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  1. alexio86

    Manticore not always giving element

    did 4 times last 7 days and always obtained elements from dragon and manticore. maybe you shoot it with weapons and wiki says Unfortunately due to a bug, if the player deals the killing blow to the Manticore, no element will be rewarded.
  2. alexio86

    problem transfert officiel server

    yes me too abou 1 hour ago was unable to upload structures. tried more times and take as 30 mins for upload 100 stone walls. a lot of error for upload
  3. alexio86

    Server Caps

    server 44 island Eu pve capped
  4. alexio86

    ETA on more servers?

    Wildcard @Jat @lilpanda some update for release new server SE - Center some Ragnarok ? no SE and only a few Eu ragnarok. since my brother bought game with full price 59.99 Euro + season pass 26.79 euro and we want play on Se map the official release is already past. please a status update is due to having customers. dont you think?
  5. alexio86

    No support for legacy servers? Seriously?

    but the topic title is " No support for legacy servers? Seriously? " seems here you are going off topic. support why you not support anymore legacy? ok wildcard your support is really ..... wait weeks and nothing but why not support for legacy??? why?????
  6. alexio86

    Server Wipe

    think currently no one know this. i too want know something regard this "wiping" will pvp only?or pve too? hope admin can tell us something soon thanks