, ice bats etc. There is no logic. Also stop trying to justify dead reptiles giving birth and nursing their slimy, scaly little offspring. This isn’t a nonfiction book dude, it’s a fake videogame. Relax.
  2. Tbh Broodmother is very easy, high stats with fully decked out saddles isn’t really that necessary but it’s nice to have some comfort knowing you overprepared rather than underprepared. 15+ hp minimum and 500+ dmg maybe?
  3. Can Maewings pick up Gigas on pve official? Because I had it literally touching it and it wouldn’t pick it up and I kept trying this and then it died :(. It was in its nursing effectiveness range and the maewing had food and it still died.
  4. What the title says. Can I just use raw meat and fill 1-2 Maewings till they can’t hold any more meat? I can easily fill 2 Maewings if I go on a meat run, I have like 6 Maewings so yeah will this be enough? Every now and then I like to refresh the meat timers. I probably won’t leave it when I go to sleep. Also I have 2 Rexs, 3 Voidwyrms, and a shadowmane on 2 Maewings and they are doing great, will the giga eat more food then all of these dinos? Equal or less than? Please help. Thanks.
  5. Kapro and Basiliks are cool too. Always wanted to tame both but I do t have the time to find a high level Kapro and they so annoying, didn’t try to tame a Basiliks yet but I will soon.
  6. Paracer was my first tame and will forever be my favorite cute Dino but the coolest I think is probably a colorful Tapehara but only if it has Tek saddle with high stats too. I have one and it’s wonderful to fly around, so fun.
  7. I just got an egg incubator but I was wondering, when the egg reaches 0% hatching does a baby appear outside of the incubator? If so this could make my babies die since I get offline when I put them in the incubator. Also any other information is greatly appreciated as I don’t know how the egg incubator works other than give it electricity. Respond quickly please.
  8. Sounds like I can use the Egg Incubator without getting the engram, thank you for the info guys.
  9. This game revolves around certain content stuck behind paywalls, whether it’s a dinosaur or a certain engram. It’s how the company makes money. Glad they’re making a new free TLC tho.
  10. Also wanna say that they aren’t crafting it and placing it down to unlock it, I would probably pay them CP for the Egg Incubator and they would craft it and drop me the item, just to clarify things.
  11. So I was very interested in getting an Egg Incubator. It would make things a lot easier for me and my tribe but I need to know if I can actually get it and or use it. From what I understand it is a Genesis 2 engram but I am on a Ragnorak PVE Official server and do not have any other DLCs. If someone made me the Egg Incubator in my server (I know a few people who do and would give me one) would I be able to use it and turn it on etc? Answering this would save me a lot of time and effort of getting one if I can’t even use it. Thanks.
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