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  1. Would of been worse had they killed ur wyvern then used a taxidermy base to capture its likeness then place it on the roof for u to look at
  2. Doesn't know his account info? You've no need of their info just continue as u r doing. No leader being on doesn't mean you will lose everything as long as other tribe members log in
  3. I submitted tickets numerous times about various issues. You'll get a reply almost immediately but nothing will be done in the long run unless there's many reports of the same problem. So unfortunately you will probably have to move.
  4. You seem to be under the impression wildcard reads these pages. I can assure you they do not. Even if they did they just don't care
  5. Yeah OK and on that day Satan will be skating to work
  6. I used the incubator and got twin maewings and also got 2 colour mutations on different babies (both maewings). I got these twins and 2 colour mutations within around 20 maewing eggs all hatched with the incubator.
  7. I'm also nearly 40 and loves dinos but the series will not have success and we all know it. I'd rather wait another year to watch the 2nd season of Clarksons farm. At least I know that's well made and enjoyable.
  8. No idea and I highly doubt anyone's even the slightest bit interested in watching it. Don't know why they're even bothering to make it. I love this game but have zero interest in watching a cartoon of it
  9. Literally disconnected every few minutes on gen 2 xbox official. Just ridiculous can't even play the game right now. Had I know this was gonna be this bad I'd of not spent anymore money until ark 2. But we all k ow wildcard don't give a f about anyone. They will read this a laugh while rubbing their money grabbing hands together saying hahaha we conned another clown. Shameful. EA r bad but at least they know what they r doing
  10. I would absolutely love to win the lottery. First thing I'd buy would be wildcard then fire every single person involved with development and hire all competent people to do the job. I swear they just employ the first person who turns up. Literally useless all of em. I'm not even gonna tell you all why I am yet again fuming. Just hopeless honestly
  11. Nevermind lots of kids go back to school tomorrow (Monday) half term in UK right now so lots more space during the day. I work nights so have no issues connecting during the week but weekends are a nightmare to get on. I. Literally writing this message while in a que now. 30 mins so far. Still says 82/70 so probably gonna be a while yet. Waited over 2 hrs yesterday and then got kicked after finally getting in. I just gave up and went to sleep
  12. I'm on xbox genesis part 2 official. Every time I access Hlna to try and excahge some hexagons there's nothing on the left to trade? I'm new to genesis as I didn't play part 1. Am I doing something obviously wrong or is this a bug? I've over 6500 hexagons and nowhere to use them. Please help if you've any info. Thanks
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