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  1. Defenses aka heavy, tek, and velo turrets when done right will prevent corrupted Dino from breaking you pretty little pve base. But the big if is if it’s done right. Yes a ban is in order as well. Shame on the exploiters but shame on the owner for a bad base design for a well known issue from day one extinction.
  2. If you do put down turrets as if you were on a pvp server then you will reck them. I guess I’m saying don’t build like a pve player. I’ve seen pve bases and you guys tend to have a turret density that’s a joke. Dont forget to upgrade to heavy autos and use tek turrets as well. And don’t forget your velos!!
  3. L2 Turret Cap. Turrets are very good at shredding dinos so are velos.
  4. Meshing: Answer imo is not software rather it’s human. Have lot more gms that respond to flagged alerts on a community discord to respond to mesh events. Duping: Give every item a unique ID every so often do a cluster wide scan for duplicate numbers. .... profit
  5. Sorry to hear but for all others learn from this and put up turrets and internals as well
  6. I would recommend don’t play on small tribes servers it’s rank with cross teaming and invisible Megas. Meshing is huge there as well. I’d suggest official just stay far from servers that have Megas. Rag is usually the best. Your pvp will be with daily small time griefers
  7. Wow this is soo kewl I love my turtle hey whats that omg its jelly fish.... ...... /rants on forum: Jelly fish so op killed my turtle /wrists
  8. Care to share a link because I read the dev quote and they did NOT say it was illegal. Further more I don’t see where in tos under the raft section where it says you can’t sink foundations. It’s not there. And for those who don’t recall few months back they patched the game fixing a previous patch that broke foundation sinking.
  9. "Our enforcement team is eager and ready to look into any tickets that are submitted." Does eager = 5-7 days after a base has been meshed or tribe ownership stolen?
  10. META = Most Effective Tactics Available Google it if you don't believe me. Perhaps this odd definition of META you are using is the source of your confusion from the beginning... So no, meta is a method for achieving a desired outcome in its most common gamer vernacular rather than a server rule set.
  11. You fail to see the forest for the trees are in the way.... Of course a tribe size is not a meta try not to propose so many straw man arguments. However there are many metas that are very effective and lend themselves to small tribes or big tribes. For example dispersed small bases meta lends its self well to small tribes whose members are high level but have no breed lines. Megas tend to go for a more Zerg gather rush base with turrets then bring in or make new breed line meta build. Another meta for small tribes or even solo that I favor is the boat fleet meta that lends itself well to hyper aggressive servers. And there are many more options out there that I don’t know about.
  12. Not at all many small group raiders can be very successful against large Megas. Personal experience talking here. There are dozens of metas in ark that work for group sizes solo to mega. And some of them work really well. The only lie would be if I said whatever dribble you just wrote. Just because you lack the creativity to see many metas that work well exist doesn’t mean they don’t. If a tyrannical meta becomes dominate then let the rebel insurgency meta rise from the ashes. The only input devs should have is ensure that a game is deep enough for many metas so rebellion of oppression can take place.
  13. Pg = procedural generated? if yes cant you put down admin protected tek transmitters and give engram upon characters creation?
  14. Can you make a pgark extinction map? Title.....
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