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  1. johnm81

    ARK: Survival Of The Fittest

    There is a Mod of SotF that I think is being worked on and developed by Deki/Void. I haven't seen him stream any tournys of it on twitch tv in a while so I don't know if they are still working on it but it showed HUGE promise and was already more balanced and action packed than wild cards version.
  2. johnm81

    My creative solution to meshing

    The best option is what they are doing for CQ servers. Actual employees on discord that you can send a 911 message to and they ban them right away.
  3. WC is like an abusive spouse. It tends to dash hopes and hurt you with promises it will be better next time. Maybe ... maybe not lol. Ill be very cautious in my optimism.
  4. I hear you. If the speed and consistency of wipes continue then it will break these guys bad behavior (and WC will make money from it). If WC becomes lazy or shows favoritism of any kind then yes this will be meaningless. That's why I said... We shall see...
  5. BLDX and Gang Gang were both on that server. Hope the AE action was due to fair use of the rules and not a favor for TEA.
  6. It all depends on how things go from here on. If a consistent approach is taken that if you cheat you get dev wiped then it is irrelevant if these players buy new accounts and play again because they will just be dev wiped again if they choose to continue with bad behavior. Let them buy new accounts and come back all the more $$$ for WC to keep their servers running and to expand the active enforcement teams. The key is an even heavy handed approach needs to be taken constantly, which what happened to BLDX and Gang Gang is a good indication it will. Time will tell and I am cautiously optimistic but I always keep in the back of my mind it wont be consistent. And if it isn't then WC will have missed a golden opportunity. We shall see....
  7. As I was typing this I logged into my conquest server and saw this! I guess Wildcard is done putting up with cheating!
  8. My response to the Extinction Chronicles V Next Week & Developer Diary Undermeshing Section https://steamcommunity.com/games/346110/announcements/detail/1685927196300125716 There IS a silver bullet to under meshing. And it is a very simple one that requires ZERO coding. The solution is active enforcement teams (AET) with discord that can respond to 911 alerts 24/7 just like on the conquest servers. This requires spending money on worker hours. It is up to the players to recruit people into their tribes to have a around the clock presence in game (not an easy task I know) and it up to the AET to respond quickly to steam/VAC/ARK ban undermeshers then submit a request to GMs for server reverts and Dev wipes of tribes who benefited from the hackers. So let me be open about my extreme happiness with the active enforcement team's presence on the conquest servers as this is the start of the true solution. Now time will tell if it going to be used effectively. Although I do wish they would allow tribe leaders of smaller tribes to apply for discord channel membership. I hope to see it expand to all other servers.
  9. johnm81


  10. If you hit all of those points I posted Ill take a look at your server cluster. PM me the address
  11. https://wow.gamepedia.com/Forsaken#/media/File:Forsaken_Chinese_model.jpg ?
  12. 1. An already established group of players. So yes invite your friends. But NEVER have any sort of donation reward system. 2. Have a cluster of maps. Some PvP some PvE and the ability to transfer between them. 3. Have some mods but not too many. No mods is fine as well. I prefer no mods but that is just me. 4. Have 2x-4x never anything more than that. Other wise game feels just blah. 5. Give some indication that admin abuse will never be tolerated and you can commit to in the next few years your server will not be shut down. If I could find a server like this. I would play it.
  13. I dont know anything of closed clusters but prim+ had other issues beyond that. Namely the load times. I honestly believe if they fixed that its popularity would jump. Again, as for closed clusters I don't know.
  14. So you are of the opinion that the conquest servers are the spiritual successor for small tribe servers even though pop wise, 6mans were very popular?