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  1. I and many others would say a meager day is a short time. You are judged to be a timid enabler of bullying because you espouse a course of action that is timid and enabling bullies. The shoe fits and action or proposed action is the best insight one has into a persons character traits. No filling in needed.
  2. Best way is to kill someone who has one cryopoded on them. To fight them on foot ambush with z plant and kill rider.
  3. Thought the pvp window was 8 hours and you can force the pvp window open if you use some hard to get crafted item. I could be wrong though.
  4. A mana can swim faster than a wyverns or trope can fly... Let that soak in....
  5. No. He left for a short period of time. Re-read it. Bullies escalating the abuse? So the bullies put their dinos back? NOPE. Another tribe did. And they asked them to remove them AFTER THEY CAME BACK and the other tribe did. Looks like server learned their lesson and was acting in a more respectful manner. Exactly! The OP's solution creates short term conflict and long term solutions. Your solution creates status quo in the short term and encourages buillies to go even further in the long term. In other words: Gee, how did that bout of timidity against aggressive bully behavior of Germany work out? Wow what nonsense. Completely devoid of any understanding of human nature which translates on how people interact even in a video game. The irony is you demean those who have the spine to stand up to bullies while you do not. Those very people you malign are the ones fighting for you. They do the hard thing so others like you can hide in the shadows, benefit from their actions, and arrogantly proclaim how you are wiser and better than they are.
  6. I would add to all that Dino saddles should take dura loss from damage like turrets. Attacking is too cheap compared defense.
  7. He left so that he wouldn't have to listen to the crying of salty tears. Guess what, if the bully is crying you already won.... and the server in general for that matter. Or maybe the reason why you fear conflict in game but not on the forum is because when you are trapped you can just say pathetic things like this that show the weakness of your points. Ironic. You must not understand that peace comes definitive destruction of threats. This is the ONLY solution that ends conflict in long term. Once the bully's dinos are gone.... They are gone! It is an enduring solution. Block obi's... offending dinos are delete. Rinse and repeat. Its definitive, effective, and instills the concept of consequences to the wrong-doers period. Stop being so timid. It empowers bullies to harm others. You are doing that.
  8. You may not want to be. But you are. A willing or unwilling advocate as you espouse the position and perspective of those blocking content and bullying other tribes. Taking matters into his own hands wasn't needed for the situation to escalate. Bullies escalate matters on their own UNTIL someone steps up to them and pushes back. His actions was a POSITIVE influence for everyone else on the server and a negative one for the bully tribe. Oh boo hoo they bad tribe said mean words on chat. *wimper* Who cares. What matters is that their ability to lock down an obi was drastically hurt or killed altogether. You cry over and over at how he shouldn't stand up to a bully tribe rather hope that a gm shows up in the next few days to remedy a problem. You ARE in fact supporting the bully and enabling them to escalate matters as once they are done rubbing everyone else's face into the fact that they can't get to boss content they will up the ante to find another way to push people around. Your passivity encourages the offender. Your fear of conflict for long term resolution perpetuates the bully's actions. Wait for a gm is going to take too long. Killing the bully's dinos improved the game play experience of everyone but the bully.
  9. Hahaha no. Sorry I have dealt with enforcement team and non enforcement gms to know better. Sometimes they come quick other times they take days weeks or months. I had a ticket for blocked City terminal go over a week before resolved. And I have seen GM Rose reply to issues of enforcement and lost characters before so they do share personnel as well.
  10. If no player is present the Dino’s are insta killed by server.
  11. I’m going to stop you right there. By your definition of toxic this simply doesn’t qualify him as toxic. If I was a player on this server and a bully tribe was blocking content the removal of that tribes ability to do so would have left a huge POSITIVE impact on me and the other friendly tribes on the server. This working with you definition he is not adding but in fact taking away from server toxicity. Now I will admit from the bullying tribes perspective toxicity increased as someone stood their aggression and hampered their ability to push around other tribes. So in the end if you are decrying toxicity being increased you are really nothing more than an advocate for an abusive tribe. Let that sink in knowing full well tickets take weeks to months for gms to respond.
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