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  1. It is precisely the roll back that is causing me to loose dinos and structures. Ever since this bull poop began (what now, like half a year ago?) the few times I've tried raising dinos, about 30% of them have starved to death due to the server rolling back my feeding them. I even almost lost an adult dino from the same. And I have lost a bunch of structures that I was going and refreshing the decay timer on every few days and even sometimes just sitting there for 20min at at time trying to make sure the bull poop server registered that I was there. After a certain amount of lunacy, it is okay to get mad. If this goes on for another half a year, I won't be here. Poo, I might not even make it 2 months.
  2. I don't think so. But I level it anyways, because if you use your breath attack a lot, you're gonna run outa stamina and then the wyvern has to bite its way outa what ever mess you got it into, and if you're used to a decent rex, you might get your wyvern killed, as they are actually kinda a disappointing mount as far as that goes. Nowa days I usually only use them as a fast flyer.
  3. How often do official servers get "a dino wipe" and how would one know, other than that there are suddenly spinos and ice wyverns? Cause if there's like a schedule then it'd be nice to know so I can go collect more ice eggs.
  4. I have been following this thread for a while now, and a while back I think a guy name of jat or jad posted something here. I think that is one of the forum admins, and also a guy that works for wild card. But I aint gonna go digging. But your point is well taken that they mock us with their silence.
  5. Perhaps you miss timed them? (leaving them out for to long) ... Or got the temperature wrong?
  6. I've been spending more and more time on other games, and the rest of my tribe out right quit. Just saying... insert another argument about whether ark is dying or thriving... but like anything it can only take so much.
  7. I insided someone and they didn't even know it happened.
  8. It seemed to get a little better for a few weeks or so and is starting to get worse. Why would it suddenly get worse? Another flipping event.
  9. True. Unless you are stupid enough to agro the spino like by attacking it. But even then you just have to get it to deagro and once you stop hearing the agro music you can again swim peacefully around the spino. As long as you are mounted. Once you dismount the spino will again try to kill you and your icthyo.
  10. And for the love of god make the transfer all button do all the uploads automatically. Right not I think it just transfers them to the tribute inventory, but we shouldn't even have to drag every single item into ark data. If we have to stand around and wait for the 15min transfer timer, so that the server has a list, so dupers cant cheat... then IT HAS A LIST! So make the transfer all button USE THAT LIST!
  11. Caves shouldn't be buildable, and the game should allow defense in the open, THAT is the only way to make it fair. Yea yea call me a beach bob, bla bla. I don't play pvp anymore because of this issue, and trust me, my tribe went well beyond bob status, but we always loose, because everyone always looses, you just can't "win". Not in the sense that I used to think of winning, which is to build up a base that you will be safe in. The only way I saw to do that was to move to pve.
  12. I was one of the people years ago strongly advocating that c4 do much less damage to walls, and that turrets kill people much easier. But then someone pointed out to me that the cave bases would be exponentially harder to break into, and people would cut off the supply to artifacts. I can't remember the other arguments about it, but that one was the one that made me give up the whole argument. Since then there have been a number of other nails in the coffin that made me stop holding my breath - breath for balance to come. It never will. I do think wc effort towards balance has been weak tho, but even if they tried harder, it's just not a trivial thing with the complexity of this game.
  13. Yet another patch for bees, but not to adress the really broken aspects Who cares about bees health and damage stuff? Here is what I care about: 1) Stop destroying legitimately tamed bees. There was some "fix" to stop some exploit, and ever since then almost all of my bees have been destroyed, and I'm disinclined to tame more. I've heard there is a work around with using cryopods instead of acquiring the hive, but that is retarded. 2) Stop the hives from piling up. I'm sick of going to bust up a hive and there being 30 of them and none of them have a queen in them. What's up with that?
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