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  1. Is PvE better? Does it get boring fast?

    Dinosaur food consumption rate is set to 0.6x so as to allow people to play casual without having to be a slave to their dinosaurs. You can play on the server, instead of spending all your time feeding dinosaurs.
  2. Is PvE better? Does it get boring fast?

    Mine is set to 10x, but the food consumption rate is 0.6x, which forces the 10x to go down to 6x because they eat less often. What do you think about this?
  3. Mods?

    Welcome to Wildcard Studios.
  4. I hate it when I am forced to quit, due to real life work schedules and responsibilities. You can't exactly play if your job demands everything, including your soul.
  5. If increasing your speed has no impact on game play because increasing speed does not increase your survivability, then it's pointless. Moving faster is more than just saving time.
  6. Sounds like what Communism would want to achieve in the real world.
  7. Disable Tek jetpack function

    Do you have a no flying server? There is an option in ASM to disable the Tek Jetpack. You would do it via removing the engram, so people cannot learn it.
  8. I wish it was an option to change the flying dino speed for unofficial servers. Say if I wanted it to be higher than 135. I am not talking about the use of mods either.
  9. How to remove leeches?

    I burned leeches off with a fire on my server. That was recently too with the latest patch. So it works on my unofficial server on the island?
  10. Join an unofficial server, one of the ones that nobody plays on. There are unofficial servers that people do play on. But so many are out there that are empty. That would be my suggestion.
  11. Wow really nothing. I guess I need to do this myself, as usual.
  12. Sorry I don't know this one myself. I was thinking of setting up an experiment on my Ryzen Threadripper server to see what would happen. When I get time that is. I was wondering what would happen if I set the timer to 0 seconds in ASM. Would it disable the timer? I wonder if the timer won't change, because there are items on the obelisk, and thus it won't budge. Or maybe the amount you specified is beyond the range of the allowed timer?