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  1. If not swaping all ingredients besides egg size, I'd at least swap the focal chili with the sap. Btw I acquired a wyvern and wood tree platform so I'm getting sap easy now...
  2. Maybe there was some mod at play then? Afik carnivores will never voluntarily consume meat, and even if you were force feeding the ptera mejo and other berries, I think that'd just make its health fall?
  3. Yea come to think of it I used raw to tame my rex with out even blinking about it, but going for the 1st argys being kibble tamed, I just kinda had that as a pre game plan so I thought I'd be there, but I keep running into road blocks. So yea maybe I'll have to tame some with prime first.
  4. Huh, looking back at the kib recipies i see laz chow is also just about as easy, lynch pin there is the giant honey, but if i can find some of my old spots to farm it from the ground lvl that'll be okay.
  5. So I started out my journey thinking I'll first tame some moschops cause they are easy, and that will get me argy kibble. That went well but then I realized I needed prime meat jerky to make the kibble, so I was like herm.. guess I go for rexes before argy then killing stuff with rex I'll get lots of prime and then I'll make kibble later. 2 weeks into starting this survival, got a rex, easliy making rex kibbles cause the kibbles weird ingredient is focal chilie but that is just vegies and berries making it not at all hard to get. But it gets worse... I'm now realizing I need sap for the argy k
  6. bulbdog huh? I was going to suggest that the nodes were taking damage. I last tried to use them on argies but every time the argy got in a fight the node was destroyed. They ought not take damage in my opinion. Perhaps your b dog is going into radiation or some other aberration anomaly idk about?
  7. also making the recipies for custom food, you wanna have max crafting skill, also focal chilies help some how...
  8. I keep a couple in my yard on pve all the time in the redwoods, it's a big yard and gets frequent visits from theri, argy, rex, kentro, thylo, and all kinds of nasty... I've never noticed my gigas rage, and they clean up the wild life nicely.
  9. Do the different computers have different maps/ mods installed? Also call of duty and ark are served to your client from different servers... different networks = different network speed. I too feel like the ark dl is slow tho.
  10. before you have megachelon, and before you can farm the swamp, theres two other ways even easier, one is to buy them on genesis with hex, another is to go to ragnarok and you can pick them by the blue oby in like jungle 2 spawn, and then upload them.
  11. fired? you mean hired?, average? I love his movies! Well obviously it is pr/ marketing/ branding... but stunt? Calling the move a stunt implies it was meaningless or ill conceived or something. Well now that every portion of your comment has been picked apart, it occurs to me that it must be opposite day.
  12. Thylacoleo are excelent cave mounts, they are powerful, and fit in most caves. Giant sloths get a huge buff from the insects and can be more powerful, but they also get stuck in the tight spots. Dinonychus and direwolfs can also be prty mean but maybe not as powerful, also dinons get overburdened due to low weight capacity. I think some people prefer baryonix but I dont have them and never used em in cavin. Gl and happy arking!
  13. Also it's hella annoying because if you're trying to survive from having nothing crafting a stone pick is like the first step lol. You can't even get stone hatchet with out craftin pick to get the flint for hatchet so you're just stuck!
  14. This happens to me every once and a while and I fix it by uploading my guy and downloadin again.
  15. yea it is much smarter to put metal ladder on your stn pil if not put metal pillar and ladder, as to why so many people do it... lazieness obv, many times I've put out stone pil with wood lad and forgoten to upgrade and wound up loosing my yard
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