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  1. Guess there will be a rollback soon, since many people had the same problem (me for example, lol)
  2. Same here. Lost lots of blueprints. Rollback please
  3. 469 has the same problem
  4. Will be both egg types be needed for crafting the new skin items? I'm asking because i play on Aberration only. Would suck if i couldn't get any of the cute new hats if both eggs are needed I already LOVE the new event colors!
  5. Schelmixi

    Dino TLC in Progress - Rex

    Yesss, the Rex gets a real snout, just not a big-ball-nose Love it!
  6. Schelmixi

    Dino TLC in Progress - Wolf

    Finally! Was hoping soo much for a Wolf rework. It looks amazing <3
  7. Now i have a good reason to quit on legacy and start over on new server
  8. I like the idea of PVE Legacy servers and seperated new servers. I'm pretty sure a lot of old players (me included) will create a new chara on a new server and play together with new players. And im also sure that the trading market will be bloom like the Legacy PVE market one day And who knows, maybe some day Legacy + new servers will be open for traveling/trading to each other when new servers become like Legacy in a year or so. Thanks a lot for the statment!
  9. Thank you so much! I'm happy that there will be no wipe ^-^
  10. This one of the best events ever. I wish we would have this breed rate always or at least double breed/mature times
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