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  1. UPDATE: We'll be rolling out an patch to greatly reduce the cost of prime jerky for Summer Bash items later this evening. In the meantime, start stocking up that jerky for your chibis and emotes! Changing value from 50 to 5 takes more than a day apparently.
  2. Tested it on unofficial doesnt work, maybe the megachelon is the trick there?
  3. okay seems like you are right. I started beta twice nothing happened, but then from beta went to alpha and it worked. So probably you need to step up one difficulty for it to work and then just repeat alpha i guess.
  4. im doing tests in SP now and it doesn't seem to work, brought turtle too
  5. Yes, I can confirm that too. Yesterday on the new map tamed Argie but couldnt get saddle because of chitin so I wanted Argent to hunt some for me. He didnt eat any body.
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