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  1. Today I got to clean the house and my own personal computer. Wish I could play on this amazing day today. Oh well.
  2. Sphere

    Unban Request

    Sure, let me just set your suspension to 14 days. Oh wait, I'm not Customer support. You will need to file a ticket with them and then wait.
  3. Sphere

    Vulgar Tribe Name

    An offense is only taken, not given.
  4. Sphere

    Rex stats advised to take on A Giga

    I tried this once. I got the best rex you can obtain, and fought a low level giga. I had to run for it, almost died.
  5. [OnlineSubsystem] PollingIntervalInMs=20 Under Engine.ini What does this actually do and impact?
  6. Managed to change the raw prime meat drops from 1 per stack to 3 per stack. Made a huge difference in the quality of life. One of the big gripes people had was the quick fill to max carry when doing meat runs. After running around doing meat runs after the change, I can say that things are where they should be in regards to balance.
  7. I found out how. Add this line to the game.ini in the save folder sub-directory that already exists. That makes it work. Just make sure that the server and ASM are closed before editing the ini file.
  8. If you went nuclear and reinstalled the game, that means that it has to be something external. Latest drivers? Well if yes, try reinstalling those. Eh if already done that, what else can it be? I once remember having to reinstall Windows in order to play Mabinogi NA. It refused to run regardless of whatever I did on that computer. Hopefully, you don't have to do that.
  9. Sphere

    Arkpocalypse/Extinction Servers Meteor

    While there was motivation to do it, they would do it. Now that they have your money, the motivation to do it is gone, especially now they have finished the game and are moving onto another title.
  10. Sphere


    You have hit a cooldown. Just wait 12 hours.
  11. When I was doing a full dragon run with lots of players on my unofficial server. I would stand on the back of a rex and shoot at the dragon, and then when it would fly, run around chasing after the critters. This was before figuring out the Theirz method.
  12. If you have to hard restart your computer, it's either your GPU not recovering, such as from a driver crash from the ARK program, overclocking the GPU, or the card is dying (hopefully not), or not in the slot properly; one of these can do it. Or you have a problem with overclocking your CPU, such as overclocking the cache, or the main overclock is really unstable. Typically anything else will show a blue screen of death on Windows. Even overclocking your RAM will result typically in a BSOD. The reason the GPU, because it displays what you see. CPU because if that stops and BSOD can't even run, then it will freeze lock. Try reseating your graphics card if you know how. If you don't know how, I would suggest researching on YouTube for how. Ask here if not sure. Thermal dynamics can cause some motherboards that are cheaply made to allow wiggle on the PCI-Express slot and the graphics card, which can cause some weird issues. Reseating it fixes this typically. But you said it was after the latest patch. Typically the game will freeze up and then you can just kill it with task manager on Windows. Being unable to do that is a big concern for you. You could try a previous graphics driver. DDU would be a good idea to use. Also, try validating the game files using steam.
  13. I'm going to have to hit that report button, because I have the skills to read. You did not mention anywhere in your post that you were looking at a dino tribe cap limit of 100. You mentioned how you wanted a limit but then said there was a limit.
  14. I want to make a single raw prime meat into a stack of 3. Using ASM. Done a pile of poking but no results. Anybody got some ideas on making it work? Problem is I'm using ARK Server Manager. ConfigOverrideItemMaxQuantity=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemConsumable_RawPrimeMeat_C",Quantity=(MaxItemQuantity=3, bIgnoreMultiplier=true))
  15. Sphere

    DDoS Protection for home based servers

    Not a lot you can do if somebody is determined to take down your Internet. Only once did I manage to work with the FBI to track down an idiot who was using University Computers to ddos, and that was being done on camera in the library. He setup a program on each machine that would run in the background and would serve as his barrage. This was back when I was into TF2/HL2DM. Don't drop the soap lmao. For some reason the Fems got the idea of 1 in 5. Must have been reading the male prison stats. Did it just get dark in here? Nowadays, ah good luck.