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  1. think the image you guys are referring to by jen is of a titan vs rockwell and the wildcard team beneath
  2. UnKnownCaveDude

    OSD not dropping tekgram

    i got 2 in 1 blue osd but soon picked it they vanished which means thats 2 reward slots wasted
  3. UnKnownCaveDude

    Paid for bionic skins missing !!

    mine are missing as well contacted PlayStation they acknowledge that account is flagged for them that system is primary and tried restoring licenses but seems missing all servers i play on tried dieing on my extinction server 992 and Ragnarok server 889 to see if was just the 1 map but nope and as for folks not noticing they won't unless they die and are paying attention to their spawn items i've filed a ticket 2 ways through the help here and address sony gave me