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  1. Lya

    Magic space dragons

    If you have a tribemate s/he can drop you on the floating one's back too with argies and such.
  2. They wont get kicked out.
  3. Oooh it reall looks like that, thanks! I wonder if that flying manta is a titan or a new creature though
  4. Oh nice, thanks. Btw I hope there will be more creature than what we know of, but sadly I doubt. If I recall correctly they showed all animal in aberration tailers, so comparing to that, I think we'll have this few they showed. They also didnt show too much about the new tools/engrams, unlike in Aberration trailers.
  5. Didnt know about enforcer thing, but then again, I didnt really followed Extinction until 1-2 days ago. Thanks about the pic, havent seen it before. It does seem bigger than I expected, but I thought it small, since wiki says non rideable.
  6. Arent enforcer/gacha/gasbag/managarmr/scout/owl and velonasaur permanent tame? That's 7 tame. Though I agree that not really much, I hope there will be more new creature. Also, I didnt really follow the DLC, but if I'm here I'll ask, does anyone know the size of the managarmr?
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