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  1. DFritz

    Survivor Buff

    Survivor Buff I don’t exactly know how this would be done, but is there a way that we could buff the survivor combat so they aren’t so dependent on dinos? Maybe even just adding dodge or combat mount capability like MHW. I’ve heard blasphemy that it is one thing Conan is better at. It would be nice to be able to attempt caves with just a proper arsenal. However I still want this to be a survivor game for sure
  2. I think you should allow legacy people to transfer to officials. Not everyone has the time to put in to re grind their 130 character with Tek engrams unlocked. And they won’t particularly have an advantage at this point. Breeding lines, BP, loot should have equally plateaued at this point.
  3. New Content: items I love that you guys are prioritizing optimization and whatnot, but it was so exciting having new things every few weeks. Maybe an “easy” way to spice it up would be to add new simple items, like weapons and whatnot. Wouldn’t be as complicated as creating all new dinos
  4. DFritz

    Chitin Armor TLC

    Chitin Armor TLC Could we make chitin armor have more of a purpose? Most people switch to flak early on. My suggestion would be to make it crafted it a smithy, BUT repaired in inventory. Would make it an awesome cave diving set, when you are already harvesting lots of chitin anyways. also, the helmet could use some love
  5. Make vacuum cubes reversible Wouldn’t it be cool if you put vacuum cubes on land and hooked them up to water that they could form pools? Then we could store underwater Dino’s, have aquariums etc.
  6. Remove turret mode while being carried Particularly parasaurs, but honestly any. Not a fan of the parasaurs being used as carriable radar. If you want to ride around and scout with the parasaurs, go ahead! But best of both worlds is not a cool meta
  7. PVP: Remove “gamertag has joined this server” Seems unfair that you can be “caught” and hunted down by simply joining the server. Makes it hard to be stealthy against larger tribes
  8. I’m confused how snails help plant Z seeds?
  9. DFritz

    Behemoth Walls

    Walls the size of behemoth gates to add some variety to the “behemoth gate perimeter” everyone uses
  10. Exactly what lowly said. They could implement this in a more limited fashion with issuing predetermined hybrids like the Jurassic Park games. But it would be hard to create every possible combination
  11. Or let iguanodon convert the fruit to seeds!
  12. Since they moved some non-homestead engrams around, the wiki is not up to date
  13. Sooooooooo this is probably asking too much. BUT remember in the explorer note when Rockwell infused a bulbdog with element and it became a monster. This would be a DOPE mechanic Could even be done with insects to make them more viable in game
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