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  1. Today in 30 mins 4 times fatal error. i never had this fatal error yday or before. i was in Water cave on island "brute artifact"
  2. already happened more than 5 times so this is not a case. from some patches I saw that my character falls through the floors. I have 2 floors one in metal and one in adobe. it happens from nothing. for no reason. I'm standing inside my base and it happens. I run and it happens. some strange glitches to solve causes I have the base high and every time it happens my char dies. this is not normal. and it had never happened before. thanks update: i see now there is section for bug SE maybe move my topic if need. thanks
  3. all server down? ninja patch?

    yes back up think almost all after 2/5 mins
  4. all server down? ninja patch?

    was all server Se - center - island - ragna - i was on island 44 and go down rollback of 30 mins yes think better stay in base tonight
  5. 2 min ago all server down still waiting for island server.. any explanation on this? I was taming a giga ... this evening will normal a lot of dc ? thank you
  6. Fatal error (physx again)

    same here
  7. ping 255 right now with 28/70 players please devs take look into this server. sure there are problems... @Jatheish @lilpanda
  8. today 2 rollback every weekend 2 rollback/day its SE server so we need pay game + dlc for play on it please check your server and upgrade or fix it. honestly you take double payment for these server.
  9. 201 Eu SE server with 25/70 players ping 255 and about 30 seconds ago server down. had been upgraded server right? it does not seem.. anyway other server island too and aberration are with high ping and impossible to play. boss fight postponed for this lag and now will rollback on server down. please check your server.
  10. any update please? @Jatheish @lilpanda
  11. manticore on rag wont land

    on SE too no land devs please take a look and do something for fix it lose rex and yuty for this "bug" @Jatheish @lilpanda
  12. SE 201 is offline from 30 mins or more and a lot of lag on other server too the lag has increased since restart a few days ago. ping 150/200 impossible to play. and this is a bit on all is Eu server. I dont know for Na server because not play on it. please some dev take look into server stability. thanks @Jatheish
  13. Pc version 3 crush in 30 mins buy new server ? change new provider???? we would like to have answers if there are problems. to avoid other losses already lost baby dinosaurs for this.
  14. some updates regarding fix of this bug? I would like to do ascension. please devs give an answer about it. thank you. @Jatheish @pepaw @lilpanda
  15. Invalid Json Token. Line: 1 Ch:1

    still there bug any solution? @Jatheish @lilpanda