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  1. I wish they'd stop fluxing the rates so much. It's addiction psychology though, less predictable reward schedule has been shown to increase addiction. You feel like you've been ona crack binge and just suddenly forced to go cold turkey, but the next time you get an event it's going to be another crack binge.
  2. maybe u r putting foundations out? ..hasn't happened to me in island official
  3. I like this too. A couple other exploration mounts I'd suggest are gallimimus and equus. Not at all comparable to the thyla for holding their own in a fight, but they are so fleet and nimble you won't need to fight.
  4. some ideas: 1. Learn a new build style. Perhaps a nice tree house, or a castle. Lots of youtube tutorials... 2. Tame something some way you haven't before (e.g. I always used to trap rex, but the last one I did while chasing it around the map, more challenging = more fun) 3. Have you braved the wyvern trench? If you've already done it and gotten bored, you're probably using a wyvern to go mess with the wild wyverns, try downgrading yourself back to argy/ ptera for the challenge.
  5. The one time I lost my guy I was practically solo. But I did have an inactive tribe member I was able to call up and convince to refresh the stuff, then later I got him to tribe in a new guy, then just had access to grinders and such which makes the xp grind not so bad. And eventually was able to team up with several other tribes and do all the bosses again. It really does pay to have friends in this game, solo is possible but there's a lot of ways it can screw with you lol.
  6. I mean the fed skins from gen 2. I theorize that it's because I uninstalled the genesis dlc, so now I'm not allowed to wear em, so my guy on the island went to equip my suit (which I'd just put ELEMENT into yesterday) and it all vanished. Glancing in the btm left corner of the screen it said consumed fed what ever skin.
  7. I don't think they ever implemented e.g. having a hidden unique id number on each and every in game item <- as was suggested multiple times in discussions begging them to do something about duping. Cause if they did they could have just had a function where the server checks every number against every other number (idk if that is an enormous calculation time?) and simply removed every duplicated id. Or less calculations, every time something suspicious happens like a transfer, check ids. Alternatively and also less calculations, every once and a while do a sort of lottery, and the lucky it
  8. So probably just have those mats in the stryders inventory when it goes to zero? Or maybe it's lying about needing mats?
  9. I have over 6,000 hours in the game, almost all of it on official. I've had to start over multiple times. Several times due to playing pvp and just other players there will eventually destroy everything you have if u pvp long enough. One of the most upsetting times was due to the "great migration", which after reading your post, I don't think you know about that. Basically what happened was a bunch of new servers opened up, and my server was getting shut down, and I had to transfer everything I could, with not enough warning, and also learn how to handle the newly introduced transfer timer. I
  10. but that's a draw back for the whole server, one that doesn't allow new people to get in on the game... not a good design imhop
  11. Been trying to raise some gigas and some brontos for this event, the gigas went fine, left em out all night never noticed anything wonky. But the brontos... they got all bloody and I got scared and podded em for a night. Today I brought out a few and have kept a close eye on them and also hit em with a snow owl. I noticed when the owl brought their health up to a reasonable level and i looked in the inventory and started monitoring it the health flickered as if their ability to self heal was driving it up, but since they had perhaps more health than the game wanted a baby at that mat % to have
  12. Do you think they didn't have a discussion like this? Idk what the calculus is, are they being realistic? Perhaps they really think they can get it done by their deadline this time, perhaps they don't even think they can do it but for some reason they intentionally give unrealistic deadlines. Maybe they think it makes them work faster. Maybe they think it makes us more hyped up, bad publicity is still publicity...
  13. http://arkdedicated.com/dynamicconfig.ini is still showing boosted rates, log in screen yellow text still says july 21, also i started a topic already: Did the event end date change or am I tripping? - General Discussion - ARK - Official Community Forums (survivetheark.com) perhaps you can manually turn the event on with some code since u in single player? idk anything about that.
  14. Good point. Also only troll someone as much as they troll you. E.g. if they harass your door way for ~30min and then you trap them and make them beg to get out for 5 hours, you are the troll.
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