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Character Lost - Mega Thread

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I try to enter my server on official PS4 and the app crashes with error. I can however make a new character on another server, but I cant go on that specific server without it crashing.

I have no clue whats going on, but my hunch is other players attack and manipulate the code to block your ip from entering the server.

Best advice would be to get a VSN. Then go back to the server and grab a trike and wipe every single player out. Thats the general idea before you even start on a server anyway. Grab a trike and wipe all the big bases. 

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It boggles my mind how such a game breaking problem is still a regular occurrence.

hundreds and thousands of hours invested into a character for it to be wiped from existence in 2 seconds.

People can say what they want about meshing but for me, character deletion is an even bigger problem that needs some serious attention.

Just think of how many hours the support team wastes on these kinds of tickets since legacy.



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The irony is that the gms that take WEEKS to respond have the worst customer service ever. In my tribe we had a gm show up tell the member she was going to take him from lvl 91 to 105. Adds only 10 levels and before my tribe member can type out that that she did her math wrong gm says have a good day and leaves. At least WoW gms ask if there is anything else before they leave. WC gms on the other hand are rude hostile and apparently can’t do simple subtraction and can’t be bothered to fix their mistake without ANOTHER two to three week wait. 

And all this after WC caused this by deleting your character...

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This is the second time. The first was my main character...only character at the time. I am a tribe owner on Ab and on Rag and when the Game ate my toon- the exact same way first day of Xmas event no less....I would have been wiped if not for my husband having just made a toon as a placeholder for both tribes.

It was THREE MONTHS before they came to 'fix' it. I had not played on my account on the server the body of my toon was disconnected on, assuming they would just reactivate her. You could physically see her..she was just link dead. I did not make a new toon because I thought that would overwrite her and all they needed to do was reconnect the character to the server or somesuch. Boy was I wrong. So after  three months they came and told me sorry- make a new character we will give you increased xp up to level 105 (I believe) but not replace any of your lost engrams or boss fights.

The GM that responded had absolutely no clue what they were doing. They insisted you could immediately repod cryosicked dinos...that there was no cooldown. They started assigning dinos to me one at a time...and I had hundreds of course...then 15 minutes in said they were going to lunch.

I kid you not...3 months wait....15 minutes of painstakingly one by one assigning me as Tribe owner again and connecting dinos to me....then Oh hey its lunch I have to go.

I waited...2 hrs or so for them to come back. They get there and immediately said ok appointment time is up I am off to another ticket...and I was WAIT! I have gigas and wyverns in cryopods- babies! Then the cryopod argument happened...and long story short they left me with a pile of babies out waiting on a timer to recryo them - they had jumped to Ab to make me tribe owner there and do those dinos...

I get the babies podded and frantically jump to ab....and no GM. I waited another hour. Then thought to look at the ticket where I found the GM said "Oh hey I went to Ab and you never showed. You have to open another ticket now."

They never reassigned imprints to most of my dinos...I found wyverns they said they had done still owned by the old toon after this...and not even a fraction reconnected.

So I finally get the second half of the ticket and the GM (a dif one) shows for the appointment. Was like ok what do you need? I said hey I need tribe owner and dino imprints switched to me.

THIS GM was a rockstar. They typed something in and wham bam I was completely reconnected and all dinos assigned to me. Under 5 minutes, ticket was done. The glaring differences between the dude that thought they had to go one by one to each dino, and that babies could be immediately repodded (they straight up argued with me until i dropped empty pods for them to do it...and they punched my babies with the cryo until they nearly killed it...lol)

Entirely broken process. I have never ever played a game with such poor assistance when something goes wrong and as an old lady gamer I have played a LOT of games. The good news at the end of this process is a friend reminded me I had a disconnected (unintentional) duped toon from months ago just sitting at their base. I was able to jump on, reclaim the toon, so at least I get all the dinos imprinted to her and the babies in pods imprinted to her back.  She does not have the Chibi levels or the alpha Ab fight but I'll take it.

But holy HELL Wildcard...when you design a game that requires a toon to jump servers for bossfights at the very least...then know that we can lose the character in the process...you need to be FAR more conciliatory when it comes to YOUR errors. This is unacceptable...

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Lost 2 characters level 130+ today, in 1 hour interval, on 2 different transfers.

Each time, this:

Characters nowhere to be downloaded at source or destination server.

The sad truth is, only those whom have had their character duped can fully recover from such a loss. I understand it is not allowed by TOS to have dupes ? Yet, most people, who have one, got it by accident, and it then becomes the only safety net to character loss....

If losing chars wasnt fixed in 6 years, maybe its time WC implements a real safety net, a character save/clone feature, which could be activated upon character loss - which would save player id (to keep imprinted dinos), level, bosses/tek cave status, haircut etc ?  And could be managed by players, rather than wait for a ticket to be read/treated.



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3 hours ago, Luewen said:

And what did we learn from all this? Never transfer your important characters. I never transfer my main character after i lost it once. I use my other characters for that.

Lol...the character lost was my second toon. I have my tribe owner max toon sitting in the cloud. But my working toon is the breeder/imprint daily use toon.

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This game breaking issue just has to be addressed. It has been existing since the very release of the game and still a problem. Almost every player I play with  lost their character at least once. Isn't it easier to find a solution for once, rather than responding to countless amount of tickets every day? 

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Mein Charakter ist auch weg. Ich habe im kreativ Modus die Bosse gemacht für die Trophäen. Nach Spiel Ende war ich im Hauptmenü und hab ausgeschaltet. Eben nach Start des Updates 2.15 war mein Charakter weg und musste einen neuen machen aber meine Karte mit allem was gebaut wurde  ist noch da. 

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Yesterday i went to a Ragnarok PVP official server.

I tried to attack somebody but suddenly got blue screened (disconnected and send me back to PS screen with error)


I tried to rejoin for a couple of hours but cant join the server again.


Any solutions?


I tried to join on a random ragnarok server to see if i would get the same problem, but IT let me join that server but not the server where my character is.


R.i.p my lvl 104 character ???

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