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  1. Oh, everyone on server has Wyverns grifins and a few have gigas already and PvP is now active so I'll be at a logistical disadvantage for a small while whilst everyone enjoys raiding every base in sight for fun, so I'm very much gonna be living small until I hit around Lvl 90 and have enough mats and knowledge of the map to throw up a decent sized base and start taming proper fighting tames, one of my bases has already been partially hit (guy on fire Wyv broke in and killed my tribe mate, stole our ingots bullets and killed a horse that my tribe mate tamed) so I'm already compiling a list of people who will feel my wrath at some point, may go over to the mentioned tribes base later woth a few hundred rounds of rifle ammo and test his defences out later today too
  2. Just started on my first unofficial server, Ragnarok PvP, but started a little later than I originally planned, this particular server had a 7 day grace period before PvP was turned on and I joined 8 hours before that time, so alot of last night was spend grinding 3 small stone FOBs with 3 forges a bed 2 pestle and a smithy in each, grinding out 1k bullets for each one and getting everything I need ready for when I unlock metal building parts and generators, getting crops planted, some fert going by picking up poop from wild dinos and taming a few dodos ready to start taming pteras. First impressions of the map are positive though, I have one FOB by the eastern entrance to the Scar just before Scotland (it'll be destroyed very soon I imagine but it's a good place to collect chitin and level fast killing scorps and titanboas), one in jungle 1 by the man made bridge just off a small metal spawn and a 3rd In the middle of Scotland Today I'll grind out some more bullets for all 3, and build further fobs at the SW spawn and one in Viking Bay, and I'll upgrade all 5 to metal as I've now hit 45, hoping to hit 60 so I can make generators and place turrets in each
  3. Raided my old tribe and killed alot of tames that I had a hand in raising or taming, not the best feeling I've ever had on this game by a long shot but it had to be done, unfortunately
  4. Please make structures plus and official mod so I can use it on console
  5. Kinda where I'm at, we still have our base and have just finished a batch of gigas but I can't be bothered to grind at the moment, waiting on some inspiration
  6. Raided again, these 1am raid calls are starting to hurt me, might have to consoder a EU server in the relatively near future(and I'll still end up raiding til 6am lol)
  7. Quiet night for me, hatched triplet Rexes off my new melee line, hatched my 3rd Oviraptor egg in 3 days(looking for color mutations as I'm bored, all have been male and piked so far) and did a bit of politicking on my server, trying to squash a beef between a couple of smaller tribes that are built right next to me and are both coming close to meeting my Gigas (I HATE pointless arguing in global chat) Also have 2 days left on my 3 baby gigas that I have floating and alot of people panicking that everything in stasis will die when the update drops on xbox later Actually it wasn't that quiet, I also started on my new egg tame barn, tamed a male ovis to go with my 3 females and took delivery of 3 mutated 235 melee guarenteed giga eggs and a 220 with a color mutation I've been trying to get a hold of for 3 months that I'm hatching probably tomorrow Today is raid day so I may or may not be off server dealing with some troublesome trolls, if not I'll just finish the pen and re fert so I don't have to Sunday, do another Oviraptor and maybe breed my 3 female ovis as I need more Quetzals to replace some I lost in a raid and am having trouble getting really good post nerf eggs
  8. Lost my best giga off server on a raid, luckily I have 3 more in the water right now, one being his son
  9. Popped what will be my 4th bred giga (3rd in 3 weeks) and got a mutation into my line, a pretty ugly purple under belly, but hey its a mutation, he got the good melee of his father and popped lvl 222, now to try and get at least 80% imprint and try to pop a female to guarentee my stats (have 4 males with that melee, no females)
  10. Mixed night last night, found a 140 giga so decided to tame it, lost my best argy and almost my best ptera trying to kite it into the Giga trap. Finally got it in and it took an age to drop as there is a blind spot that it kept running into Dropped at 220 melee and stood up at 210 so got a solid tame out of it in the end, then walked 'Shrek' back and logged off for the night Argy breeding this weekend I think Oh, and I was given a bred Thylaceleo by an allianced tribe
  11. Night off Ark for me, played a little Black Ops 2 now it's backwards compatible and realised immediately why I loved that game back on 360
  12. Participated in a cross server raid with a few of my tribe mates, now I'm considering building on said server
  13. Added extensions to the breeding pen, took my new 100% imprinted giga out on a meat run, made more crop plots, egg, poop, mushrooms, cooked off a couple eggs, did a few caves and logged off 6 hours later wondering where my night went. typical day on ark
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