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  1. good to know that im not the only one having this issue.. also the snow biome the ground looks like checkers to me... but I'm playing on official servers so I cant use the proton version
  2. they released a new update let's see what happens now
  3. All my servers are down now after this update damn
  4. The machine will be dedicated only for hosting the 9 servers? If that's the case a 7700k will be just fine But you wil need to have a decent amount of ram to each server.. I recommend at least 7gb per server.
  5. It's been a month and nothing about update the linux client
  6. Linux Version Update It's been quite a while since last update of Linux version of the game, any news about that Wildcard Team?
  7. I also would like to know what's going on WC
  8. Exactly! You have what is needed to defend your own base, Plant X, Turrets, Velos, Yutys, Golems, Allos... People are missing the point here : A big part of the game is dead because of ORP, as someone mentioned PvE ark these days are basically cattle ranchers Here is another Example why ORP is ruining PvE :
  9. Offline Damage Protection is runing PvE Dear Wildcard, Since adoption of Offline damage protection PvE server's went crazy... all aspects of survival game are gone and you can find: -With Dino Leash people don't even build bases anymore... just lay dinos everywhere with leashes since they can be killed by anything, -People leave dinos at obelisk area blocking -Dinos blocking paths -Dinos abandoned at spawn resources You can find people's dino trough the entire map and this is a HUGE mass, bring back the excitement of actually survival, to be careful about dinos outside, to plan bases to be safe. If you can't remove Offline damage protection at least let all flyers take wild dinos like PvP does
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