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  1. Since I’ve got a second card and slied them I have not had a BSOD only when running a single card FYI
  2. Geez about time and thx turbodonkey for all you’ve done to help. Thx again hopefully we’ll be seeing a patch soon
  3. I just installed my 1000 watt evga and it did not fix 130$ later
  4. https://twitter.com/CudaCores/status/1049437465319227392/photo/1 So a fix might be comming up? If he plays ark at all
  5. Did any one try ddu tool to uninstall drivers and install the latest 416.16 released today?
  6. Yea they need to quit acting like there is no issue it is just plane stupid .Very dumb ! They can’t even let us know they are working on it
  7. Quote abberation map works fine no issues. all other ark maps cause crash. just played abb for 6 hours. go to se and bsod
  8. True flying = fastest crash time. Sitting idle no crash for me
  9. Same I wish ark cared about us and at least let us know they are looking in to it!
  10. keep us updated if its good ill put card back in and try again
  11. Abberation runs great that why I thought it was fixed . Any other map still gives me the BSOD i guess it’s a wait game now not much I can do to fix
  12. I have a 88 armor asc and a 81.4 Mc

    1. BabyTwizzy


      ah we are looking for 95 or better ty though

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