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  1. Honestly, with the time gap they should just make all the Legacy official servers now.
  2. DFritz

    Speciality Server Suggestions!

    Aquatic servers! Make gilled humans that basically have scuba stats without the gear, and make land unbearable without tank
  3. DFritz

    Speciality Server Suggestions!

    Insects only. Maybe couple this with a TLC of old ones as well as some new ones. Maybe some breeding mechanics. New wasp flier would be golden 👌 Grasshopper for ground travel. Araneo with wall climbing and zipline climbing abilities Scorpions have small creature/human grab Giant bees have AOE against enemies Mantis flying ability Tameable ants that can auto repair buildings Moths something... maybe produce silk so we don’t need scorch map for scorch engrams
  4. DFritz

    Speciality Server Suggestions!

    PVP on weekends, PVE on week days
  5. DFritz

    Speciality Server Suggestions!

    Mythical breeding: allows mating and breeding of griffins, wyverns, rock elementals, rock drakes, karakinos, basilisks, reapers, etc. Increase breeding rates and mutation rates.
  6. DFritz

    Speciality Server Suggestions!

    Tek Servers: make an alternative/easier way to unlock Tek engrams, as well as making element harvestable.
  7. Could Spino get a bionic skin too with this update? 🙏
  8. I would respectfully add anky, scorpions, and turtles to the list. And can liopleurodon be revised? I haven’t heard of anyone that actually uses this wonderful beast.
  9. DFritz

    Dino TLC: Feedback! Suggestions?

    Anky: I like the unique spiky approach, but definitely needs to be bigger! Pachy and Parasaur: I always imagined them more lanky and agile looking. Like Land Before Time Plesi: I actually like the style of the face, maybe just smooth it out though. Very intimidating faces Giga: I like their sizes, goes along with lore. Just adding more texture would be cool Titanboas: I like the frill. Turtles: portable Tek forcefield saddle could add fun PVP mechanics. Carnos: need love Araneo: early game climber!
  10. DFritz

    Looking for a different base location.

    Do you have coordinates for the last place you mentioned?
  11. Looks like it had spines to hold onto and ride it like a manta ray
  12. DFritz

    ARK Digest Q&A!

    Any chance for bionic wyvern or rock elemental skin?!
  13. DFritz

    ARK Digest Q&A!

    Have you guys considered adding a Pangea map once most all your maps are out, combining the best of all maps into one? I personally just hate transferring so much but dang to be able to experience all content. Could even come up with a cool lore of Arks literally colliding into one another.
  14. DFritz

    ARK Digest Q&A!

    One thing about Abberation I’m sad about is most likely losing all my current Dino’s since I can’t transfer them. Have you guys thought of any ways to provide long term storage for them?
  15. DFritz

    ARK Digest Q&A!

    Lore question.... All creatures on ark appear to be created genetically. Did you guys have a thought process about the Rock Elementals? Like kinda an inorganic creature like on Galaxy Quest? Or organic but just appears rocky (and eats rocks)? Or did you just want to an awesome creature?