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  1. Unplayable = so many people playing and cant seem to stop playing that you can't play it. Apparently most people are just dealing with it.
  2. I told a guy that I couldn't understand him, and he was like "what my mic is on?" -ergo apparently it's possible they don't even know. Weird.
  3. Worth is relative. For example if I overburden it taking it away from my indi forge, it might be "worth it" to me to just enable smelting and leave it where its at. But only if it doesn't kill it. Now that I'm testing it, it doesn't seem to be killing it. Either they've changed something, or everyone has been exaggerating about the food depletion? So far it's eaten 2 stone this morning. And I've got more than a full stack of ingots. If I were ingot starved yea I'd need it to smelt a little faster, and yea this is pretty poop. But it's not useless.
  4. ocean sw takes you to like w or something while s takes you to where sw used to
  5. I have been trying to be careful because I had 4 magmas but 3 of them were recently lost. The one remaining one I took out and swiped some nodes right before posting this. Here is some notes I've been taking on my experiment: magmasaur has smelted 90ingots , its 7:40am im leaving render with 3 full rows of ore in inv, 1row plus 253 stone -time now 8:05, 186 now in first stack, 97ingot, no stone missing yet 8:47 one stone down, 105 ing smelted slow af but now i got a hundred ingot i didn't have before, food bar is still full A new question arises. I don't think I was with it for that long for it to smelt the 90 initial ingot. Does leaving it alone reduce the smelting rate? Ima afk right next to it this time.
  6. How long for a magmasaur forge to starve itself I read that they basically are a useless forge because their food goes down to fast, and they smelt to slowly. What I haven't read is whether or not leaving the stone in their inventory mitigates the first problem, ergo the second problem via loading them up and forgetting about them for a day. In other words can you take them out and swipe a few metal nodes and enable smelting and take off on them and come back to ingots, or will you come back to a starved to death magmasaur??
  7. sjskdjkfa

    Moved Spawns

    I'd say at least make a path frm spawn to outa your base and/or through your base if your base is in a corridor that must be traversed. It sucks for you but it also sucks for other players if your base makes that part of the map untraversable, or traps new spawns. Wc really messed this one up, support is ridiculous, should give you some free mats for moving.
  8. You seem to have missed his point. A lava attack isn't necessarily a fire attack, it's slinging heavy stuff that can/should do brunt damage due to the momentum of the lava.... Idk about fire arrows tho, does seem kinda silly that those would hurt it. Also since the main point of a lava attack is to burn things seems like it should at least be reduced damage. My first thought was maybe the lava crusts on and hurts it by cooling down, but since it can swim around in the stuff and emerge from a pool with out turning into a boulder, that is a non starter.
  9. What I been wondering is if you equipped scuba as well, would you get even more speed?
  10. My tribe leader is also bugged because he still thinks is possible to move them tiny amounts and every time we see a high level turtle he demands that we attempt to tame it even tho is clearly impossible. Please patch my tribe leader, or the parakeet swarms …
  11. ask in your global who has megacheleon giant turtle, if someone has that ask them for several stacks of rare flower and mushroom, im sure if you are willing to go to their base they would give you some since giant turtles produce insane quantities of that
  12. Giant turtles over burden themselves The amount of flower and mushrooms was enticing and exciting at first, but recently I noticed a turtle moving very sluggishly and barely able to defend itself, then I looked in its inv expecting one of my tribe mates to have left a bunch of nonsense in there... no it's all mushrooms and flowers. Then I went to the one up outa the water that has been sitting there for much longer, current weight > max weight = completely over burdened, so if thatone ed been left in the water it'd prob be dead from over burdening itself with psychotic amounts of "rare" stuff, which is just so ironic that I cant even... like hah hahahah omg lol DILO. So my suggestion is they should taper off producing those resources, exponential decay, asymptoticly end at 75 or 80 ish percent of max weight.
  13. Everyone always posts in reply to threads like this about server statistics and steam stats etc. "how is it dying if there are so many people still playing" … well maybe cause those people are dead inside lol... oh wait ZOMBIES!?
  14. Is it safe to build out in the open in the lunar biome anywhere? Do the comets land everywhere except the caves?
  15. There is a logic to calculating based on the speed, vs fall distance. First of all irl if you are sprinting and fall a small distance your horizontal velocity is probably responsible for most of your injuries... also this game includes things like glider suits and parachutes, things can slow or speed your horizontal and vertical velocities. If for example you jump off a quetzal at the top of the map and fall 500 (or how ever many meters) and in one case you deploy a chute, why would you want it calculated based on fall distance? Also with the glider suit you can dive bomb the ground and get extra damage for your stupidity lolz.
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