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  1. davidcostarica

    TEK Replicator in Extinction

    Those bps dont work man sorry. you need to transfer out and bring a survivor with the replicator engram unlocked
  2. davidcostarica

    TEK Replicator in Extinction

    Have you unlocked replicator with that survivor? Lmao
  3. davidcostarica

    TEK Replicator in Extinction

    You opened the boss terminal?
  4. davidcostarica

    TEK Replicator in Extinction

    just go inside the desert cave with some argys loaded with the mats, there is a terminal there where you can craft the replicator, flyer enabled cave so no problem at all getting in
  5. You tame them by organizing NA meetings
  6. I cant be online till 23rd morning (IST). We can figure something out after that if possible.

  7. davidcostarica

    pve Stolen Dino

    i did tried to go and give the dinos, uploaded them in my server went to red obe to his server, but his server was so hard capped, tried for 30minutes, but people were doing tamings and each time he killed a dino there was someone else getting the cap slot even clicking download like a maniac during 30 minutes, jautja can go to my server anytime and upload them , a 443 melee base argy is waiting for you there man, also a high lvl rex, but i cant go back to download cause i get frustated with cap related stuff.
  8. steamcommunity.com/id/lordarcon < my steam id. if possible add here before coming to ark since the server is having maintenance

  9. davidcostarica

    pve Stolen Dino

    Will be there in an hour
  10. I can be online now. NA PVE Official The Island 431 is the server i am playing on. IGN is Yautja

  11. davidcostarica

    pve Stolen Dino

    Sucks man. Hit me a msg when you online. I go and give you a couple starting dinos on your server
  12. davidcostarica

    Tamed Reaper King Worth?

    I feel like in pve the light nerf is not enabled, my reaper doesnt get low hp taking direct hits from alpha karkinos, same with high lvl spinos, will that be possible?
  13. davidcostarica

    unable tp place foundtion at my base center map 488

    Maybe you are near a drop spawn area