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  1. Maybe I am doing this wrong, but when I go to the top of the sky with my griffin nose down and start getting my wooshing sound speed boost, as soon as I pull up the speed boost leaves.... Regardless how long I kept diving for the speed boost leaves the moment I start to climb altitude. Was this a recent nerf?
  2. Let me throw a curve ball at both of you and take what you are saying but this time against a Ice Wyvern with a massive 9 second slow debuff on its breath attack. Does that change much?
  3. So what you are suggesting is that the meta is no longer dog fight to pick. But dog fight to actually damage the enemy pilots tame till they die or have to retreat from the theater of engagement?
  4. I meant the initial climb where the griffin was getting its first speed bonus.
  5. If you were on the wyvern, and had to defeat yourself would a successful counter be climb to the top of the sky with you as the wyvern can climb faster?
  6. Does that strat still work if the Wyvern pilot sees you and follows you up to the top of the sky as you climb?
  7. Is that a situation where you are ambushing the wyvern without the enemy pilot knowing of your existance?
  8. So I have read the general idea that when it comes to dog fighting the Griffin is the king of the skies. But in practice I just don't see it. Now it's true that the griffin is faster for short spurts when it has a chance to climb high altitude and swoop down. But in almost ever dog fight I have been practicing in with tribe mates I have learned that if the Wyvern rider is aware of the griffins existence, he can bank hard and initiate a dog fight pattern like this: It starts with the Wyvern and Griffin approaching each other at max speeds. Usually there is an initial attempt to pick which usually fails and then both pilots engage this maneuver (The one circle flow or two circle flow) At that point it transitions to a turn circle geometry. In the below pic, look at it as if you were looking down from the sky towards the ground: And at this point The griffin's initial speed bonus is gone and is starting to get low on stamina. The Wyvern has plenty of stamina and now is gaining on the Griffin in this loop. But the biggest benefit for the Wyvern starts when I put his head to as far as I can over his own shoulder and shoot my fire, ice, or lightening breath. It actually hits the Griffin. Did the same with a Pteranodon. So during the dog fight the Wyvern has a stamina advantage, does damage to the enemy while trying to get in position to pick them, AND eventually is traveling faster than the Griffin after the initial one circle flow maneuver. On top of all of that the, the Wyvern has a larger grab area. He can miss the target more and still get a successful grab connection to the rider. And if being played as a defensive unit, the wyvern, not griffin, can pick up stegos dropped on his own base. What am I missing here? How is the Griffin better than a Wyvern unless its a situation where the Griffin ambushes a Wyvern from higher alt without being seen?
  9. Leedsichthys removed or nerfed

    The Leeds is a sloppy poorly thought out feature that was not needed for ridding servers of rafts. First of all Devs already put in a demo timer for rafts after the Leeds was put in the game. v266.0- Rafts can be demolishable across all servers after a period of time. Second of all, if they wanted to remove the raft clutter all they needed to do was remove the tribe log effect of reporting the person who destroyed your raft. Treat rafts like a structure and not like a tame in what info it shows in your tribe log. All the beach noob griefers would clean the rafts up nicely.
  10. Cave Needs

    Strange, None of you mentioned to the OP the best caving mount. ... The Terror Bird. 1. Can bola them and tame them up with mutton so easy to get a really high level. 2. Can glide so no need for grapple hooks. 3. Naturally loses torpor very quickly so all those spiders, snakes, millipedes, aren't so scary 4. Can fit in places where wolves, sabercats, baryonyx, ect can't fit. 5. And they look hilarious.
  11. Brightness/Gamma is ruining the game!

    patiently waiting
  12. 100% not true. I was doing some tests on single player and spawned in leeds. It B-Lined for the rafts that had no players on them and ate them.
  13. The truth of the matter is that the Leeds was a sloppy fix to an old problem. One the devs have fixed with a 15 day demo timer on rafts. But in all reality none of this was needed If they wanted to get rid of rafts they only had to make one change: Remove raft kill notifications with name of killer from tribe logs.
  14. Sounds good to me. So make a sweep of the ocean on an dolphin and demo the rafts every few days.