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  1. PvE LEGACY alpha tek cave Hello all, I am putting together an alpha tek cave run on PvE legacy. If you're interested in joining, post in this thread
  2. Loadedcrysis is a sensationalist creator that makes those kind of claims to drive views, subscribers, inflate his pocket book. It is all click bait. His titles seem like it is fact until you watch them long enough and come to realize it is all his theories and what he wants to see. It took me a long time to realize that.
  3. For a rag run, those stats should be good enough. With there being 2 bosses in the arena each one is easier to kill.
  4. Thanks I will, is there room to build or is it pillared all up?
  5. Allos for me, the pack buff and bleed effect makes them nasty
  6. Creation of an evil mind? Surely you're talking about the troodon
  7. I guess everyone has different experiences. On my island and rag server both are really friendly
  8. On PC there are some real popular legacy servers so they're not dead at all, finding a good server though is the hard part
  9. I'm thinking about starting a base on abberation but am looking for recommendations for a good friendly server for PvE legacy and good base location. Thanks a bunch folks
  10. The birds cant steal from tames that I am aware of. Your best bet is to place down large crop plots and plant plant species X in them and set the plant X to target wild creatures, my plants kill them all of the time, as well as any other flier that decides to visit (ptera, pelagornis, event an argent once.) As for where they wont spawn, that is the winter biome which is the hard area.
  11. Shoot, I am on giga more than anything else with the exception of a wyvern. Giga is my main food harvester and titan killer. I need all the stam help I can get for them
  12. Ahh nice thanks a lot, on the stam cake, do you just remote use it in your pet's inventory when it is out of stamina?
  13. Jesus christ that superfood is insane! Which mushroom do you use?
  14. If you want to start on a new server, I play here and there on the island 338, but mainly on legacy. 338 is pretty friendly although there are a lot of big bases
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