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  1. On Unofficial, I just recover the character file and dump it back on the server it was lost upon. I have backups saving every once an hour. Not sure about how the official servers are setup, I am just a volunteer moderator.
  2. Not all pillars are a form of oppressing the weak and new. Sometimes, people want to protect the resources of the map that you may not be thinking about. Some dinosaurs for example, are tied to boss battles, and if they vanish from the map, you can't enter bosses on that entire map anymore because of new bases. Or just makes it silly hard to even get the resources because of the reduced number. I am just saying from playing the actual game, not all pillars are a form of bad play. Seems like this is a very grey area imo. The problem is, new players don't see the reason why something is done like it is, and thus complain about the land hogging. Not saying all pillars are put up for good reasons for the betterment of the entire map. Some people genuinely don't want a new base to appear right next to theirs for example. But, I have seen people pillar the beach where player spawns would appear, to protect against some new player building a huge base right where they first spawned, causing everybody else who spawns there to be trapped.
  3. Had to update the servers before going to work. Sigh, why always update while I am sleeping? I think I might have to get somebody on the other side of the world to have remote access.
  4. My AMD RYZEN Wraith Ripper cooler came in the mail. But it came pre-scratched on the front of the thing, which means that it is somewhat defective. But I figure once it's in a case, it should be dark enough that nobody will see it. If that is the case, why bother worrying right? Plus, nothing is perfect in this world so. Update! Here it is!
  5. So on my server, you can die and you have an hour to go get the body or bag. Anyways, this guy on my server figured that the time a body remains, is the same time on a bag you drop on the floor. So, the bag lasted 5 minutes and he changed servers quickly. By the time he came back, the bag was gone. Like as if the two are the same.
  6. Rarely happens on my unofficial. At least it's easy to recover them.
  7. How much system memory do you have in your system? What graphics card are you using? Are you playing on Windows 10?
  8. Haha, a guy who has a crap connection logged in today and said the connection is better than it has ever before. He wanted to know what I did, because one day it just changed and things ran really well. That would be the business line.
  9. Sphere

    The truth

    Solutions that are not damaging to the game take time to build and implement. If it was easy, it would already be implemented.
  10. My 1060 six gig can play this game just fine with excellent graphics. You will be okay.
  11. Restarted some servers to keep them fresh. Otherwise, everything is normal. I need to spend some time to prepare events for ahead. Will try to find that time.
  12. Had some rainy weather last night, and today it looks just cloudy. But I have a maintenance scheduled for today in about 4 hours from now. So after I get back from working, I can get that done. I hope to setup an event for the week so that people can enjoy that bit of fun. I just wish that the platform allowed me to do some more useful adjustments to the game to allow for more interesting events. For example, how about any dinosaur allowing for custom loots. I can do that if I download the tools to edit item drops and setup a mod for the server. But yeah, I don't have those skills. Other people do tho, might just have to acquire some talent. Maybe my map maker who is working on the project still, can do a small task like this.
  13. You have the latest drivers? I wonder if this fix worked for some. I cannot test it due to having GTX 1080 and GTX 1060 six gig. Posted from earlier in this thread.
  14. The part of the forum it is meant for does not have an auto voting system.
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