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  1. Leave "you're" tribe yeah sure u can leave "you're" tribe but unclaim "you're" creatures first b4 u start you're own tribe
  2. I played this game like it was going out of fashion(which it is by the way and has been doing so for several years now). Bit if I can quit this bug riddled broken excuse of a game that has so much potential but has NEVER delivered anything other than utter crud then so can any of u. We can all pretend our tribe is alpha or whatever excuse u have about years of breeding but so what? Who cares? It's a game. A very badly made game by the most incompetent development team ever. Wildcard have shown themselves to be inept at every opportunity yet everyone keeps playing and moaning. Well guess what? Ur the problem not them. U keep playing this awfully made rough attenpt at a half decent game. I've been ark free for over 6 months now and my days are so much more enjoyable now. No getting up in the middle of the night to feed imprint and do meat runs. And that's just raising babies. Basically what I'm saying is if u let them walk all over u then u can't complain when they do just that. If ur fed up with the game being broken then quit and if ur gonna keep playing no matter what terrible things wildcard do and say then stop complaining and enjoy ur broken game b4 they turn off the game and expect u to pay again to continue playing on a different server. I'll look in on the forums now and then to try and convince people to quit the game to help them with the mental health issues this game causes. The rest of u I hope u find a way out b4 u lose to much.
  3. You'll never get mods for consoles. Anyone who claims otherwise knows nothing about make video games for consoles
  4. I'm not being negative I'm being realistic. This games sucks ur life away. If u want to progress within 200 years on ark u have to play it for 23 hrs a day
  5. Unfortunately wildcard have zero idea how to optimize anything. Ark 2 when it's released in 45 years will probably be 15 terabytes
  6. Cut ur loses now and spend time doing things with ur "fam" that are actually fun. Stop playing ark now while u still have a family
  7. Well I hate to say I told you so but I told you so. 2024 is the new release date and late 2024 at that. Which I think we all know means 2025. I don't have a Xbox one series x yet anyway so I couldn't really care. But it's just nice to know I was right from day 1. Not to sound too smug. Lovely big smug me😊
  8. Wheather I'm right or not my calculations are 100% correct and that's undeniable.
  9. Incorrect 150 base with a full imprint is 195%. Never rely on wiki for facts. 10% of 150 is 15 so 15x3 is 45 and 30% which added to 150% is 195% and not 234%
  10. If u don't have it highlighted in the server list as last played then ur only option is to start loading servers and see which one it is on. Shouldn't take long really just search for pve or pvp and the map then one by one cross them off until u find it.
  11. 2 Highlight of the year!!! I really hope this isn't true otherwise u really need to get out more
  12. There is an event. You have to play to find out
  13. I'm guessing u didn't mean 5000 weight because that's 575 points into weight and anything over say 2k is a complete waste assuming they are being used for raising babies. Maewings will also half the weight of food such as berries and meat.
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