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  1. they are now took 35 to 40 minutes for 1805 fjordur to finally get the rates
  2. thought event was live been 35 mins and still only standard rates ?
  3. my val server na 1066 been missing at least 1-3 hrs since got home could be longer i went through the server outage report once when noticed and again just now to let em know its still not there i've looked favorites and main listings and nothing oh by the way i'm on ps4 and far as i know its not a legacy
  4. not much since they not doing any reimbursements on crystal isles yet but you can always try ya might get a sympathetic gm that might do 1 of several things
  5. posted to thier facebook and twitter let know was wide spread as well as filed a server outage report listing all servers in the bottom sections seems that did trick for some of them atm
  6. all servers in my favorites show 0 players including our genesis except our crystal isles server thats 15 servers that seem to be offline
  7. think the image you guys are referring to by jen is of a titan vs rockwell and the wildcard team beneath
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