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  1. So many dinos stand on the Teleportation Platform at island that make it not good to use them , but you say in the Code of Conduct : Leaving tames inside of caves or on obelisk teleportation platforms Please Kill them somtimes its hard to get all dinos on the platform to kill the Boss for example spider or ape.
  2. I have the problem that the quest button are sometimes grey and i cannot stating them. Cann someone of you help me?
  3. I think the same, they must do somthing on Strider (cryoable or limet per account/Tribe) Its hard for my Frames too. ANd the Upload Timmer wie need him not in PvE so why have we it? The most Problem i think are the very huge Bases with 5 or more strider and the many of them that stand all over the map. Make the offline Protektion away when they are not in near from a base for exampel.
  4. I hope the make some Skins for Player that play long Ark1. And yes it was to overpowerddto allow them to be transfer dinos or Chars. But some Skins are not brake the new game.
  5. Yes that is the one that i not understand why get a Baselisk Rad damage, i think there the same
  6. Most Gigas are near or on the mountains. Most times i spotted one on the Mountain located unter Carno Island
  7. I hope, they will become breedable in the future. I agree, they need a bit more power to not die on weak reatures... they are a bit to weak at the moment.
  8. Thanks for your answer, me and my tribemates are hyped for the new maps. And i think its true that in older forums, there are not many people writing. But i like it more, to be able to contribute and read up on intereting conversations. Discord is a Programm that not everone will use. I like, that i have the option to writing here and see the Streams over Twitch. My wife, our frinds and i Like Ark very much and we hope that we will sink many hours into the new cards and in ARk 2. Its always been fun so far. Greedings from Germany
  9. I think the new Lost Island will reactivated many players. And at officel servers its often very full. I play on a Gen2 server and a island and both have evertime players on it. I play a long time not ARk but the most i like.
  10. Thank you for this event, and the beautifull work on this game. Ark is the game where i find after year new thinks and i like it very. Greedings from Germany
  11. I have many problems with this mission ever time try it i lost, i hope some of you can give me some tips to make it on alpha
  12. I think the nerf was good and they are good for Bosses after it. My wife and i breed them allot and we can go with them to bosses. Yesterday we go with 2 Shadow and one rockdrake to the Alpha Rockwell at gen 2 and it runs good *sorry for my bad English*
  13. I hope they say it fast for planing my holyday i was very hiped of it
  14. Mein Vorschlag währe die Strider auf 2-3 pro Tribe je nach Mitgliedsanzahl zu begrenzen sowie die Skiffs und ggf. auch die Mechs
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