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  1. johnm81

    Patch change question

    Says mana take damage from ranged weapons like other flyers. I cant recall was that 6x damage? Says tek engrams both homestead and non homestead are being added to bosses. Any one know the new list of what bosses give what now? thx
  2. johnm81

    kibble What's The Point?

    There is a pvp aspect to this as well. Small tribes can stay more hidden with smaller bases because they don't need the space. Small foot print = small base = less visible.
  3. johnm81

    Waves , currents and Tides

    great idea
  4. johnm81

    add backpack to lower weight

    would be cool.
  5. Parasaur can find meshers attacking a base standing still. The carry and detect is an issue not for bobs hiding in bushes rather hidden stashes of small tribes that get their bases raides on the daily. Its a defense we shouldnt be taking away from them.
  6. johnm81

    Offline raids cowards or smart play...

    Changing my quote to something I didn't say and replying to it makes you a coward, unable to perform critical thought, and a liar. 'pathetic'
  7. johnm81

    Offline raids cowards or smart play...

    Here is the thing. You can't control when the enemy plays. You can only control when you play. And it would be moronic to prep for an attack go over there and say oh wait guys they aren't online pack it up and go home.... Not all offline raiding is due to people looking to do just that. A lot of times its due to we play a global game with players around the globe. And play times vary.
  8. I agree with this. Its in my list of top five things I want to see changed. 1. Delete the Leeds fish from the game. 2. Make parasaur lose turret mode while being carried. 3. Make Cryopods unable to deploy within enemy foundation range 4. Remove mana's freeze effect and replace it with a slow 5. Allow small tribes access to the conquest AE discord
  9. johnm81

    managarmr These Nerfs Need To Be Fixed!!

    You are smarter than ErnestTheGamer
  10. johnm81

    managarmr These Nerfs Need To Be Fixed!!

    If you don't already know you will never accept why.
  11. johnm81

    New kibble system Y or N

    This system is far better for small tribes that need to hide bases because they lack man power to defend them. Less dinos means small bases that alloows for faster progression from leaa frequent raids. So I see this patch as a helping hand to small tribes
  12. I had a really good experience with meshers and dev response. The MOST important thing is play on a conquest server. If you dont you are asking for cheaters to attack. We were meshed. Took screen shots and in less than 12 hours the loser was was on twitch tv crying how the little bish was banned! Now you may ask what do you do to defend as it is reasonable that investigating takes time to weed out fake revenge reports. 1. Railguns. They are the best defense and very easy to get. Get 5 lightening wyvers for you and your friends. Get one wild tame theri. Go to extinction and set up a psx turret nest near the wyv spawn. Lure corrupted wyvs there and farm fire claws. Use lightening wyvs to to farm sarco skins and hearts. Take mats into desert titan cave on a theri as the mobs wont aggro you except golums and just run past them. summon titan and the ridden lightening wyvs can outpace the lightening strikes and flocks. Just bit him down. Boom tek rail gun and replicator engram.
  13. johnm81

    Ark is Pay To Win...

    Official PC PvP servers with almost 9k hours. Almost all of it living on the sea. Whats your experience to back up the advice you are giving? BZZT Wrong. Megs and mantas aren't the problem. Megs, mantas, jelly fish, eels, sarco, kapros, player aquatic tames, player boats with turrets, ect... are the problem with the novce suggestion of trailing aquatic tames. The suggestion that forces you to have a mile long trail of aggro constantly nipping on your tame = a dead tame eventually. Or when you do need the tame it will be low hp. And God help you if you drive near a school of jelly fish. One hit and your tame is dead 95% of the time. I am sorry to be offensive to you. But every time you post a suggestion it becomes clear you are a novice on the seas of Ark and are just repeating posts from the forums that if you played it you would know it doesn't work.
  14. johnm81

    Ark is Pay To Win...

    You can't whistle attack specific target command while enclosed in a boat. You can whistle aggressive to a trailing water tame and hope it attacks the leeds and said leeds breaks the engage. But to do so means you will be trolling the waters and will have a whole swarm of aggro following your tame before you even get to the leeds. Thus you want your tame to attack a very specific target among a swarm of baddies and you can't whistle attack to a specific one. And on top of that lets say your are lucky and your water tame attacks the leeds it might take a huge amount of damage or even get killed from the whole ocean of aggro you brought with you to the party. See this is why its a terrible idea to take advice from people who have never tried an idea but just contemplate it in their minds and if sounds good type their ill tested thoughts down on a forum reply.
  15. johnm81

    Ark is Pay To Win...

    Counter the leeds fish that doesn't involve xplants that doesn't require you to shoot ever freaking thing in the ocean.