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  1. I don't understand why modders always think it's a good idea to keep adding neon reskins to dinos
  2. In general yeah (I need to put a cannon on a platform saddle because reasons), but I'm still supporting the flyer nerf for PVE, as flyers eliminated the need for basically any other tame apart from ones with harvesting bonuses.
  3. Weird difference between versions I also noticed after migrating from the Steam version to the Windows Store (so modified Xbox) version- for some god-awful reason you can't mass-eat berries by holding down the use key/button like you can in the Steam version, and instead have to spam it for each individual berry. For the love of god, just let me hold the key. Also give me back my hotbar keyboard labels.
  4. To make the utahraptor useful, it could have a "claw" attack that does two things: -It could cause a bleeding (DoT) effect on targets a little more unique here: -Some predators get some of their water from the blood of their prey. Humans can do this as well. So if a utahraptor uses the claw attack on a dead animal, it should restore the rider's water. This could make it both a hunter for the patient, and a useful "survival predator".
  5. The argentavis is most closely related to the vulture, so it should look like a vulture.
  6. I wonder how the super resolution category is going to work out when super resolution doesn't work in Ark.
  7. Is there any particular reason that the download size (not end file size) for this version is over twice the size of the steam version? Will this be fixed in the future?
  8. The spino definitely needs a face-lift to look less plastic-y. Probably the pteranodon as well. Also:
  9. I'm not a fan of that Rex. Its snout doesn't look very rex-like.
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