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  1. Wth..did you do now WC...i can't get on my SE server...it keeps kicking me to loading screen..man im getting sick of this poop.
  2. im not going to even bother with Center at this early stage..looked at the servers all full..and you can bet your bottom dollar its all pillar or foundation spamed from ahole to breaky
  3. Why remove a page?..people want to know about things like i still can't see any offical servers after patch..am i only one on xbox here?
  4. 8hrs and still im not seeing any offical servers on my xbox s..since stupid patch..why you always F things up WC after a patch.
  5. 6hrs and still no servers...DILO have you done WC?
  6. Wassatoo

    Ark 2

    Imho..i don't think there will be a ARK2..WC will be bankrupt by then.
  7. Idk..but im xbox s..its been over 3hrs after the patch lol
  8. 3 hrs and still no servers since major patch..ya realy broke ASA this time WC lol
  9. Yep me too..wyverns my fav tame..can't wait..not looking forward to pillar spam and full servers though..but fingers crossed SE released on time this time lol..goodluck everyone ✌️
  10. Yeah well try fitting a scope to your longneck rifle and when you done that..try loading it with amo it uninstals the scope..this started since last update ASE 😒
  11. 100% agree with what you say here..and don't forget everyone ( WC has to pass SE Certification yet ) so for me i'll believe it when i see it..and for the ark community i hope you keep you word this time WC..goodluck everyone ✌️
  12. My point exactly..every time we get a patch and download i think to myself oh no what is WC going to Fup this time lmfao!
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