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Schelmixi's Feedback

  1. Jamie2142 left Positive feedback   

    Another good trade and pleasant trade with Schelmixi, will be trading again in the future ++ :)

    Schelmixi was The Seller

  2. retrophone left Positive feedback   

    Great Person and wonderful Thyla!! Super happy we could trade!

    Schelmixi was The Seller

  3. BlueFox91 left Positive feedback   

    Bought an awesome mutated equus and thyla. Very happy with my purchase! :)

    Schelmixi was The Seller

  4. Jamie2142 left Positive feedback   

    Great seller really patient and detailed posts regarding trade. Will defo be buying from again in the future +

    Schelmixi was The Seller

  5. HOSS602 left Positive feedback   

    Great seller would do business with again anytime.

    Schelmixi was The Seller

  6. Michaud left Positive feedback   

    lala :3 nother greats trades <3 mewl

    Schelmixi was The Seller

  7. Bellasaurus left Positive feedback   

    another great trade. love the horses as always

    Schelmixi was The Seller

  8. Weiss left Positive feedback   

    Great trade, as always :)

    Schelmixi was Trading

  9. alexio86 left Positive feedback   

    thanks great seller

    Schelmixi was The Seller

  10. Razen left Positive feedback   

    Here we go...Finally..After so many trades and no rates....i finally make her do it (the rate ofc). Awesome player, awesome friend, also awesome trader.Glad to play next to her everyday even if she isnt my tribemate . Makes my gameplay on ark be better :)Thank You for the trade(need to be professional now ahahaha).

    Schelmixi was Trading

  11. BCMFTaCtIcZZ left Positive feedback   

    Fast and came to my server.

    Schelmixi was The Seller

  12. Weiss left Positive feedback   

    Another great trade, has the best Thylas in town :) ty again

    Schelmixi was The Seller

  13. Leeleilol left Positive feedback   

    Really nice transaction ! :) Fast delivery and a really nice person !

    Schelmixi was The Seller

  14. Razta left Positive feedback   

    Yet another fast and smooth trade with Schelmixi! Awsome seller in every way!

    Schelmixi was The Seller

  15. Mugger left Positive feedback   

    Smooth and fast trade A++ Pleasure to do trade with !

    Schelmixi was Trading

  16. Razta left Positive feedback   

    Great and fast trader. Will gladly do buissness again! +++++

    Schelmixi was The Seller

  17. GoodOmenz left Positive feedback   

    Very nice person and happy to trade with you again. Hope we do many more in the future. Thank you for your patience also.

    Schelmixi was The Seller

  18. JonasHR left Positive feedback   

    Very nice guy recommended!

    Schelmixi was Trading

  19. retrophone left Positive feedback   

    Wonderful person, I couldn't complete a trade with them and they were nothing but understanding! Very patient. Thank you again for understanding!

    Schelmixi was The Seller

  20. LostDucKs left Positive feedback   

    Fairtrader :D Had a quick conversation worked out all details for the trade and than everything took his way. Friendly person, recommandable trader. Maybe see you for more trades.

    Schelmixi was The Seller

  21. Xis left Positive feedback   

    It was a pleasure to negotiate with you again. Always fast and easy. Thank you a lot!

    Schelmixi was Trading

  22. Julianffs left Positive feedback   

    Realy nice trader and nice trade :) Thanks again

    Schelmixi was The Seller

  23. Wes1234668 left Positive feedback   

    Smooth and easy. Thank you!

    Schelmixi was The Seller

  24. Cderr12 left Positive feedback   

    Great trade. Super nice. Offered to pick me up. Wish all first dates when this good ?

    Schelmixi was The Seller

  25. Sphere left Positive feedback   

    Got me that MC Quetzal Platform Saddle, and when I needed it too. This is my second purchase from this player, and he is very trustworthy. :)

    Schelmixi was The Seller

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