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  1. depends are you on pve (with no declared wars) or pvp? If the latter, go raft can't put turrets on a bronto. you can to a raft.
  2. Elitists exist on both sides of the fence. They are anyone who believes their side deserves preferential treatment over others. Yes lots of elitists pvpers too.
  3. That would be called information from an unreliable source. That would be called an immature straw-man argument. And that would be called the point you completely ignored as it removes reliability from your source.
  4. Hello immature straw-man argument how are you today?
  5. You are being willfully ignorant to the track record of WC knowing their own game. This is the company that gave a few days in the first great migration and had NO idea that server transfers weren't a thing on THERE OWN PRIM+ SERVERS. Oh and who was it that was blissfully unaware of that? Lets just take a gander.... Oh yes, it was Ced, the very same guy who you are quoting as "fact". Sure.... He literally just asked some player on twitter about the configuration of his own mod unaware of its status. You can doubt the accuracy or not believe him. Doesn’t change facts that he has shown himself not to be knowledgeable about his own game.
  6. It just dawned on me. How can we really divorce pvp balance and pve servers when there is a lot of pvp that happens on pve server with the tribe war system? Now that system is in place is there really such a thing as non-pvp servers? No. The only difference is consensual vs non-consensual pvp. But still PvP.
  7. If you consider unofficial I doubt the implied assumption in that statement. With that said, even pve players have tribe wars...
  8. Add to that question, can you place turrets on it? If not its more of a useless novelty item unless there is more to do in the water biome of genesis.
  9. I question how accurate those stats and statements are from Ced. Considering most players play Unofficial how could they possibly know. I think Ced's statements were that more players play PvE on official network vs the much larger unofficial network. In addition battlemetrics data delve suggests that it is very close to 50% to 50%
  10. Or maybe they should balance PvE and PvP with different rule sets so we wouldn't have to contend with your insufferable elitism?
  11. Are you suggesting that pvp balance should be neglected in favor of placing worker hours to enhance the pve of this game?
  12. To Ark Devs about Genesis.... A simple request: As you go about creating the concepts behind the new tames and items, I implore you, please ask yourself a simple question. "How will this impact pvp balance?" Extinction is a huge example of what happens when you allow your inner nerd child run wild with concepts that are without a doubt cool. And believe they are cool concepts that utterly break, no, smashed pvp balance. And many in the pvp community would agree that we are still reeling from it. So while you are neck deep in nerdgasm please take a sobering step back and ask yourself how will this impact pvp balance or how could this be abused in pvp (cough lava lizard cough). Thank you.
  13. Put the no flier AND no non-AB like dino rule BACK into AB map Please restrict AB to what it was before. No flying dinos like Desert titan on map. And also if there isn't an aberrant equivalent they shouldn't be allowed like the managarmr. Agree?
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