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  1. nvm magmasaur, timer disappears unless you dunk em in lava... stupid.
  2. strange thing just now, unless i am mistaken, will have to test... So anyways I unpoded a dino just now that had been sitting in cryo for some time, but as I'd transfered it from a different map and never unpoded it since, I noted as expected, the timer was still up. Frustrated I repoded her and took her to my transmitter thinking well I didn't want to breed her here anyways, and ws goin to send her back to the previous map. While sitting there I changed my mind and wanted to again breed on current map... unpodded so I'd remeber tomorrow, off handedly looked at the timer, gone! perhaps
  3. Chances are your two wilds have different stats. If you breed them together over and over purely by chance you'll get babies with the best stats from both parents, these will have higher levels. Much ado is made in breeding circles about that, and hunting out the best starting stats in e.g. melee. or whatever. You sound like you just want to start with two random high lvl wilds... so there really isn't much to it beyond that. Just make lots and lots of babies. If you raise all the females you get, then you will get more eggs each round. Mutations just happen. Raise lots of babies a
  4. Over 2 thousand posts, helps keep this thread alive. It helps spread awareness about how unhealthy the servers are, which in theory should cause a good game studio to think about fixing it. Considering that 75.6k people have viewed this thread, and it has stayed near the top of the forums for most of the last year, wild card can safely assume this is their number one issue.
  5. You mean fertilized right? One time I hatched a couple dozen giga babies and just murdered them with my pike, got tons of xp... think it took me from like lvl 101 to lvl 102 or something.
  6. And then fix the fix, ad infinitum
  7. It could also be incremental E.g. something like 15 min after everyone logs out the damage goes up by 5x and then 15 more min it increases another 5x. And if you're going to do that, why not decrease their damage output if someone is online?
  8. Breeding triceratops I've noticed they occasionally are super bloody when I come back to check on them after they are adults. I've always wondered what caused that as they were behind my defenses, and had plenty of berries in the troughs. Perhaps the same glitch was hitting them, but since trikes are so tanky in the hp, they just are able to survive it, where as a juvi giga would starve in about 4 min if the server desynched or what ever.
  9. I don't think that is a username... @Jatheish is one though. Yo jat, is tek bridge on your guys radar? Apparently it is still broken...
  10. They say their servers are getting hit with malicious attacks. You say you can't connect to the server with out janky networking hacks... The most common disruptive network attack is known as a massive distributed denial of service. This is accomplished by turning thousands of potentially unwitting computers into a bot net, then spamming the victims network with an overwhelming flow of traffic. The solution is to either divert or ignore the flows. I wouldn't use a vpn, or switch routers, or connect direct by ip. I would run a virus scan and do something else for several hours.
  11. no food. Repeat: they feed themselves as long as they are not picking up something else.
  12. Does every one think they are supposed to spam tickets? No wonder the ticket system is broken lol...
  13. Tldr version: check your screen shot... My thoughts are, it is ridiculous for them to ask us for implant when they never told us we would need it. Why the frack is this thread necessary!? This shouldn't be a word of mouth thing, and people who don't know are just poop out of luck when their transfer goes bad? Well now that I know that the screen shot is necessary I've started recording them, and I have some additional information to share. I recently beat a new boss and while I was standing around on the pad after the fight I took a new screen shot, and encouraged my tribe mates to do so as
  14. Whaa? They have live legacy, but not live regular official?
  15. Let me back up a little. My tribe mate is wasting a colossal amount of metal, and other resources, experimenting with new builds. I have been asking him to test out his build strategy in single player, but he insists that would be irrelevant since there is no way he could precisely align everything the way we have it on our official server - within his offline game. Nothing is safe from this guy, he will e.g. demolish the large tek gate 3 times placing each one in - from my perspective - the exact same place, and then complain that it is still off by a few millimeters lol. Anyways back when on
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