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  1. I just checked multiple SuperTurkey dermises - they do not display. my DodoRex dermis is displaying totally fine as well
  2. Dodowyvern dermis stopped displaying As the title says. Dodowyvern dermis stopped displaying after update v304.1. Does anyone have the same issue? Official PVE, extinction.
  3. Looks exciting! I hope for 2x taming event as well, I don't think it would hurt anyone
  4. Great tip, Anarki! I also now have multiple characters, but I hate, that I am almost forced to do so. Imprinting sucks and not being able to transfer items in your inventory also sucks. I would very much prefer to have just one and only character and not split my progress between multiple alts.
  5. I created this thread almost 1,5 years ago. Yet it gets revived again and again, and again. People keep loosing their characters just as often, which is just beyond ridiculous. Maybe it is time to finally make transferring safe? How is it still a thing...
  6. I hope this issue will be fixed one day. It is major, you would think it is a priority, but yet here we are. How hard it is to implement a character backup information being stored in the cloud? I wonder
  7. Back in legacy days, when we just started playing, island map, pve. Our first base location was far away from metal spawns and after discovering metal nodes on the tops of the mountains across the map using our raw meat tamed low lvl pteras, we decided to take the task seriously. A brief discussion and a decision to tame something big and strong to carry all the metal was made. A bronto! We successfully tamed a low lvl bronto, named it Betty, and set off for our mountain trip the same day. Our little train contained a bronto, a parasaur and a Raptor for protection. It took ages to get to the metal spawns, but we were quite happy with the results and did a few runs, climbing with our bronto almost all the way up on the top of the mountains each time and gathering all the metal with our pick axes. We lost our para to a rex, that ambushed us, but even that wasn't enough to stop us. Until later, when we saw two people doing quetz/anky metal run close by... Oh boy we were impressed and felt like the biggest noobs in entire ark! Hope those two players at least got to smile a bit at us. Still best memories up to this day
  8. When you ascend after defeating alpha King on extinction you see a final cut scene - secret ending, that possibly shows a start of a new story. Why would they make it, if extinction was the last map? You can find that scene on YouTube, if you are not afraid of spoilers, and see it for yourself.
  9. we regularly either don't get half of elemnet or don't get it completely. when we get all the element it means a lucky day for us... its so so broken and demotivating. please, do something about the way you actually recieve the elemnet you are supposed to recieve from ragnarok bosses!
  10. We used to use argies all the time for beta manti and we loved it. But after patch v279.275 (where flyers AI was changed) we went to do the boss with our battle birds as usual and it was terrible. Argies were landing all the time, instead of fighting manticore, which never ever happened before. We barely made it with just few seconds left in the end. So we used only rexes after that...
  11. we lost our boss team to buggy beta manti yesterday too. and before we had many successful runs, so we knew what we were doing. I guess we were just lucky before. this time it was landing all the time for 0,5 seconds and taking off again (before anyone would start moving), sometimes it tried to land but couldnt, even though it was enough space and no one was moving. . we are two people, so it wasnt enough time to kill it with shotguns (we wlways have good shotties with us and bunch of ammo). not like we are surprised, because lots of people on our server complain about loosing their teams all the time. just trying to bring attention of devs to this topic and warn others
  12. At this time, we are unable to assist players with lost survivors, this includes restoring imprints, lost exp, and engrams. We apologize for the inconvenience and we hope to offer more support with it in the future! Thats what I found in article" How to Transfer Your Survivor to Another Server Safely", if anyone curious. Support page. So its called "inconvenience"'. Thats frustrating.
  13. Thanks everybody for your answers! No imprints on all my event dinos, reapers, drakes means they are lost. They cant be replaced, I cant just raise some new ones. If they give me a lvl 100 char with primitive specimen implant instead of my original lvl 122 - this is too much. I shouldnt be forced to ask "kindly" a GM to get back what I lost due to ingame issue and pray that he/she might say yes back. It should be given me back automatically, this should be our rights. How is it still even a thing? I always was thinking- no matter what happens, I wouldn't stop plyaing ark. A few lost dinos while transferring, some drakes get pushed underground while fighting a queen, some boss rex team lost to a bug - I can deal with that, love this game anyways. But loosing all my progress - I didn't consider that.
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