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  1. SE 201 is offline from 30 mins or more and a lot of lag on other server too the lag has increased since restart a few days ago. ping 150/200 impossible to play. and this is a bit on all is Eu server. I dont know for Na server because not play on it. please some dev take look into server stability. thanks @Jatheish
  2. Pc version 3 crush in 30 mins buy new server ? change new provider???? we would like to have answers if there are problems. to avoid other losses already lost baby dinosaurs for this.
  3. some updates regarding fix of this bug? I would like to do ascension. please devs give an answer about it. thank you. @Jatheish @pepaw @lilpanda
  4. Invalid Json Token. Line: 1 Ch:1

    still there bug any solution? @Jatheish @lilpanda
  5. Invalid Json Token. Line: 1 Ch:1

    same error on windows 10
  6. from last updates not know what have you broken or changed. but this is to be fixed immediately. risked broke my replicator because an alpha raptor spawned inside and the day is not over so we will see what other bugs you have added. thanks
  7. same bug now on island. cant transfer eggs giga because timer resert everytime please fix it!!! @Jatheish @lilpanda
  8. Server Caps

    server 44 island Eu pve capped
  9. List of Tame Capped Servers - Please Post

    tame cap involved other server too PS4 PVE servers are unplayable at the current tame cap. Interested to see how you ruin the gameplay with this work around. #2xtamecap please @lilpanda we need solution asap.
  10. List of Tame Capped Servers - Please Post

    some update @lilpanda @Jatheish? there are 4 official new server with limit dino cap and already lost 1 day of 2x event please find solution. increse the limit. we cant play . we paid for this product but we cant use...
  11. List of Tame Capped Servers - Please Post

    @Captnmorgan Hello maybe can you help solve this problem? we cant tame anything right now. thank you
  12. List of Tame Capped Servers - Please Post

    @Jatheish @lilpanda we still have this problem some solution from devs? we have to stop playing because you cant change a simple option? me and other people have paid for the game and we would like to play. with this limit we cant continue to play. please update the limit.
  13. List of Tame Capped Servers - Please Post

    Hello on server Eu Pve Island 44 there is dino cap limit check screen please increase the cap limit we cant tame new dino.
  14. for @ frozenhole oh sorry master... if i cant open doors and all server cant... cause lag maybe is my problem if you are so expert go to work for wd then.. i wrote ping because when you push on esc there is written "SERVER PING XXX" maybe i need call this no server ping but "poop rex"?? no waste my time and other to make these comments useless i only report here and make ticket server in right section. @ toni i already reported think 20 times on rigth section https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd8Xn6z_RP7fxGgH_86VZAKDzqmbDboanrC51GSpr_1v9_PLA/viewform never received answer. so make keep update topic and anyway every time i do ticket. anyway copy paste one mods note gave me in private via warning because i had make open same topics more times " Feel free to keep updating this thread is you continue to have problems with your server. "
  15. still same 210 / 255 ping