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  1. I lost 3 magma on lava. Went to breed 1 male and 2 female. Then I cyro them and while trying to get egg from lava I learned that. 3 magma lost with me. No option to get back the body once in lava. No hook no grap no whip also. İnstant dead.
  2. Never been there and never worry about there.
  3. which do you prefer to go with Griffin, Pteranodon or Owl ?
  4. I have lost 2 of my chrs becouse of this years ago.
  5. akifes

    New servers???

    Yes we need clean and new servers.
  6. viking bay is the best place has all sea+meat+wood +metal and good air.
  7. I think u try to say not abberant buy extinction for city lights and desk.
  8. if you have more then 1k melle ankylo no need magmasaur unless you have friend+skiff for element you need to go abberant and destroy city lights tables and desks.
  9. At viking bay near the shore you can see them 1 or 2 always. Just pay attention sleeping near bushes
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