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  1. MotherOfRaptors

    Transferring character

    log on different server and press "download character", you might have it uploaded already, thats why you cant transfer away. sounds very similar to what happened to me. after you downloaded the char from ark data transfer to your 398 island server to sync your progress
  2. MotherOfRaptors

    Lost Survivor :(

    its been almost 7 days since I lost my 122 lvl char and sent a ticket. still silence. if I played alone, I would loose all my dinos by tomorrow. that can show you, how much they care
  3. MotherOfRaptors

    Lost character. What happens next?

    At this time, we are unable to assist players with lost survivors, this includes restoring imprints, lost exp, and engrams. We apologize for the inconvenience and we hope to offer more support with it in the future! Thats what I found in article" How to Transfer Your Survivor to Another Server Safely", if anyone curious. Support page. So its called "inconvenience"'. Thats frustrating.
  4. MotherOfRaptors

    Lost character. What happens next?

    Thanks everybody for your answers! No imprints on all my event dinos, reapers, drakes means they are lost. They cant be replaced, I cant just raise some new ones. If they give me a lvl 100 char with primitive specimen implant instead of my original lvl 122 - this is too much. I shouldnt be forced to ask "kindly" a GM to get back what I lost due to ingame issue and pray that he/she might say yes back. It should be given me back automatically, this should be our rights. How is it still even a thing? I always was thinking- no matter what happens, I wouldn't stop plyaing ark. A few lost dinos while transferring, some drakes get pushed underground while fighting a queen, some boss rex team lost to a bug - I can deal with that, love this game anyways. But loosing all my progress - I didn't consider that.
  5. MotherOfRaptors

    Lost character. What happens next?

    Hey! Could anybody share their experience about restoring lost due rollback character? Will I get my original character back with all the imprints, achievements, engrams or will they just give me a new one with the same lvl? I lost my 122 lvl character, which had 2 ascensions done, unlocked all the engrams and which I had for 4k hours... I had lots of good and rare creatures imprinted on me and currently was raising an event reaper and event drakes, they were just born and I got to imprint them only once before I lost my char. It is very frustrating, I really hope it can be fixed. P.S.I play on official pve servers, PC, if that matters.
  6. I really hoped, that this colour event would last longer since Archeology event lasted 1 month purple and blue are awesome colours
  7. MotherOfRaptors

    pvp Fast track to defendable base

    I like the idea, this style must be really enjoyable, but the only one thing that bothers me in this case - you won't be able to "win" the game - to become an ultimate survivor with an alpha ascension implant. That's if you care about the lore.
  8. MotherOfRaptors

    Happy Birthday ARK: Year Three!

    Happy Birthday, ARK!
  9. MotherOfRaptors

    Polymer vs Organic Polymer

    Cullis, do you mean moschtops? On what map are you usually farming?
  10. Looking forward to the weekend. Yay! Thanks
  11. I do play during weekdays too. I tame and build, but big building projects and long expensive tames I leave for events. And I think I dont need to explain why. Ive been playing since alpha and events were always part of the game and, apparently, normal. I dont understand, why they have to take it away and who benefits from that. I love the game and can live with majority of its imperfections, but this one makes me sad.
  12. MotherOfRaptors

    Question about bosses

    Yes, seems like it is the starting person who needs to have required lvl. We fought yesterday and our friend was 5 lvls below required. He got teleported in and unlocked all the engrams.
  13. No events at all means we cant only enjoy faster taming, but even cant build. I planned to finish my building project this weekend and finally tame a high lvl dimetrodon as it is very time consuming to do without x2. But apparently we didnt deserve another event, like at least boosted gathering would hurt anyone. This is depressing
  14. MotherOfRaptors

    is it me, or new argents are oversized chickens

    The cockroach comparison made me laugh. I only now realised, how accurate it is Their chubby bodies used to make them look kinda cute, though. The new argy model is no where near cute. But I should admit, I started liking it a bit more after some time. Especially after realising, that the new model is more anatomically accurate, according to modern knowledge about how these birds used to look like.
  15. MotherOfRaptors

    is it me, or new argents are oversized chickens

    In my opinion they look like pigeons now