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  1. Griffin Balance

    Wow. I feel bad for console users...
  2. Griffin Balance

    This was a change from long ago.
  3. Be The Best Troll You Can Be

    And if you get cuff to the toilet your food water go down passively fast just as if you were standing. You do NOT get the huge food water decay bonus on a toilet as you do on a chair.
  4. Be The Best Troll You Can Be

    Please go reread the patch notes so you dont get corrected by so many people on this forum noob.
  5. Be The Best Troll You Can Be

    You guys are noobs. You have any idea how easy it is to get out of a jail?? Who cares if he gets caught..
  6. How to be: UNRAIDABLE

    Interesting @Sorca. And you found a hook point for a pillar to hang the base off of or was there a lip somewhere to put a foundation?
  7. May suggest a slight corrections/clarification of your statement: [We don't have any information to share about this matter just yet. When we do we will make an announcement about it five days before we delete all your characters, dinos, and bases. AND if you are prim+ you will get only a 2 day transfer window. And to top it all off we will patch the day before transfers close breaking transfers lolz aren't we a stinker! ] #GreatMigration2017NeverForget
  8. Christmas event request - DEVs please read

    My request: Make it Murder Murder Snow like all over all the maps... And make it snow 24/7 .... Oh and increase that fog... we love that too! What...? Im serious..
  9. Behave with grace and respect

    There are reasons for this hostility. Some valid and some not valid. Here is my story: Great game in the hands of a horible company. The 'Great Migration' was a perfect example of this. In a move to satisfy both the wipe and don't wipe crowds Wild Card decided to wipe 'some' servers upon launch. And a move I agree with. Now this is reasonable. However, they gave everyone only 5 days to do it. And oh wait, it gets better. In some game servers running special modes (primitive plus) they never turned on the ability to transfer! So two days into the 5 day transfer period to escape deletion they finally turn it on and we enter a mad rush to get our many tames and items and characters to the new server. On the 5th day Wild Card puts out a patch (never a smooth roll out) and breaks transfers. More than 24 hours BEFORE transfers close, the transfers close! And, in a true scumbag move Wildcard doesn't postpone deletion. Many characters who were going back and forth between servers to move items were now trapped along with many tames that were about to be uploaded on these doomed servers. Minutes turned into hours and finally the deadline came and many of our tribemates stood on obi transport pads with their tames and items hoping Wild Card would allow them to not be deleted. But it never happened. Thousands of hours of work gone. And the final insult. Never a word on this issue from the dev team despite hundreds of posts on the forums.Don't get me wrong. The game is great. I will continue to play it. If you are thinking of buying this game, do so with one warning from me. Only proceed if you are okay with without warning having everything you worked for taken from you due to Wild Card for no good reason.I have 4826 hours in the game.TLDR: Great game, you will fall in love with it, and Wild Card will rip your heart out, spit on your face, and ask you to buy their next DLC.
  10. with almost 5k hours I am approaching that in the continuing saga of wars attacks defeats running from or chasing enemies.
  11. Yes. So now you see the aspect of official that unofficial doesnt provide for my playstyle.
  12. Software wise? And the other factors like cost machine space bandwidth tech knowledge support ect... All the resources a company has and most private owners dont....
  13. Care to expound upon your reaction to my post?
  14. A network of hundreds of play-able maps. In essence making it a one massive interconnected world of land masses. This can't be found on unofficial. Although I wish it would.
  15. Griffin Balance

    But there is warm cookies and milk at the end....