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  1. Some guy is probably mass producing these Basilos and selling them. They may not be necessarily “exploiting” but they are exploiting a bug to their advantage and making the game different from what it’s intended to be. Funny predicament.
  2. Either you got a daughter with a sense of humor or the Trophy grew legs and walked out. Either option seems pretty funny and don’t let it upset you.
  3. Go around the map with a notebook, a pencil, and your fists. You know what to do…
  4. Oh jeez..I was literally making a Industrial Cooking Pot and got all the ingredients for mindwipe because my engrams are goofed up but now you all saying there’s a bug? I hope I don’t get this problem and I hope it’ll be fixed. Thanks to everyone on the whole spectrum of WildCard, from Rick the Janitor to the CEO Mr.Beff Jezos.
  5. I agree, neat little suggestion. Maybe allow it to be multiple stacks and not just a single stack.
  6. It might overload the crappy servers and then we’d be moving at 1 frame per second.
  7. I have my own suggestion. How about every 1-2 weeks Ark can have 1 dinosaur with boosted breeding? Listen, what if every month instead of “removing dinosaurs that aren’t as liked” we can just boost their popularity by making them easier to breed, such as 1-2 weeks 1 Dino can get 2x or 2.5x breeding etc.
  8. We already have ankylo auto farm, goes up to half way and then it won’t harvest. Just set it on top of a metal node and it will harvest.
  9. They are 75% as of posting this forum and all have 1.5k sulfur as listed above. I put 2k in each when they were babies so yeah. **BEWARE, THIS IS ONLY FOR THE EVENT RATES THAT ARE GOING ON. KEEP IN MIND THAT DURING NORMAL RATES THIS STATEMENT WILL NOT BE CORRECT**
  10. 5 stacks is enough to leave overnight, and 15 is overkill. Lately I gathered about 10k sulfur in total since my 4 baby Magmasaurs hatched and divided them up equally. Each of them has about 1.5k sulfur and can be left out indefinitely. Enjoy the ease of mind survivors!
  11. Right now it can hold 15 stacks of sulfur and it is 10%, can it last like 8-12 hours? If not how long can 15 stacks last? 1 stack?
  12. How many stacks of sulfur do I need to put into my baby Magmasaur for it to be left overnight or 12 hours?
  13. I kindly say no to this idea and this is why. It has 0 PvE uses Maybe nerf it’s ability to counter gigas, the weight-to-damage idea seems far fetched. Why would PvE players tame a dinosaur to break gates down? Overall decent dossier but some parts I don’t really like but that’s just my personal opinion. Great drawing and other than that I like it.
  14. I like this idea. Maybe nerf the stun to about 5-6 seconds and also make it able to damage stone structures at around 500 dmg but only with its stomp attack, making it a bit harder to knock out since it will be up to par with the Giga. Have it lay Extra Large Eggs too. Another idea here but what if it had a base damage higher than an Allo but maybe equal or slightly lower than a Rex, then make it have a high base stamina and higher % gain for stamina each level. Also having its movement speed near or same as a Giga, preferably as fast as an Allo respectably. This basically makes it a high stam
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