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  1. Paid Ark Data Subscription Hi, On Tuesday, my character could not load on a specific server, and i tried login in 40 time. Then i opened a new account and tried to log in and that worked so the issue here is with my character. Makes no sense. Any way I had dinos in cryopods in the ark data, that were very high lvls. The thing is they expire in 24 hours and as you all know, you'd need to be online to use them else you lose them, forever. So a service where you pay lets say 100$ a year to keep 6 items in the ark for 12 months would be really useful. What would you think, is that a good idea?
  2. yeah well i did transfer next to a giga maybe it ate me while i was transferring and my player is now dead in the void of time. WHO KNOWS!!! ARK FIX THIS S<3<3T
  3. I try to enter my server on official PS4 and the app crashes with error. I can however make a new character on another server, but I cant go on that specific server without it crashing. I have no clue whats going on, but my hunch is other players attack and manipulate the code to block your ip from entering the server. Best advice would be to get a VSN. Then go back to the server and grab a trike and wipe every single player out. Thats the general idea before you even start on a server anyway. Grab a trike and wipe all the big bases.
  4. EVERY TIME I TRY TO ENTER SERVER PS4 CRASHES Hi, Im not sure if you've had this issue, However every time i try to enter my server on official PS4, the server crashes with PS4 Crash error. CE-34878-0 The thing is if i enter another server its cool, everything works the game doesn't crash, I just have to start a new character. Im not sure whats going on and yes Ive contacted the devs. I did have items in the ARK data with high level dinos in them. I just wanna know will I be able to get them back? Thanks
  5. Rubbish. You can still mesh by using a grapple: SHOOT the mesh and release the grapple, you'll go right through to the other-side on the top. And don’t mesh to destroy bases or escape or to have an advantage, honestly I didn’t even know that it was called meshing till today. I thought that was an actual part of the game. In fact I needed to grapple from one area to another and then it just happened that my player would spawn above that rock. So I did it again and didn’t let go of the grapple the game killed my player. Second time you did it, I let go of grapple by kneeling and the game respawned me on top of the surface I grapple hooked under. I thought it was weird, might be part of the game. I find out today that it’s actually a mistake by the developers maybe a loop hole, cause let’s face it no one watches the devs.. the devs watch you. So that means they are the law in their own game.... some of these devs also play the very game that they design. It’s corrupted for their purposes folks. Cant wait for a real survival game to hit the market. One that modern, realistic and doesn't involve dinosaurs . THIS GAME IS FLOODED with KIDS age 12 to 18, you'll find the odd home BUM 21 year old who's parents are divorced and he has nothing better to do but play ark. DELETE THE GAME BE FOR YOU END UP IN THE HANDS OF A DEVS ASSOCIATE with direct contact to devs and out sourced team members of ark. YES the devs PLAY THE GAME TOO and so do some of their friends and family. With that being said not all devs are corrupted. DEVS are any contributors to ark that have access to main files.
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