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  1. Awesome change. I request two more... 1. Add SS Super Structures as a perm addition to official Ark. It's by far the best mod in this game. 2. Add roll rats, rock drakes (or make them crystal drakes) and normal wyverns to Crystal Isles. Please.
  2. Atlas is an Ark engine (custom version of U4), with Ark assets, with Ark devs and made with Ark money. It was intended to be an Ark expansion. But they saw the potential as a standalone so went with it. Many of the intended upgrades to Ark never made it in (like character creator for example). It would be very little effort on their part to integrate both games in any way they deem fit. Because again, they are Ark assets in an Ark engine! https://www.playatlas.com/index.php?/profile/9-jat/
  3. Not to mention the same dev team that makes Ark also makes Atlas. My question was to the Ark team in regards to Atlas content, which they make under a subsidiary. Are you saying you don't want to see naval content or are you just being argumentative?
  4. Do you work for Wildcard? I ask because you're answering on their behalf.
  5. I own Atlas. I want Ark but on an Atlas map with Atlas content. Stop telling me what to do. And I don't want to be forced into PvP or crappy pings in order to play it.
  6. Please Give Us Atlas Content! Please! Consider giving us Atlas oceans and customizable ships! From a business point of view it makes more sense to have those customers come to this game and buy future expansions anyway.
  7. Disregard my above comment about fish baskets. They were put in the game while I was gone. I misunderstood their use. Very cool item but wish you could feed piranha and stuff with feeding trough. Devs, please reconsider that and push some buttons for us. Thanks.
  8. Strange. I did try ground feeding too and at 9% they depleted their taming progress to zero. So we just automatically assumed that there is no difference between ground feeding and riding on them while feeding. We are still able to powertame (with primal crystals) the low level ones; regular crystals still don't work after 9%. But we tried a 140 and 150 and spent an hour watching their taming progress repeatedly deplete to zero. What level did you tame? Edit: When I have time I'll post a youtube video of it happening.
  9. The previous patch said this was fixed but we still cannot tame wild crystal wyverns. Unofficial hosted server. Up to date with latest patch. Please, please, please fix asap. Thank you.
  10. Fishing baskets in Crystal Isles are producing nothing. Zero. Zilch. Nadda. Zip. I have not seen a fishing pole yet or I would have tried it.
  11. I heard there was something about them in the patch notes today so I decided to go try one. Now they're depleting all progress around 9%. Ugh. Ya I tried both primals and normal. You can still tame low level ones with primal. It's just a matter of luck and powerleveling thru their taming percentage.
  12. Taming process.... progress in the middle of taming depletes to zero. Completely broken. I only play unofficial with friends, have not tried taming one on official to to lvl 65 requirement.
  13. There is also a giant water bubble in an island in the NE. Place bed outside in case you die. Swim inside and there are hundreds of blue, green and red crystals (all from the same black crystal). And as stated above the entire NE has tons of crystals that give them. Color is RNG.
  14. Crystal Wyvern Taming is Broken Crystal Isles - Hi. I jump on the back of the Crystal Wyvern with crystal in my 0 slot. It works until I get around 20%. At that point it quickly depletes its taming progress. This problem applies to the tropical crystal wyvern, blood crystal wyvern and the ember crystal wyvern. And it doesn't matter if it's normal or primal crystal. Please fix asap.
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