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  1. It's probably better to get a decent modem anyways. Just as it's a good idea to get a better ethernet solution over onboard.
  2. Sometimes life is like a vacuum cleaner. It sucks! 😂
  3. My evil brain said "console peasant" but eh, you play the platform you like and that should be no problem. But I do think it's pretty maddening how the console platforms tend to be hard against modding.
  4. Load a backup server with the save file, and S+ demo gun. cheat GiveCreativeMode so as to get an outrageous inventory carry. Just quickly grab the things from the backup save. Load into live server, hand them to the player in an open vault. Eh, about an hour lost in your time. Any dinosaurs can be cryopodded nowadays, so that's no issue as well.
  5. Sphere

    How many hours have you played for?

    3940 hours. I thought it was way more than this. Are you sure Steam? <_<
  6. When you get a lucky shot on the guy flying the wyvern using a sniper rifle. 😜
  7. Sphere

    Why can I not get rid of Ark Prehistoric???

    Total conversion selected?
  8. Sphere


    Classic servers is Legacy correct?
  9. Sphere

    Imprinting as a solo tribe

    ARK is in direct competition with her for your attention. Sad tho, your ARK makes up who you are. If you dignity siphon a dude, what really is left of him? An empty shell and a sentence along the lines of "You're not the man I fell in love with". Your hobbies are as important to you as paying your bills and raising your family. Ask her what she likes to do during downtime and to relax. Then ask what it would be like if somebody took that away. How would you feel if you couldn't unwind? We're not talking about an obsession or lack of control. Anyways, to explain things away as reasonable, I would suggest you work on a schedule and alot times into the book. However, understand that certain people and things are going to challenge that book, so you need to set restraints so that you can get more productivity out of your time to allow for gaming, work, and relationship. Last advice for anybody playing ARK and being in a relationship. Sometimes us ladies like to vent our frustrations without actually wanting our man to fix it. We just want somebody to listen to us. If you don't want to deal with that stress, help her get some lady friends. That might be hard tho. I have heard countless times how women don't like other women because women understand other women. But truth be told, the don't likes are more petty small things that are insignificant. If you put a magnifier onto something bad, it makes it look bigger than it really is. Try to discern if she just wants an ear, or actually wants some action. Although ARK is not a game you can just put down to empty the rubbish bin. So plan ahead.
  10. Sphere

    3 days playing and not impressed..

    On the upside, if they drop support for Legacy, they do release the save files. Clusters like mine are ready to accept new players with their save file. All you need is an S+ demo gun to haul your base over. Of course, the base redesign does allow for improvements.
  11. Sphere

    Unofficial server patch notes

    You do not need to add a command switch. Just run destroywilddinos on your server and the event will run.
  12. Sphere

    3 days playing and not impressed..

    What platform do you play on? And I will not link my server stats here. If you play PC, there is a section to view servers on : https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/forum/90-server-advertisements/
  13. Spent hours trying to get a custom drop to work on the NoTame server I'm planning to re-launch, only to find out that it refuses to do Bio Toxin. It will let me make it spawn Assault Rifles. That was a waste of time. Oh well.
  14. Sphere

    3 days playing and not impressed..

    Why not try Unofficial? Some of us like myself have really awesome servers. You don't even have to try my server or like it. I think Thorium also has a good server as well. Why do I say this? Because there already is a solution to your problem, and there are communities out there who don't want to deal with official issues. .