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  1. Yep, stupid Manticore is broken. Last time we fought it on Valguero, it never landed. Luckily our admin was in with us and spawned in a bunch of rocket launchers for us to shoot it down with.
  2. I'm on my 3rd character due to the random character deletion bug. WC's response to my tickets is always just a list of Console Commands to help get the new character leveled up, ascended, and reclaim structures and dinos.
  3. Blue Screen Game Crashes Multiple members of my tribe have been reporting problems with their game crashing and getting a blue screen error message (can't remember the actual error code) on PS4 PC Non-dedicated server hosted by gPortal. We have tried, with no success: Restarting the game Restarting the PS4 Restarting the Server We are able to get back into the server (after having to deal with the server search settings resetting) and play for a while before someone crashes again. This should be top priority on the fix-it list! We've already lost multiple tame
  4. Have you tried booting your PS4 into safe mode and rebuilding the database? Seems like that is working for some people as the Blue Screen error bug is affecting ALOT of PS4 players. Especially on Ragnarok!
  5. We had some issues with him landing when we did the Gamma fight. Luckily we all had high level rifles, so we were able to chip away at him. My tribemate got the kill with his Fab Pistol! lol We're currently working on breeding a few Velonosaurs to take with us next time. Have them concentrate on Manti while a squad of rexs chew up everything on the ground. Wish us luck!
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