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  1. It's ludicrous how long it takes to raise creatures even during breeding events. You'd have to be unemployed and or have no life to be able to raise even with rates increased so I'd happily see the breeding time massively increase well beyond evo rates. X 10 is still too long for those of us who have jobs families and responsibilities outside of our 21st centuries tamagotchi
  2. No idea why any of u lot don't realise its not a youtubers that's got their way its wc yet again. If wc released a list of 100 Dino for people to pick from and 5 would go into the game if it receives top 5 votes. Then b4 they even release the list to choose from they have already chose the 5 they r going to add and they will just say yes these 5 were the most voted and u guys have got what u wanted from us. Bunch of plums
  3. I've flown across the map b4 got kicked logged back in fell to my death and been unable to find my flyer. Often if ur Internet is down the game won't kicked u for a minute or 2 so u could travel quite some distance if u didn't realise u were not connected. Gen 2 has the exo suit problem exactly the same when u dc and are across the map when u get back on.
  4. I would never advise anyone to play this game full stop unless I really disliked them.
  5. I believe the shadowmane is quite warm actually
  6. Maybe they reported you for spelling mistakes
  7. We (wild card) are to make no effort again this week and we're not even going to give you lot a community crunch so do one you bunch of peasants. Ha ha we've got ur money and don't care about the games non existing game play. #wearetheworstdevelopersever.
  8. 12-16 hrs a day on ark? U need to turn off the computer/console and take stock of ur life. I love this game and breeding is all I really do these days but that amount of hrs per day is very unhealthy.
  9. I don't really care if I lose a Dino tbh. I'm gonna entertain myself however I can and wildcard can do nothing about it not that they'd make any effort to help anyway. If someone leaves and their vaults/storage box remain then I'm gonna attempt to snaffle it b4 someone else does. It's rife on this game. People box in these loot boxes not just to prevent others from doing the same but to prevent the owners pop corning out of spite.
  10. Bee hives despawn after 4 days I believe so u were off too long and payed the price. Also if someone is attempting to find an unlocked storage box outside ur base and they succeed then it's ur fault for leaving it unlocked and outside. Harsh but arks is full of thieves poaching eggs and all sorts of stuff.
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