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  1. davidcostarica

    Tamed Reaper King Worth?

    Go for it
  2. davidcostarica

    daeodons daeodons

    look at the hp icon on 2 daeodons 9k hp against alpha dragon fire.
  3. davidcostarica

    daeodons daeodons

    More than 2 daeodons are a regen machine, they have regen pack effect.
  4. davidcostarica

    pve Alpha dragon boss

    Take some pigs
  5. davidcostarica

    daeodons daeodons

    pack effect
  6. davidcostarica

    pve Alpha dragon boss

    nah, pigs can do it better than therizis and megaloceros
  7. davidcostarica

    (I'm looking for ) Dragon Boss Tektransmitter unlock

    Look for ragna best for transmitter
  8. davidcostarica

    pve Exorbitant prices at Forum

    selling Kibble for tek or 27k hp mosas LMAO
  9. davidcostarica

    Boss Run Deaodon Healing

    Some day i am going to make a 19 daeodon team and go at the monkey, i think i can tweak the lvls to kill dat ass.
  10. davidcostarica

    Boss Run Deaodon Healing

    it stacks.
  11. davidcostarica

    Is Ark dying ?

    Ark wont die, It may even grow more if they pick up SOFT and add more gameplay types to it, like a NoTame SOFT or BeTheBeast kind of thing.
  12. davidcostarica

    My current breeding technique - need critics!

    Thats what i am doing. And the reason of this posting is to ask for input on my current technique. I need useful critics like this. thank you darthanyan.
  13. davidcostarica

    Where is the ARK: Extinction Hype?

    here bud, look at those pretty trees.
  14. davidcostarica

    My current breeding technique - need critics!

    So you are using a over mutated on both sides male and getting muts? If thats true then awesome, less work to clean out new males.
  15. davidcostarica


    This is proof that some people don't use the internet to learn , only to complain