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  1. "Manticore not landing" is back Lost 2 sets of Yutys and Rexes back-to back. First time, some guy left a vulture at obelisk which I didnt see before starting fight. Manticore aggroed on the vulture (although its owner was OFFLINE) and never landed. How about you do not TP dinos of offline tribes ? Second time, I made sure no other dino tp in Arena than mine. Yet, Manticore kept doing its stupid back and forth animation , then failing to land, then flying away - rince and repeat for 20 minutes. Server didnt even lag much, had about 60 ms ping. Why reintroduce this bug again ? No, I did not bother to launch OBS to make a video proof of this. Just look at the past SE or Valguero videos I sent you over the years. No, I do not want basic rexes for "refund", thank you.
  2. Now EU-PVE-Official-TheIsland344 is back online, but seems disconnected from cluster. It does not show in servers lists at transmitters, I cannot join it back. It is reachable from main servers lists menu, when launching game (but I dont have a char on it so I cannot use that to access my stuff).
  3. EU-PVE-Official-ScorchedEarth372 down most of last 24 hours @lilpanda EU-PVE-Official-ScorchedEarth372 has been down for pretty much 24h, excepting for about 3 hours while I was at work, but its down again since 5h: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/640736/downtime (I believe these timestamps are GMT timezone) I filled a down report about 14h ago. Would be nice if some kind information on when we can expect it back was logged in - or at least acknowledgement someone is looking into it: Thanks
  4. Lost 2 characters level 130+ today, in 1 hour interval, on 2 different transfers. Each time, this: Characters nowhere to be downloaded at source or destination server. The sad truth is, only those whom have had their character duped can fully recover from such a loss. I understand it is not allowed by TOS to have dupes ? Yet, most people, who have one, got it by accident, and it then becomes the only safety net to character loss.... If losing chars wasnt fixed in 6 years, maybe its time WC implements a real safety net, a character save/clone feature, which could be activated upon character loss - which would save player id (to keep imprinted dinos), level, bosses/tek cave status, haircut etc ? And could be managed by players, rather than wait for a ticket to be read/treated.
  5. Guess which feature is back @Cedric@lilpanda Please get team to fix that login lock (again...). Your hardcore player base have bases on multiple maps and need to jump servers fast, for imprints/hatching. Also, "Join with survivor" button is greyed at transmitter... cant click it , whatever server I choose.
  6. @Cedric@lilpanda please have an in-depth look at why the latest performance patch (which did improve the lags etc on other servers) did NOTHING for PVE EXT 465. Just now, I got kicked , logged in again after restarting game, I saw other people joining back server as well. , situation seemed better so I started an OSD 2 minutes later. Just to get kicked again 5 minutes later at Wave 1 - except this time, server restarted. Server is unusable. Not gonna even bother reporting it, considering @Sleiva does it daily for 0 results.
  7. @Wildcard, this new undocumented "feature" is worse to the community than the duping problem...... Woke up middle of the night for imprints , to realize I have to wait 15 mins for a random lock. RIP giga imprints. You guys have no idea the suffering it has become, to play your game. And you're inflicting this on us willingly ? Quitting if this stays on.
  8. Patch notes for 302.4 are out, yet servers are still running 302.2. There's hope for 465. Pretty sure thats why F key not working yet too, was deployed client side but not server side.
  9. @Cedric Unusable server for weeks, please take it down for the time it takes to fix it, but just do something. Zillions of tickets have been opened by the server population. Like it wasnt enough we were losing 12-days bred Gigas in cryo to the server save/deadly ext border & ceiling combos, now we have to lose them at OSD/veins, for server is dropping all players every 10 minutes for weeks. Please.
  10. PC Steam loss connectivity now kills Ark's process ? Hi I noticed that, recently, when connectivity to Steam is lost, Ark's process gets instantly killed. It used to "only" block transfers, in the past, but game process would not be killed. My teammate also noticed it (as he used to leave his Ark process running, while putting his PC to sleep). This cannot be reproduced by just putting Friends list offline. Is this new behavior ? Have I missed it in patchnotes ? Can anybody confirm ? If this is confirmed, it is rather terrible news for anybody doing bosses. As it is common for Steam to just give up connectivity to large geographical regions, for a few seconds (maintenances, outages, ...).
  11. Surprise, 1000+ melee boss rexes do not frighten Manticore into better landing : I am done attempting Valguero boss, until WC fixes it.
  12. On official: * Gamma : we did about 10-15 runs, lost one squad once (Manticore not landing) * Beta: we did 4 runs, no squad loss (a few rexes here and there) * Alpha: we attempted last Friday, we survived Dragon/Megapithecus with 17 minutes left on counter, Manticore tried to land, but kept bouncing back in the air most of the time. 3 pump-action shotguns with 260+ damage did not help, it has too much hp. Our rexes all had 800+ melee , it ended with less than 10% hp left. Frustration. We are used to leaving 1 rex to aggro it, but this time, it didnt work very well - as you need to move when it tries to land on you, and it was landing super fast, thus hitting the rex and taking off again. When Valguero servers are added to the official cluster, this issue may go unnoticed 95% of the time, because the cluster's boss rexes are overpowered. But the occasional not landing at all, will still occur until WC acknowledges the issue.
  13. New kibble is out more than a week now. Please fix babies asking for old kibbles which cannot be crafted anymore. I know you can work around it by using cryo/uncryo until baby asks for something else, but this does not help when you have 20+ babies and cryo sickness kicks in. Thank you. EDIT: have this behavior on Scorched Earth, I am told babies on Center/Island ask for the new kibble system.
  14. I put to sleep a castoroides 150 with 32 pt in melee, then it got hit by a terror bird, lost taming effectiveness, so I let it wake up, put it back to sleep, but it somehow started with a low taming effectiveness, so I left ark for a while . when I came back it was gone. Then I put to sleep a direbear 150, by the time I came back with some kibble, a carno was eating it. Then I pretty much did nothing useful. Yay.
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