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  1. dennis12

    Announcing: ARKaeology Event!

    What a joke
  2. dennis12

    Requirements for boss fights.

    decent rexes, 20k hp 600 + melee for lower bosses, can bring a yuti to boost them
  3. dennis12

    Egg farm, is 10 of each overkill?

    Only need 1 male 1 female with 3 ovi bonus
  4. dennis12

    How to more efficiently gather stuff

    good carrier
  5. dennis12

    See Gender/Stats Before Claim?

    You have to claim the baby to be able to see its stats.
  6. dennis12

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    Once again i logged into the server and left after realising it was still tame capped.
  7. dennis12

    Mantis vs Ankylo for solo metal farming?

    ank is by far the best metal farmer, holds a lot more and farms a lot more
  8. dennis12

    Megalania Toxin

    breed them for faster megalania toxin!
  9. dennis12

    Jerboa lvs

    They only spawn in as lvl 1
  10. dennis12

    Rex saddle bp

    Try the trading forum or just keep hitting the caves
  11. dennis12

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    I logged in and stared at an egg which read "too many tame creatures on the ark"
  12. dennis12

    Don't update the servers on the weekends.

    happened to me whenever i logged in hoping tamecap would be over... 10 minutes til server down
  13. dennis12

    Make Ark Great Again!

    Legacy needs a wipe as hardly any players play on these servers compared to the new ones
  14. dennis12

    ARK Memes

  15. dennis12

    ARK Memes