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  1. Arm is better. I got to work on some advertising for facebook. Hope to get that done soon.
  2. That's a very good set of questions. However, I am just aware that you cannot join a Steam game from xbox. But xbox to Windows 10 is possible. The reason is because they are 2 entirely different networks. The Steam servers and client use the Steam Network. Unless Steam and Microsoft decide to do some kind of deal... probably will never happen. They are in competition against each other. The reason why it might say PC session (which I have no idea about) is because of the fact that you can join a Windows 10 game without actually using your xbox. I have no idea about the mods. Just some trivia. You can use any xbox controller to play the game on the Steam version. lol
  3. Report all instances of DDoS, duping, meshing or other exploits, with your evidence, to support via ticket at: https://support.survivetheark.com https://support.survivetheark.com/hc/en-us/articles/216605918-Reporting-Players-and-You Nobody on the forums can help you with this issue.
  4. Isn't that called a tactical retreat? Plus, some people fight twice as hard when the other side backs down. Especially on the internet.
  5. Enable nat-loopback if not on by default. If not available, your modem is probably a cheap model.
  6. Removed one of the mods that were for battlezone. Didn't need it anyways. Servers are running nice. Found a OS update ready to go for the server hardware tho.
  7. From this day forward, water will no longer be wet. I said so on the Internet, you can believe me.
  8. I just got the image of my dinosaurs being inside of a blender, thanks...
  9. I found this thread : https://steamcommunity.com/app/346110/discussions/0/1639793203771795174/ But you probably already know about it. I don't know if anything in there will be useful.
  10. I restarted the servers by request, reseated the ethernet card, reset the connection, because apparently I care. Thankfully it was no inconvenience. However, sadly, looks like it wasn't my end that was causing the problems for some people. Something wrong with somewhere in the world. This is sadly the problem with online games. But at least most of the time the game runs fine.
  11. Here is my suggestion. Don't do player name changes. I don't. I might help you adjust your character's looks, if I have time. But player name change... come on. This is for unofficial. I actually have no idea what Wildcard does with their servers. Choose your name wisely.
  12. You should try working in a real zoo.
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