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  1. @Cedric @lilpanda can we get 430 up please there are a lot of babies down that need care
  2. So tomorrow correct? Im in the US so just want to make sure I convert the time and date correctly. Also, what would I need to bring?
  3. I know this is a long shot, but Im looking for an alpha rockwell run as well as an alpha master controller run. I am interested in king titan as well. Rockwell and Master Controller though are the two priotities for me though.
  4. The bire breath was the big one on my run the dragon did it a bunch, and then the rexes decided to run through the lava and I lost a few there too, but yeah a bit of luck is definitely involved there
  5. Either you got lucky or I was very unlucky. I had 18 rex (52k-57k hp 2500-2700 melee) 1 yut 1 hog 2 riders. Dragon got down to 30% hp when I got wiped, and every saddle was over 100 armor.
  6. When I ran it there was 8 of us. 1 on yut rest on rexes we each had a rex on follow so 15 rexes 1 yut. Rexes were all 2k melee rest hp with 100+ armor saddle. 0 player death 0 tame death. I'm not sure what other people brought but I just had my normal food an extra canteen and med brews. Ghillie for the cave fur for the second half. Rex riders attacked the overseer and whistled attack my target for the rex on follow. Oh and one person had a scoped rifle to lure the gigas into the lava.
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