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  1. HOSS602

    pve 3 players kill dragon alpha?

    in my opinion rexes are not the way to go for dragon anyway, have had alot better luck with deers full of cakes and good shotguns. if you take rexes to dragon arena expect to donate a few
  2. HOSS602

    stuck Farm Jack for stuck animals

    They do have an option, although very expensive you can always place a transmitter if you have the engram and materials
  3. It would be really nice to have an idea whats coming on the structure changes so we can plan accordingly and not be like last time where walls just disappeared.
  4. HOSS602

    Building suggestions

    Behemoth Walls, would greatly help with load speeds. instead of loading 75 tiles load 1
  5. HOSS602

    discussion Main traders/breeders question

    Really Like the Topic Zero thanks for starting it. BTW to have these problems we all have played this game way too much. I had a couple of thoughts while reading through this i wanted to throw out there for feed back. As far as Kibble/egger dinos. Why not make it to where tamed don't drop non-fertilized eggs. The idea is to get us out on the map and out of our bases anyway. Would give newer players a way into to trade with the more established as we all would have to be chasing parasaurs around. Also would create alot more in server communities as we would all have the same needs. Hopefully creating a more open and less guarded environment. I too had a similar experience in legacy (community kibble farms used to work). I would love to see the community return to those everyone help everyone days. As we tend to forget this is PLAYERS vs. ENVIRONMENT (pve). As far as the larger breeding population question. Why not set up designated breeding servers. You could disable certain features on those servers (boss fights/caves/ drops maybe?) which could increase performance enough to accommodate some additional dinos. It would bring the breeders closer together and hopefully cut down on some of the redundant breeding as people talked more and cross tribe breeding increased. Then we could bring back our end results to our home servers to use or trade. Another I'm sure less popular solution would be individual dino limits per player. So each player could only own, 10 ankys or 20 rexes tops on a server and they were capped individually. And would lose the ability to imprint or transfer other imprinted in until you culled your numbers down. Just my 2 cents , curious to hear everyone's opinion.