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  1. Every thing is gone.

    I am able to go onto a backup save and verify your base existed, and check logs that you logged in as you claimed, and that it demo'd due to expiring timers. I would help you get your stuff back, and help rebuild. But.... xbox.
  2. Every thing is gone.

    I would help you, but you're not playing on my servers. Ah well.. Isn't there a backup save file?
  3. People who have invested their own cash and time into making a server, understand the real consequences to doing stupid crap that causes disaster. They understand the value of PR, the value of showing honor to customers, patience, and proper self control when dealing with stressful situations. They understand that undermining the value of your server with cheating, is in actuality, cheating yourself out of having a community down the road. And sure, you own the server, you get to do what you want. But nothing comes without consequence. A person from off the street bears no accountability for doing selfish actions that benefit their own selves, at the cost of others, because it's just a game bro. This kind of behavior and thinking is what we try and avoid when seeking out administrators for our servers. I would be more comfortable allying up with another server, and growing as a community of admins, then taking in randoms from off the street who act for the most part, on their own selfish reasons. Actuality, we all act on some level, doing it for ourselves. But we do it with the intent to be a positive force for the benefit of others. I care about other people, so I gain a certain satisfaction out of helping. I also enjoy tinkering with hardware, so I built it. It is what it is. But so is the state of randoms from off the Internet. I don't want to have my admins become just like marriage, with a nasty divorce, at a high rate of failure, and a high turn out of back stabbers. We are weighing up the pros and cons here. And your point is very valid, you don't have a lot of time, and what time you have, is invested into your own server. I just feel that an alliance would be overall with several servers, a more stronger and valuable bond of security. So that if there is that one or two people who are left with no support, are able to have somebody who has nobody to support and a lil spare time, can cover for that, even if it is to acknowledge that there is somebody there to listen and take in information to make a case to submit to the owners of that server. I know that people should make a ticket and submit all that they have to tell, but the reality is, they prefer 1 on 1. Eh, it is what it is.
  4. Why not merge legacy and official servers?

    I believe you are correct.
  5. So what did you do in ARK today?

    Today in ARK, I had to frantically fix a huge mistake another admin made, when setting up a plugin for weekend rates. It really pays to read the instructions provided with the plugin. I don't think that was done.
  6. When do we get a movie about ARK?

    If they put into the movie, players flying under the ground to destroy your foundations, then it would be accurate.
  7. How addicted to ARK are you?

    It seems these days, my addiction to ark is logging in and doing customer support. Today I had to fetch a rex out of a building, that grew up and got stuck. lul Another player was missing from her tribe. Really ARK? <_< Meh
  8. I am wondering if it would be ideal to form an alliance of admins, so that we can cover each other's servers during times of need. I play from Australia, and thus am having trouble servicing European players. But I bet there are people out there who need admins for Aussie timezones, or other timezones. This thread is to help remedy this problem. If you are an admin for your server, but also need help to cover timezones, consider joining forces with another server to help admin.
  9. Legacy Server Kill List 2018-06?

    If anybody wishes to leave Legacy without losing all your dinosaurs and important valuables, feel free to contact any of the available unofficial servers to help host your legacy for a while. This is a service that I also do as well. Or you could always open your own, or try starting fresh on new servers. Starting over is also a fun way to enjoy the game too!!
  10. Why not merge legacy and official servers?

    Instead of losing everything, I opened my own servers and moved over to there with a bunch of other players. I also am able to open up a copy of any legacy server, and allow others to move in with me. This is a real solution now, rather than hoping that Wildcard will have some sense to either close or merge.