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  1. Structures +

    Looks like I will be holding off on S+ for my servers, in anticipation of the official mod release.
  2. The pro with UPS is, that super fast shipping yo. The bad is, you are paying for a plane and world class processing facility. At least you have a super high chance of getting your package, and asap too.
  3. Refund issued

    I personally don't do preorder stuff, unless I know there is a product to play that I can look up and get a review on.
  4. Again with the auto decay garbage...

    Been getting auto decay on structures as well. Can't find them.
  5. Steam ID Privacy Update Needed?

    All of the yes!! Will things change? More than likely too late. Anything short of 123, or doing a ddos of the battlestat websites (which is illegal), nothing will happen for years. You could however try some activism to push for changes. But good luck!~
  6. Ark: Aberration

    I can't wait to host this map.
  7. Killing a Titan

    Servers require resources. These resources are, RAM, CPU cores, and SSD space. I am going to be using the Ryzen Threadripper 1950X. Typically to support a good population, you will want around about 2 cores, 4 threads. Two servers will have 1 core and 3 threads, and another two will have 2 cores and 3 threads. I have a total of 16 cores and 32 threads. Just because I'm not renting, doesn't mean I have unlimited resources. I can later down the road buy more hardware and run more servers, but then I eventually run out of Internet pipeline. As things are, I can host player space for the 9 servers I am running. But going further is not possible without buying a second Internet line into the building. This is what I mean by resources. 1. 2c/3t = The Island 2. 2c/3t = Expansion 2 3. 1c/3t = Scorched Earth 4. 1c/3t = Spare Mapslot 5. 2c/4t = Ragnarok 6. 2c/4t = Expansion 1 7. 2c/4t = pvp 1 8. 2c/4t = pvp 2 9. 2c/4t = pvp 3 Then I need the RAM to back it up, along with the Internet connection. I will be able to cover for this setup. I may even change the resources arrangement later down the road according to need. Reality is, each server needs 1 core to handle the world. After that, it's threads and cores to handle players. I am told that this setup will work. We are thinking of using the spare map slot for a custom map, the best out there to put up. We will see how popular it gets. Shesh, this thread was about Titans, let's stop going off topic. I'm sure any moderator will agree. I will not talk about this here further. If you wish, private message me.
  8. Killing a Titan

    I only have so many server slots. 3 of them will be pvp on 1 cluster. The other cluster will involve 6 pve maps. Each server requires resources.
  9. Killing a Titan

    If you have a map that is not the island, I could host it. Let me know which map.
  10. Are you buying aberation?

    I have to buy it to run on my servers. At least people will be able to play it there. I worry about officials tho, because wildcard has a rep of not providing adequate space, and unreliable server stability.
  11. Killing a Titan

    Has been discussed with the staff here, several times, talking about how legacy servers will eventually be phased out. We predict that the next purge will be with the expansion map release. They may actually release expansion maps on legacy. Don't know. But I can tell you this, 166 has a home on my new Ryzen Threadripper 1950X server, along with a whole cluster of other maps. Not only that, apparently another guy is running 166 on his box as well. I guess not everybody wants to go new officials.
  12. Killing a Titan

    If you want to kill that Titan with your Giga, get a better saddle. Much much better saddle. Although at this late game, good luck really. At least with pve server 166, people are hanging around because the server has a future after it goes down. I don't know about yours tho. You could always ask on the trading forum. But since your stuff is probably going to get deleted, I don't know.
  13. What sums up Ark for you?

    I feel as if they are paying for less hardware to run the legacy servers. However it's just a feeling.
  14. Thankfully I won't need all that ram on launch. In fact when I open, I won't even have the expansion maps released to run. Unless they come soon. So far from testing, the server opens with a need of 6 GB ram, and then drops down to 1.5 GB. At launch, per server, there won't be a desperate need of system ram. But I will be able to with my job, overcome that issue by expanding.
  15. I am doing something about getting what I wanted. Opening my own server. And I want the hardware to guarantee to players the server ain't going away. A whole dual cluster of pvp and pve. I even have staff now. Only a few hundred dollars away from buying hardware, almost there.