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  1. I'm guessing ur new to breeding despite saying you've been breeding for a while. 10 rexs can have say 10k hp and if u breed them together they will all have 10k hp still unless u get a mutation which with a small number of rexs as u do is highly unlikely to get u a mutation. U say u had muts in steam and food but unless ur trying to mutate those stats then it's pointless keep them. If 2 dinos bred together have the same stats they will be born with the same stats. It's not a random numbers generator for stats it's precise which can all be guaranteed b4 u even breed them unless u get a mutation.
  2. Nope every single official server is covered with pillars and u will lose ur stuff if u move server. I'd advise stop playing the game while u still have ur sanity
  3. Yes u can. Make sure u have the same server number and region eg na/EU and the correct pvp or pve
  4. No chance of early 2023. Even if the unlikelyness of all things happened and it was released 2023 why would they deny themselves another 5 or 6 months to work on it? Xmas 2023 is the only chance of next year and hoping will make zero difference
  5. I'm not gonna get disappointed I'm on xbox but clearly u couldn't be more wrong if u tried.
  6. Ark has a much bigger player base on playstation then on xbox and I can tell u from speaking to numerous playstation players who've said they aren't going to bother buying a xbox because it will no doubt be out shortly after release. Ps getting ark after xbox the 1st time is irrelevant. It wasn't supposed to be on console at all originally. All I know is that xbox have a fraction of the player base the ps does for ark and if u think they will deny the ps players for a YEAR then u need to be committed. Oh let's just wipe out most of our players and assume thats all gonna work out fine. Honestly ark players really are living through the game too much u need to wake up go outside and smell reality
  7. Do u work for Microsoft xbox sales team? A year or 2 would be death for ark 2 b4 its even released. Playstation have a huge slice of the next gen console compared to xbox. So there not gonna cut off the majority of their player base from day 1.only a small % of people will buy a xbox over playstation due to ark being on xbox first
  8. I'd lay money on you already having started again
  9. Why would they let anything transfer? Unreal 4 to 5 would be a nightmare and you'd just have every buggy line of code transferred as well. U should want to start a fresh with the unlikelyness of the game being playable
  10. Ark 2 will most likely be on playstation and Co and week after xbox. Microsoft just paid wildcard to have it a week earlier to shift more consoles. Not that u can get a series x still a year and a half after it was realeased
  11. Ark 2 will not release until 2024 and if ur even thinking of disagreeing with me then ur ludicrously nieve. Wildcard have missed every single deadline in 7 years anything from weeks to months and this just updates to a game that's already released. They have claimed its 2023 so that means realistically Xmas 2023 because there's no way they'd paint themselves into a corner with the first half of 2023. U living in ur unicorn and rainbow worlds saying first half of 2023 are delusional. Had they intended to release first half of 2023 they would of said so with a vague hope of nearer end of 2022. Announcing a release for a new ark 2 years away was roughly translated as 3-4 years realistically because if you've played ark for a number of years now then you'll know wildcard are comprised of some of the most incompetent developers ever to grace this industry. I played ark like it was going out of fashion like many of u day one people but unlike most of u I got out and have been ark free for 8 or 9 months now and far happier for it. I would like to play ark 2 with the insane belief it would be playable when its released but I highly doubt they will ever happen. I emplore all of u who actually have friends and families and not just ur ark "friends" to go cold turkey and sever the cord. Maybe I'll see some of u on ark 2 one day again but I doubt it. I'm not going to tell any of u my profile name to confirm any of my details because u wasted enough time already chasing myths.
  12. It's ludicrous how long it takes to raise creatures even during breeding events. You'd have to be unemployed and or have no life to be able to raise even with rates increased so I'd happily see the breeding time massively increase well beyond evo rates. X 10 is still too long for those of us who have jobs families and responsibilities outside of our 21st centuries tamagotchi
  13. No idea why any of u lot don't realise its not a youtubers that's got their way its wc yet again. If wc released a list of 100 Dino for people to pick from and 5 would go into the game if it receives top 5 votes. Then b4 they even release the list to choose from they have already chose the 5 they r going to add and they will just say yes these 5 were the most voted and u guys have got what u wanted from us. Bunch of plums
  14. I've flown across the map b4 got kicked logged back in fell to my death and been unable to find my flyer. Often if ur Internet is down the game won't kicked u for a minute or 2 so u could travel quite some distance if u didn't realise u were not connected. Gen 2 has the exo suit problem exactly the same when u dc and are across the map when u get back on.
  15. I would never advise anyone to play this game full stop unless I really disliked them.
  16. I believe the shadowmane is quite warm actually
  17. Maybe they reported you for spelling mistakes
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