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  1. I figured something like this would happen, and I'm both glad and saddened that it turned out to be the case. I'm glad because it'll keep all the duped bs and such that has infested all the servers (PvP and PvE) from infecting the new servers, but sad because in order to stay connected with the growing future community (new players are not likely to be joining a legacy server), I will have to start over on a new server. I have every intention of keeping my dinos alive and my base up until the server is marked for wiping and re-purposing, as I wish to keep them immortalized in Single Player where I can look back at all the good times for nostalgic trips down memory lane. I've grown attached to a fair number of them and am proud of my base. However, that won't likely be for a while, as my server is fairly active. @Jat If I can make one request.... Would you be willing to upload the saves of the PvE legacy servers periodically regardless of wiping/re-purposing? I REEEEEALLY want to preserve my dinos and my base from my server in singleplayer mode, but if my server remains active enough, it'll be a lot of upkeep to do in addition to the upkeep that will be required on the new servers I'll be starting over on. Though I said I had every intention of maintaining them, I would still like to NOT have to be juggling between two worlds, when the act of preserving one is just simply to have something to look back at.
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