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  1. Lya

    ARK Digest Question Collection!

    Will imprint timer on animals be longer?
  2. Thanks for the answers! It's kinda bad that its linked to the character instead of account, especially because players still keep losing their characters while transfering them between servers...
  3. Hey everyone! It's been a long time since I raised wyvern with a second ask and things might changed since then. So, if I have one charater (A) on a Ragnarok/SE server and a different one (B) on another server and I raise some animals on Ragnarok/SE, if I transfer them to my main server, will I get the rider bonus with character B, or not? Same account, of course.
  4. Lya

    Ark: Aberration - Master Thread

    Yeah, they really seems like that, but I hope we will be able to bring them to other maps.
  5. Lya

    Ark: Aberration - Master Thread

    It looks nice, I love that pupper at the beginning of the trailer. I hope we will be able to transfer new animals from the new DLC to other maps, otherwise Im not sure I would play too much on it.
  6. Hey! Just heard the boss arenas were removed from Ragnarok, and don't know if there will be or is any way to get elements on that map.
  7. Well, I think it would be better to let players go to the new server from the old ones with only a limited amount of things, to prevent players to spam the new servers with pillars/huge bases in a hour (which probably will happen anyway) but still respect the players' effort they have put into the game. Not everyone want to start fresh, some people want to continue what they have started x time ago, and it would be great, if there would be a way to at least preserve something from their/our work, because it will not happend on Legacy servers, those will be wiped sooner or later.
  8. Hey everyone! I know this was already suggested by some player, but I think WC really should make this available. I admit, I don't see the point to make Legacy PvE servers, because in my opinion, older players could help to the new players a lot and thus more people would stay and would buy their upcoming DLCs, but if WC thinks we should move to the new cluster, then please allow us to transfer some animals to the new servers. Unlike in PvP, in PvE I don't think it would mean any drawback to the new players, in fact, it would help them in many ways. Many PvE players put countless hours and lots of effort to breed them, and I think they/we deserve a chance to keep some of them. I think it would be a great help if we would be able to transfer at least 10-20 animals, and most of us would feel better than many of us do right now. (I personally don't mind to lose my base and rebuild it, but I really mind to lose hours of breeding, raising, etc, but it's only my personal opinion) We have helped you to build your game, please think about your loyal players.
  9. This whole grap land for profit is a big bullpoop, you probably dont understand how PVE works then. Most of the people would not go to new server to grab land and profit, they would just like to play on a server which has support and not like "oh, your population went down? WIPE" Most of us put lots of effort into breeding and building, and we dont even have a chance to save anything from it, if we decide to move, because legacy pve servers soon will become the favorite place of griefers and a*holes, so sure, will have the acces for everything, but if some idiot decide to pillar the whole map around, trap dinos and so on, we would not get ANY help, just because the server is older.
  10. Then why not give us a chance to go to a new server? They are just making people quit and lose their players. Lets make some servers where we could move from legacy server and there wont be much problem, but do it like this is just BS.
  11. Because if the players would leave, the remaining PVE servers would get wiped too, new players wont go to Legacy servers, so sooner or later, legacy pve servers will lose population because of this decision.
  12. They could have do it as they did with SE. First months there werent any transfer from Island/Center to SE, and then they made it possible, and it worked/working, so they didnt have to separate it.
  13. How nice of them. Honestly I don't really see the point to make PvE legacy servers. I mean, if new players join to a "legacy" pve, it could be more beneficial for them, because the older players could help them to set up a base and such, so the chance that new player would stay is higher. WC really should re-think this, if they don't wish to lose a big amount of players.
  14. PVE EU 699 will stay too.
  15. Lya

    Leaving for holidays

    I can suggest only what others already did: If you have a friend, ask him/her to log in at least once while you are on vacation or if you can, ask family members to do it at least once, and be sure you left food for the animals to not starve.