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  1. johnm81

    Returning Players

    server transfering will clean the disease
  2. johnm81

    favorite dino

    purlovia... can you tell Ive been wiped a lot lol
  3. johnm81

    Small Tribes Server Issues

    Larger than 6 man tribes could always coordinate attacks on a target. Its just its much harder now. Forward turrets on battery power now fire on your friends. Tames will do 'friendly fire' damage to your allies. And most importantly, FOBs that are protected with turrets are not accessible by your 'allied' tribe members. No one ever thought different tribes couldn't ever team up. Just makes it much harder.
  4. 1. Less risk of Mega dominance making servers griefing farm status 2. More independent tribes means more diplomacy and relationship building 3. Better rates
  5. johnm81

    What's the point of the leedsichthys?

    Key word partial reversal. Why are you trying to construct a strawman argument here? The Flier MK2 had all partial reversals on the nerf for all fliers for stamina (second biggest complaint) and health. And so, just like the flier nerf, which @MandaBear brought up, the Leeds issue has had some reversals on at least one map. So her point of it hasn't happened yet so asking for it is futility (paraphrased) is just not true.
  6. johnm81

    What's the point of the leedsichthys?

    Glad you see the truth. v256.0 * Flyer Nerf (to allow server to recover Stamina when standing on a Flyer, run with ?AllowFlyingStaminaRecovery=true) v256.3Dino Related:* Flier Mk 2: Click here to see the changes to fliers! (Partial reversal of flier nerf) How quickly we forget last year's history.... Oh but of course I'm sure none of that was due to the huge amount of feedback and yes complaints... nope not at all nothing to see here move along people...
  7. johnm81

    What's the point of the leedsichthys?

    I'm going to stop you right there. It seems the rest of your post is built upon a premise that being it hasn't been removed it wont ever be removed/adjusted. The logical fallacy of this statement aside, it is false. There is a map on the official servers that has had its leeds spawn 'adjusted' to almost never spawning to no spawns of this retarded fish.
  8. johnm81

    What's the point of the leedsichthys?

    The Leeds is pointless and retarded. It doesnt stop raft spam as the fish stays in stasis if no one is around AND cant get to rafts near the shore. The leeds was meant to stop raft spam but fail at that so the devs added a demo timer to rafts but left the fish in. It should be removed. And for the notion of raft boats were OP is BS. Raft bases were the weakest form of bases. Breach boats bypass base boat turrets. And boat bases are no less immune to environment than a well placed land base. Delete the fish.
  9. This was different than that. I know about the relogging to fix the client server structure/platform desync. What happened to me is something different. Relogging didn't work. Other players were seeing what I did. What is that? .... lol j/k you are right wont work on pve.
  10. johnm81

    Advice for the East side underwater cave

    1 squid + 1 basil with good saddles will clear the cave easy. You can also do 3-4 basil with good saddles and just be sure to fight near that surface water parts of the cavern for their 20hp/sec OP heal.
  11. I built this once. And after using it once or twice the structure glitched and half of it remained stationary floating in the water and the other half of it stayed connected to the raft.
  12. Best bet is to tame squid then grab the mosa and tranq it that way.
  13. Obis would support the double purpose and I was thinking once day comes the artifacts used to cancel a night disappear to be collected again. I would hope that these map types would allow transferring between the different maps to get the stuff you asked about.
  14. Id say it should fit as it does in AB. Yes it weakens them but if the devs see that they are too weak they can adjust the stats accordingly. As for quetz thats what the seeker spawn is for along with reaper tail shot.