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  1. johnm81

    Boats are too op against water bases

    Actually there is something WC could do that would be VERY easy and would fix that 100%. Give turrets an option to also shoot at structures. Allow PSX and auto turret bullets to damage all tiers. This would allow you to defend against breach boat attacks. AND Also make it so you can't place turrets down anywhere a preexisting enemy structure would be in range. That way you couldn't use turrets to attack bases only defend against platform based structures. Added benefit of making pacer breach structures less OP.
  2. johnm81


    Stop posting #MakeSoTFGreatAgain. It has been made great again. In facts its been made BETTER than it ever was. Its called Ultimate Survivor on Deki's Twitch channel. Go there, watch it, give him views and subs. Support Deki and Void as they are actually making it into a viable esport again. twitch.tv/deki
  3. My wife and I are looking for an Unofficial server. 1. 20-30 on at prime time 2. A cluster of PvE and PvP servers that characters can transfer around 3. Not too heavily modded 4. Rates no greater than 5x Suggestions?
  4. Much easier to punish a cheating tribe when their base is powering undermeshed turrets vs a proxy under meshing account that might have no affiliation to its parent mega tribe. No?
  5. ... in order to stop undermeshing once and for all? /discuss
  6. Well I have good news and bad news.... I fixed the stuttering problem. BUT it has halved my FPS. I was forcing my client to DX11. I now allow it to run at DX12 and the raft stuttering is stopped. But I guess I will have to live with 40-60 fps.
  7. Hey thanks for the suggestion. It did not work sad to say. But thanks for the advice.
  8. FYI I recorded my problem. The lag was only 90ms. You can see my FPS is 100+
  9. PC. I will try diff mode and let you know how it goes. @d1nk
  10. johnm81

    Reporting Meshers

    What does only means capable mean?
  11. My thoughts as well so I tried on a NA rag server and a EU rag no change. Only thing is both are rag and small tribe. Havent tried diff maps diff modes.
  12. Just a raft. On land no problems and server ping looks good like 70-80ms. Ya im very confused.
  13. I seem to have this issue with no structures on the raft as well as when I have sunk foundations into it.
  14. I have been away for a month. I started playing on a small tribe server. But I am suddenly experiencing horrible stuttering when I walk on rafts regardless if structures are on it or not. This never happened before to me. Anyone else having this issue? Any fixes? Thanks.