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  1. Land mounts

    ouch so much for Tek, Thanks guys
  2. Having trouble with breeding app

    Didnt know the gamma has an effect that is useful thank you
  3. Don't balance based on max bred tames

    I think for balancing they best they can do is use the stats from a kibble tamed 150 (there must be an average such as 30 points in any one area) and go from there. That way any tribe will still be hunting for good wild tames and also means that serious breeders continue to have a reason to make super dinos as they wont be effected so badly by future changes.
  4. My Wyvern sucks now

    Would love it they reduced the turning circle of the Wyvern and increased the stam a little... .. damage and speed I dont think are too bad Still love my wyverns although they are now better on the ground than the air for sure... although I think its always been that way They were so OP to start with
  5. Land mounts

    If I kill the BM will I get access to one of these or will I need to do the other bosses ? I am playing solo and am semi giving up on Tek as from what I read the bosses are very very hard without a decent number of tribe mates
  6. Having trouble with breeding app

    There are allot of times that it does not like the stats I put into the app. I tend see if there is an update and sometimes it works again. Other things it could be is if the server has not restarted again since taming etc ... there is a box that needs ticking. Lastly if you want to import the states make sure you have the game in window mode and also that that dino inventory is completely empty.
  7. Thank you for this - knowing not to rush in is very important as I think I would likely have done this as soon as I see the BM :-)
  8. Under-lava base?

    I would expect that if they let you do this they will change it later and you will lose allot. Best not to in my opinion
  9. So what did you do in ARK today?

    Today ... I mostly ... farmed... ... again ... ... Later today ... I will mostly be ... farming Then if I get a chance I will look for a horse to tame :-)
  10. broodmother arena design is terrible...

    Are the arenas the same no matter which obby you use ?
  11. Broodmother Advice

    ok good to know thank you, will have to run some caves and look for drops to try and get something a little better then what I have.
  12. Broodmother Advice

    Thank you for the above info very useful. I am working my way towards also doing solo runs on the bosses with rexes and have a great breeding pair that will be the parents to a new flock of dinos. What is the min saddle requirement for the brood mother for instance? I only have a blue 32% armor saddle BP and am worried this wont be enough but never seem to get anything better from drops I find.
  13. Breeding Generations Question

    This website is great for working out possible stats There is a table a little way down that explains the % chance and also what you need to look our for in terms of points against each attribute. You can also work out your max dino level possible.
  14. Seriously?!?

    I understand this problem for center players. It takes allot longer for flyers to travel between the many islands which the map is made up of and then in turn you cant use rafts any more to travel I have however been on one center server where the community were great (official believe it or not) and they built bridges everywhere for public use that really helped the situation
  15. Deathworm Hunting Tip

    Thank you very much, I might give him a run out tonight :-)