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  1. don't forget to put your fridge snapped only to the ground, as most things e.g. metal foundation would decay first and screw it up
  2. that's what i thought, but they say leach blood is better
  3. I've been told leech blood also helps. It's confusing a bit.
  4. Here's a possible e.g. but anybody giving false info on the topic of icthy is just mean and should prob not admit it. lol... I for one will be perpetually confused about them and will continue to kill them with extreme prejudice.
  5. Just go straight for a argy and rex, feed em raw prime if you can or else get em with regular raw. If you must tame something before that, if very lucky, I like to get moschops off the beach when first spawning in and running around (sometimes they just tame up off berries, sometimes you get like rare flowers and tame one). The fiber and berry harvesting will help you get the tranq arrows to proceed to step 2. Rex and argy will dominate the map.
  6. wonder what ed happen if you did the cheat addexperience command
  7. I don't have a fav I just have sad memories and failures lol. One time I raised a deinon I thought was breed for bosses, and took it into the swamp cave, and it died pretty quick... One time I raised a megatherium and another deinon and went back to the swamp cave and we did pretty good, but my armor got shredded. Another time I wild tamed a megatherium and took it into the cave above that big bay in the middle of the southern edge of the map, absolutely dominated that cave. I've only got one other caving experience, I raised some deinons some totally other time and took them into that cave across the herb island channel and to the north east, and they just did some weird uncontrollable jumping mechanics and flopped into the lava and that was the saddest thing. The mega was annoying cause it wasn't maneuverable enough, the deinons were annoying cause they died to easily.
  8. I've heard some of the artifacts on rag are laying out in the open too.. anyone know which ones and also what the coords are?
  9. Fascinating.. so if you're on a mission to get the tribute and you don't have a cluttered dino inventory it should be more conveniently collected. Whilst if you're out on a rampage for meat run, or other reasons your inventory is less likely to get cluttered by something you may not have wanted.
  10. d and sometimes it goes into the inventory of what I'm using to farm? Whats the rhyme and reason, or is it random?
  11. I was going to ask what some one thought about artifacts cause most of the time I've left it to someone else to gather them so I don't have much experience in that part of the boss setup. Good to know that is also pointing towards broodmother.
  12. Fastest path to a boss fight is broodmother by far. You can do it at a lower level. You can do it with megatherium because as the spider minions are summoned your army gets the bug buff. And one of the most important facilitating factors is that you can get the megatherium saddles in yellow supply crate drops, which I'm pretty sure are more numerous in their spawn locations, and drop with higher frequency than their counterparts the reds, which is one way to gt a rex saddle bp. There's other ways to get rex saddle bp like farming caves and fishing. None of the ways to get rex saddle bp is considered easy, whilst I've gotten my megatherium saddle bp by accident on several of my various play throughs. If you're still collecting various things early in a play through you should be hitting red and yellow drops with extream prejudice. And sometimes purple. (like diverting your current goal to fly over and grab a drop instead of e.g. finishing a tame). And after a while you'll probably have a megatherium bp and probably still be looking for a rex one. And lastly they tell me you can fight her with just max wild / perfect tame megatherium. I haven't verified that last info. But I'm pretty sure I saw someone do it. At least I saw a army getting set up and afterwards a few of their un mutated theriums were sitting around the ob unclaimed as well as some other gear anda stash of med brews. I think they probably lost 80% of their army though. Either got hit really hard and were like screw these ima get better ones, or they were like k theres one boss down ima quit while im ahead, or perhaps they did have some mutated ones and those survived and I wasn't around to see em pod em up and the others were unclaimed cause they were realizing they needed to breed up more and not use any garbage next time. Who knows.
  13. e.g. something important like rex saddle bp? So e.g. if you're doing something like hitting all the red drops is it equally randomly pickin anything that can drop in a red drop? Or are certain items more common?
  14. I got the ascendant carchar saddle frm fishing on a unofficial server with boosted fishing, not sure how the fishing is altered here, but I suspect it's added in other loot tables in the base game like fishing.
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