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  1. It is honestly infuriating. Tribes, using obvious exploits, suffer zero consequences and even get rewarded in the end. Our tribe and allied tribes found out about this bug very early after Genesis release, but we didn't even consider going for it, even though we have a reaper trap set up on aberration. If things are gonna stay like they are now next I will make sure to not be so naive and use my knowledge of newly occurred exploits in full, as it is the only way to make it fair.
  2. oh and I forgot to mention specific to every biome soundtrack and main theme. they add up so much atmosphere and is so on point
  3. All the biomes look breathtaking. The map is very detailed and polished, just like Aberration (never thought I would say that). I love it
  4. I love Genesis! It is up there on my list of best ark maps along with Aberration. No flyers, challenging environment, beautiful biomes, biome specific creature colours and skins. And missions! Had so much fun doing race missions with friends. I am a veteran player, who started on Island map back in the legacy days. I do enjoy classic maps as well and like every DLC, except maybe Extinction. I like how Genesis is very different, but somehow it gives me Island vibes.
  5. I really enjoy no flyers experience and hope it stays that way. Ark on foot is fun and certainly more challenging
  6. I hoped this evet would last all the way until 25th. Or at least to the weekend. That would be great way to keep us busy before Genesis comes out
  7. This game breaking issue just has to be addressed. It has been existing since the very release of the game and still a problem. Almost every player I play with lost their character at least once. Isn't it easier to find a solution for once, rather than responding to countless amount of tickets every day?
  8. EU-PVE-Official-Ragnarok211 has been unplayable for days The server kicks everyone every 5-10 minutes. We filed multiple reports, hoping for it to be fixed before Valentine event starts. So far it has gotten only worse, with disconnects apperaing even more often
  9. Looks exciting! I hope for 2x taming event as well, I don't think it would hurt anyone
  10. Great tip, Anarki! I also now have multiple characters, but I hate, that I am almost forced to do so. Imprinting sucks and not being able to transfer items in your inventory also sucks. I would very much prefer to have just one and only character and not split my progress between multiple alts.
  11. I created this thread almost 1,5 years ago. Yet it gets revived again and again, and again. People keep loosing their characters just as often, which is just beyond ridiculous. Maybe it is time to finally make transferring safe? How is it still a thing...
  12. I hope this issue will be fixed one day. It is major, you would think it is a priority, but yet here we are. How hard it is to implement a character backup information being stored in the cloud? I wonder
  13. At this time, we are unable to assist players with lost survivors, this includes restoring imprints, lost exp, and engrams. We apologize for the inconvenience and we hope to offer more support with it in the future! Thats what I found in article" How to Transfer Your Survivor to Another Server Safely", if anyone curious. Support page. So its called "inconvenience"'. Thats frustrating.
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