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  1. There are no herbivores for underwater plus no way tog et berries underwater so something to keep in mind also knocking out dinos to get blood packs
  2. for me personally these two aren't worth my time .... so im hoping they gonna do better on some of the other maps...
  3. not to mention that people cheat and or offline anyways and you have people teaming and all that other crap.... im hoping it gets better as the other maps come out and better base spots arise but to be honest there is no competition against people who cheat or bigger tribes who offline or any tribe thats bigger than another obviously. or just offlining in general
  4. I know yall are already doing this sort of but things like oasasaur cave are good for the game.... they can be potentially more content and a spot for some solos or smaller tribes to hide out in and take section plus they are generally safe for farming certain resources. i would consider making big caves a habit at least every now and then that arent artifact caves just for that fact. just a suggestion
  5. they should put some sort of offline thing in the game because spots arent strong enough to just be solo .... and thats basically for every spot but yea scorched and the island arent really that good for late game base spots for smaller tribes and or solos....
  6. Yea the title basically explains itself i used to use the wiki in evovled because it gave you a good indication of where and how often certain things spawned and i was wondering if they are the same so i can continue using it because its a big help instead of just searching the whole map, plus there isnt much ark ascended assistance like that other than dodex and other stuff.
  7. dont patch them after a new map comes out .... just do it and be done so u dont piss off people... it would be smart to not do that
  8. the title is pretty much self explanatory
  9. never one day we die but idk from what we see idk if ark is gonna live super long id love to see it happen but you know im not gonna say that truthfully it would at the moment honestly i try to play it realize what id have to deal with to play then get off again also i cant as long as there isnt anything else to do ark can really make time pass so and games right now arent that great in my opinion and as i get older im more pickier about what i wanna put my time into (funny enough because im trying to play this)
  10. to be fair tho the island to me is probably my least liked map besides the pearls cave base spots which i refuse to build in because fridges and dunke farming and stuff, but lets hope the changes they made to scorched are good and they actually well back to my first sentence .... it will be interesting to see how the new dinos and stuff work in with the map as well .... because of the oasasaur being what it is i wonder if its gonna be hard to do anything because the alpha could just use it as one big moving fob but i guess thats kind of what the titanosaur is and the fasolosuchus looks sick .
  11. hopefully they dont patch most of the new base spots a while after the map has been out that arent even overpowered to begin with
  12. honestly it dont take much to raid either thats why its meta for even getting resources instead of farming
  13. not to mention the generator range even though its really good and i appreciate them taking away outlets its not big enough to just casually have a dunkelosteus outside of ur pearl you could probably get by with the metal if you were able to conveniently transfer and store some more dinos in ur pearl... i wanted to do water only but cant because id need a thylo im just not jumping around every and working my but off taming all of this crap just to get wiped by a mega or a cheater or some person who has all day long to soak me while im offline or whatever it may be .
  14. the metal could be worse , but it could be better
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