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  1. This game reminds me of real life. There is just another Murphy's Law waiting around the corner to mug you and leave you crying on the curb. 😢
  2. I thought it was Player versus Everybody. Watch your six. 😳
  3. You would be surprised at how many people just point a finger at a suspect and expect moderators to be all knowing and all seeing. Now if you are providing evidence that shows they are cheating, and yet nothing happens, well damn.
  4. May I know which department you are sending the tickets to? Are you sending it to "report abuse"?
  5. The more evidence you have, the easier it is to do something about it. Just reporting a name doesn't necessarily mean that Wildcard knows everything about what somebody has done. Do you know everything that happens on the servers? And sure, you know something is definitely off when somebody blows your face off every. single. time. they. shoot. it's rather more than irritating, it's enraging. That being said, how would you like to be barred from playing because somebody else accused you of cheating, and didn't provide the proof to prove the merits of the claims? From what I can see, there are 3 ways to deal with this. One is to get the evidence together to catch them as a player. The other is to have a GM online who can see it happening in action and also be a witness (Good luck, people are busy when there are tons of servers online). The third way is to have some sort of programming that can detect such a thing in action. The problem with using machines to figure out cheats is the inherent problem of false positives. Make the detection algorithm too light, and you will probably miss it. And as you know, detection involves either finding the cheat on your computer either running or installed, or analyzing data that comes from your computer, or actions taken and interpreted from the server side of things that is stored as data points. Data analysis is how you program cheat detection. But this kind of thing costs money and is not a guarantee of keeping servers clean. It works best for some stuff more than it does for others. So, right now, the best thing to do is to video record your interactions and battles with other players. This will give your perspective of things, and be the sure fire way to catch some rather sketchy behavior in action. And if it's a good battle, you have something to put on the Internet for fun. But just make sure to edit it. You don't want to give up information about your base setup. Your enemies could study your fortifications via the video to learn weaknesses and entry points. Good luck I guess?
  6. This is why I leave mine unlocked, so people can raid it when I don't need to gather oil.
  7. Ice Wyvern Eggs disappear when you try to change arks. If you collect them from the map and then transfer servers, they vanish from your inventory. This is similar to what happens when you have a modded item and then transfer it to a server that does not have that mod content. In both instances, the item is lost. Are the ones on Valguero different to the standard Ice Wyvern Eggs? Server Version : v297.14. Map : Valguero. Server : Unofficial. Server Unofficial Mods : 909377464, 731604991, 764755314, 1213429840. Cluster : True. Server Mode : PvE.
  8. I could have bought a car with how much money I have spent so far on hosting. I own the hardware.
  9. I avoid admin abuse by being the admin. I can guarantee to my players that I will do no wrong by them, unless they grant me the authority by their actions to force me into a sad situation of having to intervene. And to be honest, I just want you guys to have fun on my unofficial. Isn't that the whole point of hosting anyways?
  10. Their levels will scale. I have seen it on PC at least do that. Is there a way you can back up the save file first?
  11. HI there, you can report meshing under customer support using the dropdown menu issue "report abuse". This will get your issue to the correct department to deal with it asap. https://support.survivetheark.com/hc/en-us/
  12. Added Valguero to the cluster. E1. Valguero has been added to the Threadripper launcher.
  13. Interesting. Never thought that mod content could do that.
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