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  1. Detection: Detection is a concept you must master if diplomacy has failed or if the time and effort isn’t for you. Detection can be broken down in three parts: Base Storage and Self. Your base must not just be hidden but must have redundancy in term of more than one base on the map. Now this where you will find different approaches that players will disagree about. Some do small 1x1 bases others like to use small cave bases. I like to build small boats and spread them out over the sea and mesh into terrain. These bases will be you crafting centers but shouldn’t be used for storage. Storage of raw mats should be kept in purlovia or argies flown up into the skybox top. Be aware purlovia can be found with raiders carrying a Parasaur in argie or dragon talons. Sometimes server resets will make purlovia pop out of the ground. I prefer argies myself but both work with some but acceptable losses. Self is the concept of staying away from busy areas with your character knowing where to get resources effectively off the beaten path. For this method best maps are rag ab and center. Stay away from island and extinction. Not sure about valg.
  2. Many ways to approach this. I’ll tell you my thoughts and others may suggest things I didn’t know. Your two biggest challenges are diplomacy and detection. To build up in this game on official you need to master at least one of these. Diplomacy is obvious and yet hard achieve. Finding a server with a alpha that is strong and speaks your language is not the hard part. The hard part is trust. Those raiders that hit you hit them on the daily times 10! So they will assume you are a raider. Guilty until proven innocent. Build trust by asking permission before building in a spot and if approved staying there. Offering to farm for them esp if they recently got hit does this as well. But most importantly leave if they straight up tell you to go. Don’t complain about it pick another server and repeat. What server maps are best for the diplomacy approach? Ones that alphas will put their bases on ie Island Aberration Center maybe extinction definitely not rag. Ill post on the next aspect, detection in another post when I get a chance.
  3. I have 100hp and never die on those Dino’s and I just run off. Break a leg sure but not die.
  4. 2 days what...lol... I think you doing that wrong.
  5. It’s new setting that can be turned off in your settings
  6. Bring second tame with you whistle it to move ahead of you purlovia attack it then you finish them off. your welcome
  7. Could be someone is too busy cleaning the Cheetos in their neck beard to read your ticket as well...
  8. With turrets lots and lots of turrets. On my server Santa doesn’t come in the base to leave presents he raids the vaults kills passive tames and c4 the foundations. So ya lots of turrets
  9. Data stored client side is open to exploits and hacks big time ... even with cheats off
  10. We did it to ourselves.
  11. And here is the problem with that. Believe it or not mobility affects all other attributes as well. In of itself with the current game design mobility is the essential and most powerful feature any player, dino, or other can have. Don't believe me? Look into how many pvpers run around with a massive amount of points in hp? Or melee? And now how about speed stat? Speed is far favored even after the point scaling nerf. Why is this? For the same reason mana being given an unchecked free pass on mobility is too much. Mobility affects how much damage you can do. Mobility affects how much damage and enemy can do to you. Mobility affects how easy you can respond to attacks. Mobility affects how easy you can flee from an attack. Superior mobility gives you the ability to have up time on your target and allows you to maximize your dps on it. Superior mobility allows you to avoid damage an enemy wants to do to you as you control range. Superior mobility allows you to deploy quickly to prevent enemies from getting favorable position. Superior mobility allows you to flee from an attack and puts the ball in your court if you want to re-engage on better conditions or end the fight. Superior mobility is key and thus is the essential reason why mana's are op.
  12. To say that WC sucks at other tame balancing is true. But doesn't mean that as a rule of fact you do have to balance with the tames best state in mind. And yes I agree this nerf didn't address that as well as changing the scaling and quantity of mutations. These changes are good changes as in it puts the managarmr more in line with its peers in terms of mobility however, you are correct that the timing is interesting being now is the only time when they actually have a monetary incentive to get everyone off of the mana kick and on to whatever is coming in genesis
  13. It wouldn't be hard but it would require more manpower/worker hours.
  14. The unfortunate truth is that unless you make the mana unbreedable and delete all non-wild tamed manas the power creep of breeding mandates that balance be done with how the creature can be in its strongest state.
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