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  1. Sphere

    Full backup?

    Yes you can. I myself use ARK Server Manager, and have backups for every single hour on the hour, so I can go back to any time in the past, on the hour.
  2. Sphere

    Dino Cap.. and the silence from WC

    Would be cool if there was a way to make it so that we could set a dinosaur to become bunkered down. The dinosaur would be required to not hold items, but the pay off is, it produces more eggs. So this in technical terms would mean, a dinosaur that becomes a building, because it's not moving, but still uses up food, however with no inventory. This won't work with platform saddles. In fact, you could make it so that the requirement is to have no saddle equipped. This would cut down on the max dino limit problem, because any dinosaur that is bunkered down would effectively become no longer a vehicle entity, but rather a prop entity. This would shift it out of the dinosaur table, and into a different table all together. You would still need to hold all of the dinosaur's data in the new table, but that's a non-issue really. This would give people the ability to expand out the limit. But then again, one could also abuse this system by making people pay for dinosaur slots. However, at least with the incentive to have egg farms produce more eggs by being bunkered down state, it may work out.
  3. Sphere

    Titanosaur now permanent tame?

    Interesting. I had this discussion with one of my colleagues who helps me run my server cluster, about the Titan, in regards to if it should be feed or no feed. The reality is, the thing can haul a huge pile of resources. That resource pull on PvE is quite op. On top of that, the thing is quite armored. Sure it cannot take on a wild Giga, if the Giga is biting. I did see a video on YouTube, where the wild Giga was not fighting back, and you could basically curb stomp the Giga. It was as if the Giga was told that it's violence against women to bite a Titan, and was being socially forced to not fight back. It's not equality tho, but then again, we're supposed to be Civilized, and wild is not. I wonder if Gigas now fight back. Hmm... Anybody able to confirm the official pvp xbox servers?
  4. I could see why they may be reluctant to let players host Official servers on rented or dedicated hardware. If the person stops paying the bills, the server vanishes. So it will come down to trust. I can guarantee you that unless there is a house fire, my server clusters will be online.
  5. Sphere

    Weird Server crash. help is usefull

    I have seen this error before, but I do not know what causes it. Super rare for me. You have the save files and profiles to reinstall those impacted servers right? Try reinstalling the core files of those servers, and then apply the settings and save files back. I know it's a pain, but it's probably the best way to overcome it.
  6. Sphere

    INtel Xeon CPU Any Good ?

    Well I found out why people don't get kicked out when doing a Ethernet Refresh. Put this into ASM, under Server Args : -InitialConnectTimeout=2500.0-ConnectionTimeout=2500.0-P2PConnectionTimeout=2500
  7. Sphere

    INtel Xeon CPU Any Good ?

    A little update. If you ipconfig /flushdns, along with restarting the Ethernet, you can ensure a more stable connection to players. This is just from my experience. Forgot to mention this, as I got this on auto script at this point.
  8. Sphere

    my baby starved to death

    Something Wildcard should consider : I found out a nifty trick to stop the servers from lagging. If you ipconfig /flushdns and then restart the Ethernet of the server hardware, the game servers immediately stop lagging. As long as you stop and start the Ethernet card within 2 seconds, nobody gets kicked out of the server. The server will complain about async tcp socket, but nobody will get kicked. If you do this every 6 hours on auto script, the servers run butter smooth. 😁 Then people will love you, and raise nice dinosaurs. 😻
  9. Sphere

    Dino Cap.. and the silence from WC

    Wow, I should move over to SE, that sounds amazing. 😮