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  1. The Addition of the Tek Artillery

    I do like artillery... AA Flak guns would be pretty nifty for defenders as well.
  2. Do beavers leave an area?

    Painful part is the Torpor drain if you didnt bring kibble. Unless you are bringing Narco by the tub, it really feels like Thorny is just faster and safer (after he's knocked out).
  3. Do beavers leave an area?

    Beavers seem to be a bit painful to tame. Is it better to just get a mammoth for wood gathering, or a thorny for the mobile smithy?
  4. Whats the point in taming a Giga?

    In PVE they do have the rule of cool. Some just want to collect neat looking things even if they are 'bad'
  5. Why don't more people play Aberration?

    I havent spent a lot of time in Aberration yet, but from the few hours I was there I can see a bit of the reasons why it isnt more popular. The difficulty curve is quite harsh and very unforgiving. Most people cant deal with this and will move on right away. Aberration is more of a challenge mode than anything else. It does have tons of character and an amazing atmosphere, but most will just not stick around long enough to enjoy it. The main turnoff for me was just the players I ran into and the excessive pillaring and walling on the PVE servers. I would love to give the PVP servers a shot, but with my infant daughter, I just cant get the needed time dedication for it.
  6. Forum Game: Bad Advice

    With fire. It will burn away all of its hate for you. How do you evade a Rex?
  7. I think probably one of the best workable solutions is where all players are guaranteed at least 10-25 tame cap slots no matter the population of the server. Although it isn't very many dinos, it would be enough for many casual players. The only drawback is if a server gets flooded with players all hitting the mini-cap far beyond what the server can handle.
  8. Introduction

    The original post feels very vague in what gets you out of Early Birds, but with your post here, it helps explain a bit more. I wish there was a better way of cutting the troll/spam forum accounts so we could access the trade forum faster. Even just viewing the trade forum would be good enough for some people looking to get an idea of prices for things. Anyways, thanks for clearing things up.
  9. Having a hard time finding a good PvE server

    Pretty sure it has to do with the Early Birds access. Trying to get post count up as fast as the forum allows me.
  10. Well done with Ragnarock

    By far my favorite map to play on. Very well done
  11. Favorite Game other than Ark

    EVE Online since 2003
  12. Having a hard time finding a good PvE server

    I agree its hard to find a good server with area to build on, and not constantly at tame cap.
  13. Bullet soaking dinos

    Saddle workaround doesn't even have to be about the durability going down. Have it reduce single hits as normal, but have it lose its armor effectiveness over time to sustained dps. For example with a 50 armor saddle (and all of these numbers can be tweaked to balance): During the first 0 to 5 secs of damage, armor is still treated as 50. From 5+ to 10 secs of sustained damage, armor works at 50% effectiveness. We're now at 25 armor. And from 10+ secs of constant damage, armor now works at 10%. 5 armor for being overwhelmed with attacks. Armor could be reset to being fully effective after a period of 5 or 10 seconds without taking damage.
  14. Is PvE better? Does it get boring fast?

    I enjoy PvE quite a bit over PvP because of the random amounts of time I have available to play. The *only* complaint I have with PvE (on the official servers) is that they are always sitting at tame cap. Dont get me wrong, I love PvP, but it requires a lot of time I dont have anymore.