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  1. what if you feed it one fish, leave and come back and then tame, so it'd have been nerfed due to the time to tame being very long
  2. I tried the quetzal method once for poopz and giggles, it seems lika good idea cause you have essentially a moving cliff that will not be climbed, but it didn't work out for us. The gigas loose torpor way to quick and move way to fast. Perhaps if you had several quetzals and each of them had a really good driver (my guy was good but with how squirly the gigas are he found it fairly difficult to keep me lined up for shots, maybe grappling hooks would have made the difference tho)
  3. what the heck is rng mean? I didn't understand any of that...
  4. Well if it turns out to be different on official I wont be to surprised, I'd swear I've seen some pillar ceiling combos within the ten rad. Whenever I've seen something built super close to metal I do a double take, and try to imagine ten foundations, but it's hard... been meaning to do some tests there.
  5. Have u ever tried that? cause snapping ceilings to the pillar makes it blocking... just tested it in single player, btw the blocking radius is 10 f lengths
  6. Cryopods give their occupants a passive xp trickle. So I'm wondering if you're aware of that, and perhaps confusing that phenomenon with something to do with transferring. But transferring actually can wipe out that xp, you have to unpod and repod all your dinos that have been sitting in storage if you want them to keep their xp on a transfer. But since the pod gives the dinos the xp even if you're offline, it can be quite a boost. On pve where I have excess and don't need any particular dino, I try to pod new tames asap, and toss em in storage, forget em for a few months at least and when i w
  7. Huh, I wasn't able to replicate it, though I thought I had in the past, perhaps I misremember or did something different then. Not gonna make a video but for anyone wondering here were my steps: 1. log into single player island go to herb island force tame a anky and wipe out most of the metal nodes on the island 2. did a loop around herb on a force tamed ptera to look around and make sure the metal was gone then hoped off and exited 3. logging back in i turned down the resource respawn period to 0.01 hopped on the ptera and gave it infinite stats and also used slomo 3, flew off
  8. There is certain types of structures that block resource respawning, like your foundations, but not gates... so don't build your base like right ontop of the obsidian or metal, or crystals... building on regular rock, trees, bushes is fine. The things that block do so in some radius, something like 10 or 15 foundation lengths if i remember correctly, so stuff right next to your base shouldn't be respawning, but stuff some dozen or so f lengths away from your foundations should be respwaning.
  9. well once you get your ptera, and start treking inland looking for a place to build, stay away from redwoods/ thyla teritory, or they'll make you wanna quit the game LOL.
  10. you didn't fix it, you implemented the "not a solution" suggested in the original post
  11. Did they demo the foundation? Foundations on spawn spots is pve specific griefing...
  12. ...on that, there are these notes around the map that give a xp boost, search youtube how to do an ark note run, you can go from like lvl 1 to 80 in some tens of minutes, and if you're combining that with crafting some stuff maybe even into the mid eighties. And if someone were to let you use their industrial grinder to turn a pile of stone into flint... maybe even nineties.
  13. You can just ask in global if someone has the thing you're looking for, if that doesn't work out you can make a post here: Cross-ARK Item Trading & Dino Breeding - ARK - Official Community Forums (survivetheark.com)
  14. crotchety old grandpaie argument lol, not taking a stance on the argument as a whole, but restrictions on one party or another to ballance enjoyment for all is an necessity of balancing the game
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