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  1. Yep, stupid Manticore is broken. Last time we fought it on Valguero, it never landed. Luckily our admin was in with us and spawned in a bunch of rocket launchers for us to shoot it down with.
  2. I am not aware of a code that allows regular wood to be a substitute for fungal wood. What my server admin has done in the past, is setup a "shop" to exchange resources for those not found in the map. But if there is a code out there, I would love to know what it is as well!
  3. Check in the store. If the purchase was done on the same account, you should have the option to download it without repurchasing.
  4. I didn't ask for a list of ALL the bugs in the game! Simply which ones the OP believes fit his statement.
  5. Please enlighten us with the bugs that you believe to be simple fixes. /s
  6. Yes, I have noticed that as well, only mine are at the bottom right. The cannon still shoots directly in front, so it's still useful. Did some bombing runs on an abandoned base yesterday with tropeos. It's alot of fun!
  7. Ok, cool! I'll have to try to remember that!
  8. I haven't seen any official statement stating September. Only release info I've seen in regards to CI on consoles is "summer 2020" What is the source of this September release? (I'm genuinely curious here. Not trolling or anything!)
  9. CrystalIsles should be the official version
  10. PS4 Tropeognathus Questions and Issues Been playing around with the Tropeo and loving it! It's fun to zip around and and have dogfights with other Topeos and Wyverns! But I have encountered a couple issues with it. 1. How in the heck do you turn off the jet engine!? I've tried every button, and nothing seems to turn it off! Clicking the stick that engages it just kicks in the afterburners and back to cruise mode. The only way I've found is to either dismount, or pull the gas out of it's inventory! Both risky moves! You can't land with the jet running! 2. I can't ch
  11. Characters stay on the server they were left on. If you want to use the same character on different servers, you'll need to go to an Obelisk or Loot Drop and select the "Upload Survivor" option. This is also how you save and transfer dinos and equipment! But be careful. There is an expiration timer on how long things can live in the upload cloud!
  12. The lag and "rubber banding" that you are experiencing are, unfortunately, a common problem when playing on a highly populated server, or a server with alot of structures. My advice, would be to try a different server. Pay attention to the ping. It may take a bit to find a server that will fit your internet speeds and play style. Don't be afraid to explore the Unofficial PC session servers! They're usually boosted (making the game less about the grind, and more about the fun) and alot have active admins that can help you out if you have problems.
  13. I've never made Soap before, what is it used for?
  14. Looks like you got raided! LOL If you're on official, you are SOL, raiding is a part of the game. If you're on unofficial, try contacting your server admin, they might be willing to do something... It sucks to get raided, but there are steps you can take. -Make sure everything is set to "Locked" -Build strong structures (Thatch and Wood are soooo easy to break) -Make dummy boxes with some decent mats/gear in them (Store your good stuff in hidden boxes) -Have a "Security Force" stationed around and inside your base. -TURRETS!!!! -Be cool with the other pl
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