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  1. Have your flyer on follow then grapple to it so the fight is reset.
  2. Don’t be silly the game is not dying but it is indeed new player unfriendly. But imo for bobs one thing in this game make their lives very hard on top of an environment that is brutal. 1. ini mods. Bobs need to hide and ini mods make that impossible. Ini mods and a mana will find bobs despite building smart and small. Ini needs to be seen as an exploit like esp hacks and stopped.
  3. I went unofficial then came back to official after server went dead. Most unofficials are abandoned and are unstable due to mods but that’s just my experience.
  4. You c4 the griffin and rider. You can grapple pull yourself out of its claws.
  5. Thoughts on mining drill All in all I am happy with it. It is definitely less effective than an anky (and it should be). Only two things I would adjust is increase durability for prim drills a little and it definitely needs a higher multiplier for harvesting obsidian as when it breaks it costs almost as much poly as it harvested to fix it. Thoughts?
  6. The unfortunate truth is ark was designed to be a pvp game. Pve is in all truth a broken version of ark. This isn't pve players fault in any way. Its the devs poor execution of this mode. I feel for you guys that you can't play the mode of your choice and have to deal with the tail end of pvp balance changes.
  7. most negative reactions are the result of people who don't agree with your post and are two afraid to compose a counter argument because they are fragile and can't handle their own ideas being picked apart as they are picking your ideas apart.
  8. inb4 new conquest specialty servers are taken down due to low pop ( just like first conquest servers)
  9. Test on single player I personally don’t know
  10. WC Gm: you sure can get that Xp back! Be sure to schedule your appointment..... earliest appt 2-3 weeks from now 9-5 pst too bad if you work no weekend hours GMs don’t work weekends like most retail / customer service workers lol that’s crazy talk now shut up and know your place! *waves fist*
  11. The complaint is to the inevitable wipe of conquest 2. This the question of why should I play it. Official is the most stable in this manner which I play on so your post makes no sense....
  12. As they grow the rate slows so it’s not a flat rate
  13. Wow you really did miss the point. I remain on official for the same reason I don’t play unofficial or new conquest... persistence of game play. I clearly stated that I understood that first conquest and classics might close and for that reason why should I play what I am tell you is doomed for wipe? I am not complaining about the first wipes but the future wipe and futility of conquest 2. That’s the point you missed.
  14. If you are asking yourself questions on a public forum seek help. I was asking forum readers ... not myself.
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