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  1. This thing is gorgeous ! Gratz
  2. GoodOmenz

    megatribes cheaters prosper!

    Wow wish I had cheated now ! ! (Assume it was duping) Whats the problem with banning and/wiping ... ... would have cleared dino cap for most servers. Another silly move by WC which mean those why play as intended still cant tame on most servers. Opportunity missed here to fix a different problem. Please tell me if this was the cheat they will remove timers on drops and obbys now ?
  3. GoodOmenz

    Undrinkable water pond .

    same here lots of no drinkable water areas ?
  4. GoodOmenz

    Server Dino Cap Discussion

    There are three things I have to say on the cap matter in principle 1. This is a dino taming game, that is what it is sold as I we cant tame dinos. Its like buying a car with no engine. 2. New players will not play and quit the game as they cant do anything apart from farm on a server - they cant even tame dodos 3. Older players again cant play half the game and just use servers for storage while they hop around other server taming and breeding till it reaches cap. It feels to me that WC want players to rent private servers. I understand they want us to self manage and cull etc however with so many people on server with eggs ready to hatch at zero the second you kill a dino to try and tame something ... out pops a baby dino for someone else and again you are at server cap. Fundamentally broken mechanics and limitations.
  5. GoodOmenz

    Mega alpha alliance caging noobs?

    Not helpful for now but in the future just store your items and kill yourself before you log off to avoid it post logging off. Not sure there is much you can do if you are active and playing and they get you though that is tough.
  6. GoodOmenz

    Refund issued

    Lucky you got a refund, I asked for one twice and steam refused as I had time on SE map which is part of the season pass ! Bare in mind that it was free content previously and clearly I had not played the DLC Bunch of clowns WC and steam
  7. GoodOmenz

    Server Caps

    Server 60 the center at dino cap today ... .... just uninstalled ARK Thank you for the many hours of fun but now it is just getting to be hard work to keep enjoying it
  8. GoodOmenz

    Good names for Otters?

    There can be only one name.... Rayleigh
  9. GoodOmenz

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    Today ... I mostly ... farmed... ... again ... ... Later today ... I will mostly be ... farming Then if I get a chance I will look for a horse to tame :-)
  10. GoodOmenz

    ARK Sponsored Mod Program!

    will some of these be part of the final game ?