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Server Instability & Crashes - Mega Thread


Message added by Joebl0w13,

Please report official server outages or other issues using this form: https://ark.gg/outage

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I live in Australia currently and have been playing on an official server with my friend and have found that the server gets upwards of 80 ping for both of us and have found out that other people get lower ping in regions that don't say they are the ones they live in, so maybe a server naming issue I don't know. However when I try to join an EU server that says 75 ping it says "joining failed Lost/timedout connection to host" every single time i try to join any server that is not named OC

I have tried restarting the game

I have tried restarting my computer

I don't know what the problem is and its really annoying because playing on a laggy official server is like trying to fry and egg on a slab of ice, impossible.

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did they region lock all the servers on pc my main is an EU server 5448 im in america and all i seem able to join today is NA ????? my tribemate is british so we play on eu and i am not looking forward to starting over again solo well guess may not be a region lock but seems all servers have become crossplay as i have been able to get on the newly released servers anmd when i click box on bottom right to show only pc servers it removes the entire list which is likely causing alot more log in issues again

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little more info more testing
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I play on EU official 5183, and the average ping here for me who lives quite close to the server is between 110-300 during prime gametime, and around 110-130 outside of it. My pc and internett is not the issue, everyone on the server complains about the same, and it's only getting worse. Have Wildcard / Nitrado published something about this issue, it seems like it's worst when the majority of  players online is from asia (late night- mid day), and during prime EU time (18.00-02 00 on the server, but i doubt that's the entire problem.


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We're reporting server outages, 5448, for hours now. So, our crew had a talk, for renting our own from Nitrado. But since it takes ages to even get 1 map up, we decided not to. 

Next to all the bugs/glitches we been reporting and seeing the exact same bugs appearing since release of ASE, WildCard surely lives up to their promisses.

No enforcement of rules, no admins checking maps out (hence all spamming), kiting/luring is considered normally. Seems its back to unofficial servers where most owners do actually care about their playerbase. 

Thanks WildCard. Your promisses are exactly like your company. Hollow and empty. 

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WildCard you need to start working on your server Infrastructure major  companies have hundreds of the own servers not relying on Third Party companies we Hate to see how your amazing Game being Treated like crab with this Third party server providers rollbacks server crashing That not how you want you future to be full of rollbacks and crashes. 
you deserve better and no one is better Suited to run your game servers but yourself relaying on Nitrado has been resulting in same issues over and over again.

you can’t expect different results from doing the same thing repeatedly.

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Hello Wildcard Team

Platform: xbox

server: eu-pve-theisland5186

ingamensme: Abraham

imprent is: #510993887

tribw Name: AFM

Location: 72.1 / 86.4

I currently have massive in-game problems, from hanging and jerking to freezing and being logged out.

Last night, ingame day 322, I was taming a Raptor Lvl 130. I was kicked out of the game and after logging in again, the unconscious Raptor had disappeared, including various grilled meat and anesthetics.

Ingame Day 285 my first Raptor lvl 25 was killed by a Carbonemys because he was stuck in it. He floated in the air. He didn't attack his opponent (although he set to Neutral and follow me) and he didn't follow me either. I had to watch how he was killed without resistance.

Baby dinosaurs have problems crossing water. They get stuck in the current and can no longer move back and forth. In this way, my Tribe Mate and I lost some babies, such as a 2 Parasaurus lvl 110 and a Dilophosaurus lvl 150.

If the server is restarted due to maintenance/update, it would be desirable if a countdown is displayed for the players so that you can go to a save place.


I would appreciate it if my animals were replaced as well as the meat and anesthetics.


thanks for your support 




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Ok, I'm sure this has been discussed more than enough in the past, but I wasn't here to read it and, considering the issues still remain, I think it's good to speak again.


1st ... I bought this game, 45€, and I bought it cause I want to play online. Official Servers.

No, don't tell me "official servers suck, go play on privates" ... I spent 45€ and I want to play official servers.

These servers have insane PING and are almost unplayable: 145-200 PING.

This is unacceptable: you took our money, now let us play. If you're unable to do so, you should refund people. It wasn't written anywhere that official servers were unplayable when you sold your game.


2nd ... land claim. Aren't there any rules to limit land claim ?

There are 70 players on the server I play ... and I see entire area filled with fu**in pillars !

Where the f*ck should I build my first base ? In the snow biome ?

I'm not against people building large bases ... dinos are large and we need to build pens, I get it ... but don't spam pillars anywhere for f*ck's sake !

Build your f*ckin base and be done with it. In other games people claiming too much land get banned ... I can't believe Ark doesn't have a rule for that.

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Ah, just for you to know, the server I started playing yesterday today is not showing up.

I checked this morning (11.00 || 11 AM) and now (14.00 || 2 PM) ... in 3 hours, that server is still offline ? What the hell are devs doing ?

Don't want to be the grumpy guy right now, but devs should really take some time to fix those server instead of adding more and more dinos (which are already too much, making early game next to impossible).

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16 hours ago, JW93 said:

I checked this morning (11.00 || 11 AM) and now (14.00 || 2 PM) ... in 3 hours, that server is still offline ? What the hell are devs doing ?

Hi, when your Server is not displayed in the list, try repeating "update server list" several times, it always reappears for me after a couple of attempts. It cannot be ruled out that every now and then a Server may go offline, but most of the time it is our patience that is lacking.

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I don't know if multiple servers are affected by that, but our server PvE- Island 5210, is experiencing roll backs of 8 hours for a few days, and today it is a 13hours roll back, i have to note that the 8 hours rollback started with the launch on Xbox and crossplay, and the 13 hours rollback start today, which is the day of launch on PS5.

My question is simple,why do consoles have dedicated servers, but PC we are just forgotten. 


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server has 40 players on it and is crashing every hour

all servers do that

now you've wiped 6 years of progress, our progress and our game (community), for that instable pos


8 years rollback

bugs still in the game that were fixed in ASE

offi servers are gameboys, unofficial no issues bc you pay and get an actual pc server

no region lock on servers, still, i am on EU and cant read chat and they hide behind a language barrier and grief the server, ofc i talk about them, we only see blank space


you steal out time, again. like the last years, pretending its all great

this is worse than extinction offi servers


win10 we do not even talk now. you disabled the win10 crossplay bc no anticheat, damage already done.


how are you justify all that server crashing and rollbacks, and progress wipe WILDCARD?

and no LIES this time


here is what we have expected:


servers that runs normal like it should, your "RIGHT HAND" once told us what the servers specs were. a joke in itself. now you downgraded i guess to save money.

a game that is finished because it is 8 years old and not a copy paste quillt reselled as UE5 edition, some bugs are in ASA again from old versions of ASE.

not early access... thats the biggest joke...

no cheats like console commands and aimbot, built in... unbelievable...

besides that there are more, but these are the two main things EVERYONE expected you to release/do.



shame on you, once again right, so does it even matter? we already have paid and we will again

but i tell you again like i already did, we would pay for servers and the game like 10x if it would work.


this servers are 10 virtual machines on one core2duo blade. what a joke. unofficial is actually working, 100 players no lag no issues


so how long you wanna continue this server bullcrap, we all know you save money by hosting it on a potato

what happened to the server cost 10.000 dollar per mont, jeremy said that or whoever, thats a wildcard statement.


10.000 dollar for this?

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