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  1. My tribe mate got multiple rafts stuck in the past week, one of which was in the beaver dam area in south zone three going towards the back end of the metal mountain there, which I'd swear I remember back in the day running rafts all around that island. Also the back end of herb island just looks different to me, I sailed my raft over there and looked for my familiar shallow spot, and it all looks a lot closer to deep water, so I'm worried a leeds will come up and whale it... I know I'm talking in vague terms, but the point is all the beaches just seem different, as if they changed some y valu
  2. I was excited to try stocking up on incubated fert giga eggs for some future event, using the new egg hatchy thing, but it seems you put the eggs in and they don't come back out unless u are making the baby, and even worse it's not refrigerated. Maybe I'll try to get a fridge full of eggs that have been mostly incubated, throw em in the thingy when the event comes around, etc.
  3. still there, but i've been loggin in every day since i tamed... how is your log in frequency?
  4. Did you check your tribe logs? I had some decay at the same time as I had some thatch decay. I've since tamed more and am logging in now to see if these stuck around...
  5. Heh... I hadn't actually thought that far ahead. It just wasn't playable when I tried when it first came out so I uninstalled it. Perhaps if I get the itch to try it out later I'll try for an unofficial or single player then.
  6. make my ark base look like my morrowind base
  7. The gen 2 servers have been terrible. I actually uninstalled genesis, and will probably try it out at some later date when it's less insane. So to answer your question "is this common", no. You picked a terrible server to "come back to".
  8. I don't see what the problem is. I'd use something like this pattern: I thought maybe the problem would be putting a square ceiling and then extending out with triangle ceilings and at some point i put in a pillar and was able to extend it further... actually surprised the pillar went in the middle of the triangle at an angle, maybe if i were to get serious about this I'd tear that all down and start with a pillar and trianlge on the first one and have that at the highest point and try to make a flat layer (no pillars poking through the circle)
  9. Guys, if it had anything to do with the three hundred slot cap he would have had the problem before even getting to the transmitter. Also 3 c fridges is 72*3=216, dude can easily hold 200 dinos and should be able to xfer them. Also if there's video evidence, support might be willing to help.
  10. One time I tamed a very low level horse during an event with the following method. I ran up and e to feed and e to jump on and e to feed and e to accidentally jump off... then I immediatly layed down and crawled into some bushes, the horse glitched out on some rocks and de agro'ed very quickly and very nearby. Got up and e to feed once more and the previous few feedings hadn't worn off yet so it insta tamed (with out ever having to ride it around).
  11. To fast can be just as bad as to slow, because I think there's a window right after you mount where if you push it again to fast it hasn't switched to feed so it dismounts, but yea timing is key.
  12. One time I put a few pillars to claim an area, and someone else built near my pillars, and eventually paid me in game "currency" to go away. I was within my rights to attempt to claim that base spot, they were within their rights to claim it faster, and both of us were within our rights to settle a dispute with a small in game transaction. That being said, I can see how larger land swaps, especially if the original pillaring was done just to later sell the land... I can see how you would want those people punished. Just saying that it's not black and white, and like how in the world would you
  13. Don't you also get chibi xp? (never done it but I have extinction and have been meaning to for a while)
  14. Not sure it's a issue with the provider as I've had this issue crop up with a single laptop and other computers on the network were still fine... idk that much about network trouble shooting. Hey there's an idea, run a network trouble shooter? lol
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