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  1. Cant say that I am. I expect it to be poorly written with shallow plots aimed at kids. Rife with overt pc social issue diatribe to cover up the lack of character relatability. Hope I’m wrong.
  2. Toes the line of the COC as you put it is fine as long as it doesn’t cross it. Lots of tricks come very close to it but doesn’t cross it. *subject to change* Unintended areas being accessed isn’t questionable it has crossed the line. I don’t consider that a secret I see that as cheating. Lots of legal secrets involve triangle foundations.
  3. None of what you said is a secret correct... cuz that's the common knowledge stuff.
  4. Playing as a small tribe and hiding you stuff is in itself a mini game in ark. Few have mastered it and even less will share their secrets.
  5. Well in all fairness the OP did pose the question of wild tames vs bred squid. Probably entertaining the idea of a equalizer for power disparity between alphas and small tribes
  6. Idk y they have collision detection in pve between dinos. Seems like this game wasn’t designed for pve and it was an afterthought.
  7. I’m looking for everything ark is with taming breeding building and complexity of pvp in a more polished optimized engine. I’m looking for expanded and new systems like children family/ clan system and I’d prefer it remain low tech as possible for the tribal feel that the trailer had. I also want a deep lore that connects ark to ark2 so the player feels like they haven’t left ark but are still on its story. But above all else a robust anti cheat system and anti cheat gm staff along with character backups.
  8. Extinction expansion. The worst expansion in terms of game balance. managarmr snow owls gachas element dust mek duping titans
  9. Once upon a time time of day dictated how pvp was fought due to gamma alterations was unusual. Night vision was a thing Once upon a time people could hide in shrubs or hide bases. Once upon a time WC gave a DILO about non-mega players and didn’t screw them over with flying para radar or ini modded files.
  10. If a structure comes in range it shoots it. Lol that’s about it.
  11. Diplomacy works. Just not sure what you said has anything to do with what I was saying about server transfers.
  12. If ark2 is good slow gradual decline if ark2 is bad then nothing
  13. That wouldn’t fix the issue it would just change the issue. Before transfers we would get stomped by the alpha on server who was bored, had no external threat, and wiping tribes. Same issue as now only difference is who is wiping me. Who cares who wipes me. What matters is I’ve been wiped!
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