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  1. Since you have already allowed the transfer of element dust. Could you just open up the transferring of all element? Would save a lot of time for people trying to maintain multiple servers And also the trading community. And you can essentially do it now with dust it’s just more time consuming for no real reason.
  2. It would be really nice to have an idea whats coming on the structure changes so we can plan accordingly and not be like last time where walls just disappeared.
  3. So i play with my xbox 360 controller thru pc, but all the sudden when i open inventory now it takes all every time and i am having glitches with item names (they are actually blinking in and out) , all goes back to normal when controller is not connected. But when connected cant open anything or i am immediately over burdened by everything in its inventory (vaults, dinos, forges doesn't seem to matter does on all.  I have been using it with ark for over a year with no issue.  Please help

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