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  1. @Jatheish im pretty much upset about the pc bug report area / support team, u only get automaticly generated messages that the support takes deeper look into, day after day u been waiting for further support, but nothin happens, any words about it would be kind....
  2. well since that big update im waiting like all of those legacy players for an upcoming fix to enable transfers again, server cluster is not showin anymore in transmitter, drops, or obelesiks which sux pretty hard, since you loose your stuff on different servers...
  3. Bump! Still no change! Wildcard do somethin about that issue and dont ignore your playerbase, thx you!
  4. im somehow loose hope, they probably never fix it
  5. sadly a poop storm is the only way to reach them....
  6. 2 hours later, still no change. Lets go WC you can do it, fix it and PLEASE reply!
  7. Everyone is talkin about beein equal, about how you treat people, and we all see how people get treated, i aint say anyone is beein racist, but to be honest actions say more then thousands of words can do. We are forced to wait, able to do nothin, so i agree with the dudes who spoke before, this isnt an anniversary, this is more like we force the people out of the servers, and yes im aware that sooner or later all legacy servers got shut down, but until now we wanna have same priviliiges like everyone does. have a good day
  8. Yep still nothin has changed, but timers are keep running
  9. i guess we all waiting and they take their beauty sleep :|
  10. Golden Dodo!!! My Tribemates breed on the center, n i love it!
  11. I still want a piece of that cake *yummy*
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