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  1. in e.g. a cryo fridge or else it'd assume the gen had been turned off for way long and kill the cryo pods?
  2. If you have a green house ontop a mountain with ceilings over the crop plots and no irrigation piped in from a near river -your crops aren't going to get any water. That is unless tanks catch the rain and bring it indoors. Yea basically, but I've got a garden that runs off tanks indefinitely. I also added a toilet and cooker for kibble, and it was the cooker that really made me want to add more tanks. So there's the people the plants the toilets the cookers, basically a good base just needs irrigation of some sort.
  3. if u get a o poly gacha and grind gacha crystals, but don't open them... they don't spoil
  4. Yikes! ... well it cooould be that a range of ip are black listed? The way ddos mitigation works is essentially to try to ignore the traffic from the infected bits of the internet.. might still be worth a call to the isp.
  5. I think I've seen other posts where people said they had problems like this but using a vpn made it better, indicating that it's the servers having issues with your ip address. And if ark is blocking your ip then that is likely due to someone having used you in a bot net to ddos them. If you can ask your internet service provider, they might be able to help by giving you a new ip address.
  6. That's what I used to think, but then my tribe mate built exactly on a nest location and one day we had a ice wyvern and egg literally in our base.
  7. evo details above say breeding, but login main screen in game doesn't ... which is right?
  8. Yes, yo must pay thousands of hours of your free time to get guuuud. lols
  9. That can't be. That'd be almost as much as all the other dlcs combined right? Oh is that number gonna be my total installation size after the patch? (I'm attaching a screen shot of my steam thing), I don't have enough free space for this if it's needing that much new space
  10. Here's an idea, take the most useless dino, any thoughts on what that is btw?, and in the next tlc pass make that dino counter the thief bird some how, e.g. if u tame it and put it around your base and such, any icthy in like 50meter radius either dies or gets scared and flys away. yea yea I know x plants but a dino you could have follow you, and if it was an easy tame it'd make it easier to make the beach safe for newbs
  11. And to boot they destroy the item so even if you get sweet revenge, your item is just gone!
  12. I'd logged out for the day after dumping what seemed like an excess amount of meat into the trough, logged in the next day and looked around and everything seemed fine. Wasn't till later I noticed a few deaths in the tribe log, then seeing that all the food had been depleted frm trough, looked around and saw some half empty food bars and had to go on another meat run. Only then on the meat run thinkin DILO, was I like oh duh! Yea well now I know, don't freakin level all the hp at once. At least not with out watching the food.
  13. I unpodded a boss army and reveled in leveling up, put like 30 points into hp on some of them, they looked so bloody! Seeing all the blood it occurred to me they would need food to heal. So I checked the feeding trough and there was freaking tons of meat... turns out not enough though because two (out of like dozens) starved. Freaking crazy game mechanic to have leveling kill your dino right?
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