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  1. WildCard you need to start working on your server Infrastructure major companies have hundreds of the own servers not relying on Third Party companies we Hate to see how your amazing Game being Treated like crab with this Third party server providers rollbacks server crashing That not how you want you future to be full of rollbacks and crashes. you deserve better and no one is better Suited to run your game servers but yourself relaying on Nitrado has been resulting in same issues over and over again. you can’t expect different results from doing the same thing repeatedly.
  2. Thats good for you maybe you play style more relaxing and you don’t move much from what I am seeing a lot of players dealing with issues specially delayed effects while playing the game and that is happening because the game is not running at it best for you the game is running fine but for a lot of players running fine is not enough when your game experience not at it best having delayed effects map contents not loading in fast enough crossing and jumping in cave runs thinking you succeeded only to find out you being sent back dead all of those problems are happening because the game is just running fine on an Xbox series X that was supposed to handle all of that but turns out that’s not the case and more resources needed to run that is not even including other server issues so if you play on a local game you most likely going to have a better experience than same Nitrado servers that always been dealing with rollbacks and crashing. having access to cloud gaming with GeForceNow with ultimate will Definitely eliminate these issues running on best virtual machines to run ark ascended The best way possible today for consoles you don’t even need to download the game everything on the cloud.
  3. Wild Card we need more cloud services on other platforms so far only steam have access to cloud gaming thro GForceNow cloud the console platforms really need those powerful cloud gaming capabilities. cloud services: GForceNow,XboxGameapass and the PlayStation cloud. Consoles can’t handle the game requirements the only way for the game to run smoothly for some to disable some of the game features thats not going to be fun and the game looks so terrible that way.
  4. Wild Card it’s about time you Focus on releasing ASA with cloud gaming services if you want see better reviews failing on the start of your release is not a good look when game can’t run correctly the way it supposed to run from what we are seeing a lot of people can’t handle the new requirements so why do you relay on hardware requirements on people platforms when you can have everyone experience better performance with cloud gaming they only requirements needed is fast internet access.
  5. Another Ignorant disrespectful PC player instead of gas lighting say something useful or be quiet and let the adults with serious issues about this game present their issues since you have no problems and you have access to you save files on PC and game runs smoothly for you . You need to stop gas lighting and move on.
  6. The Opposite effect is also true people could loss interest when being around others platforms for a lot of reasons one major one is that PC player have access to exploitation tools can be used against other platforms having other options to be on only consoles or only Xbox is a good thing to be able to have access to compared to a forced all cross with all platforms.
  7. RIP ASE it was fun till you got executed by your own makers, this is a very sad day to see no Justice for console players mostly PC players are happy about this because they got everything they worked for no cost and the fact they even mentioned in the article with special treatment is very clear and older Gen consoles are not included at all. You know you have options to include older consoles like making cloud gaming available for all platforms. So many are disappointed about the fact we have to rent and have no access to any more content so I guess that’s the end for all older gen consoles till this gets addressed. It would be a good idea for console players to just stop paying first and test with game pass cloud or PS cloud before making purchases because PC players keep getting things free and still have the advantage. If cloud is not available then it’s time to just move on and put our money to games that care enough to include us. Wildcard for your information maybe you don’t know this but Cloud gaming only requires fast internet connection and can be accessed from anywhere and any device without the need for any hardware requirements.
  8. Exactly every console platform is being exploited add your own post I was talking about my console community.
  9. The console saves should have been provided in the exact way the PC saves were provided, or at least show some ethical way that can help you and the Xbox community because how is it fair to let the community pay when you won’t pay for Nitrado servers and if you forcing it by handing everything to Nitrado the minimum you can do is do the exact way you have been dealing with them yourself. For example you could of handed everything to the community and everyone in a server can contribute to paying Nitrado for a server they are using together instead of forcing each individual to own their own server so that same server now only is paid for. comparison to what your are doing now making people pay for exact server multiple times forcing them to basically abandon the whole game all together there are so many ways that this could of been handled what a shame Wildcard Greedy exploiting the Xbox community. Ethical way to solve this: 1. Reduce the number of servers give players a chance to move then handover the servers they all contribute to paying Nitrado Instead of each individual paying same server multiple times. 2. Downloading each individual data of each player and providing it in a secure way through you sign up and login to your official website. 3. Make ASA Available free for people who already suffered from your abuse and exploitation. 4. Making ASA available in the Xbox Game Pass almost count as free plus the cloud gaming allows all platforms access to the best experience of the game for all old and new gens. And this team handling Xbox deserves slaps(I recommend adding a Slap button for each of the team members with counter see who wins with most slaps) from the community they not giving the Xbox community their best look at the official club abandoned on Xbox you can do better than that with ASA. WildCard you really know how to destroy your own best of luck for ASA hopefully we see a better and improved version of you there.
  10. Plenty of games out there you need to get yourself out of ark cave for a day you will be amazed what you can find yourself. Wildcard seems to think this is going to the right direction for a gaming business the last thing you want is to cause a distrust among your clients and the fact that your clients are being ignored says something about this kind of business. Unlike you they already taken the necessary steps to move forward. remember you offered free copies to you stream community that you are relaying so much on and no fake reviews will change the effect of real reviews that are being posted on your product on each platform people can see through it. Also the fact that the console players can’t post reviews because you made sure Microsoft is on your side is showing very clearly so the only way to write a review on your product is to actually go to the Microsoft website. You are already on the process for failure if you don’t see it now maybe you should look again at your numbers after all the clients you had are gone.
  11. It’s too late to save official, so many quit no more ark ASE ,ASA or ARK2. People lost years worth of playing gone all I see is decays huge part of the community disappearing. Wildcard already lost half a million from just 5 thousands who signed the petition to save ark servers that’s not even including people who are still playing waiting for ASA news to see if it’s worth their money mostly Stream players. The more you delay you respond to the community the more people you loss people that means money lost future money I don’t understand why are you doing this to yourself Wildcard this game is unlike any other game and you know it it’s like a second job but worst because you don’t get paid you just have fun then you go shutting it all down laying off all these people. They will find something else and that’s not something you should be looking forward to.
  12. People need to stop wasting time waiting for WiildCard start making changes as a community they already lied so you need to take advantage any way possible as a community it starts with one person the rest will be free.
  13. I want to be clear about one issue here old Xbox generation can’t move to the new version of ark starting with me and a few of my tribe mates and I am yet to see anything about it that on it own tells me you don’t care about the older console anymore and prepared to loss them it’s sad because me and a lot of people have invested a lot in this game . You decided to move on without any regards to what this will this do to our game experience so I no longer able to play with anyone because you shutting down official servers that are ment to be available for ark survival evolved that is already paid for in full this part is important for multiplayer to function in this game if you no longer doing that I don’t see that point of playing it anymore specially when I am not able to join multiplayer with people I have spent years in this game playing with so this means we forced to quit the game and move on we no longer giving this game anymore of our time . Best of luck in replacing ark with a better looking ark.
  14. “Find out more about Fear Evolved 6 here”Wrong Link it’s showing September event 😅 here is the correct link https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/articles.html/community-crunch-335-fear-evolved-6-community-corner-and-more-r2000/
  15. Hey thanks for evo event please add 2x hex and 2x breeding
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