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  1. I think you should allow legacy people to transfer to officials. Not everyone has the time to put in to re grind their 130 character with Tek engrams unlocked. And they won’t particularly have an advantage at this point. Breeding lines, BP, loot should have equally plateaued at this point.
  2. Walls the size of behemoth gates to add some variety to the “behemoth gate perimeter” everyone uses
  3. If megatribes think it is stale, why aren’t they waging war on other megatribes?
  4. They are supposed to be end game, they are supposed to be somewhat overpowered. I think allowing breeding with certain stat caps would be awesome
  5. Would reduce need for transfers, which would be nice. Also would add more to gardens!
  6. I love the mechanics of these guys! They have so much potential! But even the high ones are so squishy. Can only really use them for city travel and blue ODSs. Could stats per level be increased (particularly health)? Could we add the modular weapons the Meks have to them?? So much potential for such a cool Tek gekko
  7. I think city terminals and drops on other maps would be a fair compromise while still fitting the lore/theme.
  8. Add the dodo TLC please please please please please!
  9. I was actually hoping the pendulum would swing and we would get a mana buff!
  10. I would say incorporate aspects of it into the core game. Then, would it be possible to have the simple Primitive game modes, like they did in the ost where futuristic things were disabled?
  11. This sucks for the grinders, but they did always say that these were experimental types of servers. I was really hoping they would make the rates like SotF! That would be interesting.
  12. It was once said that Atlas assetts would be shared. Will Ark be getting the guillotine?? (We were originally promised it ) what other assets will be shared? Can we get the dodo TLC from the mobile??? Seems like such a waste not to implement them in the core game!
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