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  1. Tek Clone

  2. Official Aberration sucks

    There are many servers almost empty
  3. How much ingots do you have stored?

    I am guessing that product of trades, he has some good stuff.
  4. How much ingots do you have stored?

    5k and ready for another replicator for new base, so after that stock is 0 hehehe
  5. Will my baby Dino's make it?

    We need an update on this, did the kids survived? I am worried man.
  6. The Center - Make it valuable again?

    Center has the hardest alpha boss i think.
  7. Aberrant Bear Breeding Breakthrough

    Those bears are very well compressed then. Next baby bear will be named winrar.
  8. Aberrant Bear Breeding Breakthrough

    I am at 355melee 3.3k hp 1150 weight, working on putting them together too.
  9. Aberrant Bear Breeding Breakthrough

    Karkinos can pick up stegos but not bears?
  10. Found a (What looks like) gigantosaurus skull

    maybe is the scary thing that roars after you land on earth when you beat rockwell. Sounds godzilla like.
  11. Tek reaper saddle and tek wyvern saddle please

    I will hold my breath
  12. How to get obsidian in abberation w/o haz mat

    From edge 2 you go down to blue then go up on the elevated stone bridgelike structure (aqua mushroom required here)then right then left (aqua mushroom here too)and at last turn right to get to the big elevated. Only 2 spore zones on the way so easy to avoid with aqua mushroom.
  13. Tek reaper saddle and tek wyvern saddle please

    And to finish off, i dont need to play pvp anymore, i did played both unnofficial (dec 2015) my first ark experience,center map launch on official pvp for 2 months, then unnofficial SE, AB, Center more than 7 servers, and i can tell you without hesitation unnofficial is way too much boring for me, i do not enjoy boosted rates or S+ nor all those things that makes me lose interest in less than a month. Thats the reason why i cant process your opinion well. You are used to a different gameplay than what i had in mind when i posted this, your classic flyer mod or 300 max lvl wild wyvern settings makes you unfit to do a proper recommendation on the needs of an official server.
  14. Tek reaper saddle and tek wyvern saddle please

    It looks so cool Demm, i want that.