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  1. Tested it on unofficial doesnt work, maybe the megachelon is the trick there?
  2. okay seems like you are right. I started beta twice nothing happened, but then from beta went to alpha and it worked. So probably you need to step up one difficulty for it to work and then just repeat alpha i guess.
  3. im doing tests in SP now and it doesn't seem to work, brought turtle too
  4. What triggers him being that low on health?
  5. Yea water seems to be broken at some places. At green obelisk inside the cave where the water fall is the water isnt water just like texture
  6. OSD on Extinction, there you get best flak
  7. Vaguero, the new map added should never become transferable into. Getting characters in and out should stay however. That way, what we do now on Valguero would make actually sense. This would be fresh start for people that want it.
  8. Don't allow transfer on Valguero As of now, the transfer is closed and its alot of fun. The only problem is that I feel like its pointless to tame anything now and spend hours baby sitting something that we all have already done on other map where transfer is enabled. In month or so the transfer will be enabled and all the creatures we have tamed on Valguero will become pointless again. Fresh start is always fun and It will be ruined again once the transfer is enabled. Dont do it.
  9. Yes, I can confirm that too. Yesterday on the new map tamed Argie but couldnt get saddle because of chitin so I wanted Argent to hunt some for me. He didnt eat any body.
  10. Recently got 127 crafted Giga saddle from Lava Golem on Ragnarok. I was wondering if its possible to get that armor in BP just as high? Highest BP I got is 100 so far. Also is Lava Golem better to farm for Giga saddles than Ice Queen? If anyone could share where from they got their lets say around 115 giga BP it would be great to know. Cheers
  11. Thats not our problem, thats bad management. All big companies get hundreds support tickets every hour, but they will always respond faster than WC. Theres problem, which they dont want to solve with money (hiring people to handle those tickets, etc), they just let us wait and think its fine.
  12. Wrong numbers or something. Yea thats something that fits this awful company.
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