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  1. My tribe of 3 players (including me) decided to try something we had never done before. We would utilize all the information and experience of a combined total of ~27k hours in game (official pvp) and play classic servers with a unique meta. Myself, my brother, and my wife together would try to counter the idea that a small tribe just can't make it on classic official. Could we survive 3 vs a rag server controlled by a Chinese mega? Here is the video record of our battles in this server. My first time making videos of ark on YouTube. Enjoy!
  2. @Zedex Facepalm = lacks courage to explain and defend your disagreements @Joebl0w13 Where am I wrong on this?
  3. @ 25 tips and tricks video: No mention about grinding to 100 via note runs before building or taming anything as your base is free loot till you get heavy auto turrets. No mention about Wild Card sanctioned cheating via graphics INI mods making it impossible to hide bases in dense forests / jungles. And most importantly no mention of telling players to decide on pvp, pve, official, or unofficial as that determines how to play and start out.
  4. Wild Card still has a month to think this over. The problems with pvp of the official cluster which justified the creation of classic are being undone by this change. I hope WC realizes that this will destroy Snail Games pet project of Classic PvP Servers.
  5. WC please reconsider the additional maps you are adding during the two cluster merge. You will be greatly damaging the balance you have achieved. Imagine the imbalance caused by gasbags while no tek turrets will be in game. Consider snow owls meks manas and their ability to rush turret walls when said walls will be weaker. The defenses will be weaker for several reasons. 1. No tek turrets. This can’t be understated. Gasbags and mana mek owl rocket runs are going to be imbalanced. 2. No cave building. Forcing bases to spread out turret density further
  6. Assuming pve... Get a few paras name them some sort of insult and they need to move drop them on his base. That alert message will be on his her screen always lol
  7. The definitive issue here is time and time again WC has decided that the only players that should enjoy pvp official are large tribes. They do this by putting in features like radar paras, tek helm radar, graphic ini mods, render order, ground clutter view range setting, kcam passing through terrain, mounts that can cover insane distances on land air or sea (manas) ect... All of this means you can’t hide. The only defense a small tribe has is to disperse assets and hide or know some super secret tricks. I utilize the tricks because you can’t hide period. This needs to be made right i
  8. The moment they post it ... it wouldn’t be safe.
  9. The image in my mind of bobs climbing a ladder up a beh gate and not having a ladder going down the other side leaping to their deaths is hilarious.
  10. I think there is a way install other language packs in ark. Not sure how tho
  11. I have noticed an uptick in esp usage and this made me wonder . If esp programs just sniff the data going back and forth between client and server couldn’t that communication be encrypted or restrict what info the client gets from the server? On the other hand maybe these things can’t be changed due to the engine being used. In that case I wonder if Ark2 will have a chance to defend against esp.
  12. Aim botters and ESP are rampant on this mode. Active enforcement really is too reactionary.
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