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  1. not much since they not doing any reimbursements on crystal isles yet but you can always try ya might get a sympathetic gm that might do 1 of several things
  2. posted to thier facebook and twitter let know was wide spread as well as filed a server outage report listing all servers in the bottom sections seems that did trick for some of them atm
  3. posted to thier facebook and twitter let know was wide spread as well as filed a server outage report listing all servers in the bottom sections seems that did trick for some of them atm
  4. yes for 15 outta 16 servers only 1 i can get on atm is our crystal isle server
  5. all servers in my favorites show 0 players including our genesis except our crystal isles server thats 15 servers that seem to be offline
  6. well my char on gen 1 now has the skins again will have try die on other servers see if get later
  7. Current Client Version: v547.17- 05/19/2020 hello seems the fix with that version did not work for the bionic skins as current version is 547.32 now i scrolled though patch notes and noticed there was a patch v547.17 - 04/11/2020 with basically same numbers just different date just my guess but think the same version from way back may have caused any fixes with today's update to go awry and not take effect or worse unsure yet as just got on i killed myself on an 889 rag server no skins restored licenses kill self again and still no bionics and i bought them all
  8. mine went missing again shortly after gen1 went live on ps4 where i mostly play they vanished once before when another map went live took awhile get em again and now they have vanished once more
  9. bionic skins hello a gm suggested i post here the ps4 playstation store bought bionic skins have gone missing once again with genesis release just like did with extinction would like them returned once again so can get them as me and many others have paid good money for them and they have disappeared all maps
  10. only reason we have a char on each is due dino caps being hit at times and to make it easier to feed and refresh for needed resourcs that are easier to get certain maps without needing to transfer and possibly lose a char in transfer
  11. well some further investigation seems depending what map the 1 char is on will determine which 3 maps of 4 will have to server hop to relearn those maps engrams are locked so like on aberration its scorched earth , extinction and genesis while on Ragnarok its aberration , extinction and genesis on extinction its aberration , scorched earth and genesis on genesis its scorched earth , aberration, extiction and since most my chars have not beat the various bosses none can use transmitters but even if could thats still a lotta of chars hopping on and off servers just to learn specific engrams that
  12. opps sorry was misread about downloads was abberration dinos not players but still bothersome
  13. Forced mind wipes hey ark since mindwipes are no longer limited to 1 per level and can now be done once every 24 hours if desired why the forced mind wipes you have just costed some my chars about 4+ of map only engrams that now i and many others have to go back and get then get off those maps so chars can be where i want them and getting off aberation is at times a nightmare trying find a loot drop and surface is very risky oh wait you disabled transfers so even if i wanted to go back and get them i can't for who knows how long
  14. this an old thread where its happened before but did get them back eventually but wonder if we should make a new one as its happened again after a new map released
  15. maybe but we on a PvE server and do turrets work underwater ? depending on amount placed wouldn't placing it on the mechelon be more effective if dino dies so does all structures on it as well ?
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