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  1. Evo events explorer notes

    explorer note doubles x2, and if you want to power lvl add enlightenment broth at the same time
  2. Silica pearls, oil and obsidian in Aberration

    This is what i do lol, heaps of safe oil
  3. Official abberation 216 alpha rockwell dead

    congratz bigfishrob
  4. You are missing some countries in that continent bud.
  5. 4.5mil xp and character wiped

    i am so sorry to hear this rob, hope it gets fixed
  6. Problem with owner

    nope, your tribe is leaderless from now on. hope you all admins and can unclaim to start moving to another tribe.
  7. Pregairing for lengthy outage duing update warings

    This is another unoficial bug, and ofc same thing as the last unoficial bug you reported, you are once again attacking/getting salty at survivors pointing out that it is only happening to you on unofficial. Try and accept another people´s opinions once in a while and stop trying to enforce your opinions on others. i have told you several times, Unofficial is not the same as official for so many reasons, here you are once again proving that.
  8. Tranfer Aberration to Aberration

    Correct, to store and lvl up too
  9. Tranfer Aberration to Aberration

    Yes, all aberration dinos are transferable in and out, tried aberration natives and aberration variants from aberration to island and from island back to aberration.
  10. Was hoping for they to stay awake, this video almost made me cry lol.
  11. pve Alpha Tek Cave on Official [OPEN]

    Congratz, and hope it repeats the win next time.
  12. Am I going mad in Aberration

    I was at the edge when this happened
  13. Am I going mad in Aberration

    yep same thing happened to me last night, i thought it was other players speaking near my location. Dismissed it but now this confirms it.