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  1. pretty much the only way for newbs to hide stuff with WC looking the other way on rampant INI cheating in this game....
  2. This is false. They only restored up to level 105. Per GM Rose.
  3. FYI screen shots of implant or engrams won’t help you. They will restore a shell of your character lvl 105 with a few tek engrams. Also GM Rose is awful delete your ticked and resubmit it if you get her.
  4. Yeah as said before just transfer your character to SE and back home. IT will clear it. Bug? Maybe. But it works.
  5. And that is my point. We must acknowledge that there are pros and cons to both officials and non-officials. If that was the case why would I have advised the OP to join a non-official?? I see the pros and cons of both. We all need to.
  6. Stop being such a fan boy one way or the other. There is good and bad on both sides and you have to be real about it. If, by your own admission, admit that you have heard the comment of servers vanishing "to every post like this" from multiple posts that you need to reply to them all in this one statement, then it means its happens enough to be noticed.
  7. Or an automatic restore system from character daily backups
  8. They need better response times and complete character restore
  9. A reschedule would be received much better if response times were in minutes/hours not weeks / months. And people are pissed before that point because their character can’t be restored fully which is complete crap.
  10. I had an appointment with GM Rose and she got there 45min early. Thankfully I was setup already. A tribe mate had her come an hour before she was supposed to and after saying are you there left. Another 3 weeks to get her back. most players I know will delete the ticket and resub a new one if Gm Rose is the one that first replied.
  11. Grind wood in an ind grinder.
  12. I and many others would say a meager day is a short time. You are judged to be a timid enabler of bullying because you espouse a course of action that is timid and enabling bullies. The shoe fits and action or proposed action is the best insight one has into a persons character traits. No filling in needed.
  13. Will it run out of fuel eventually and come down?
  14. I for one would love this as well.
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