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  1. The event has been pushed back a week cuz reasons...
  2. Wow look at this person equating one group with not knowing disappointment set backs let downs and pain because the shade of their skin. He / she must know every persons story in that racial group else that’s a pretty ignorant and racist thing to type.
  3. They are. Which can be bypassed with hardware ID changing. Thus, making the account free is a open door to little-to-no-meaning bans.
  4. I think some points should be added for historical reference
  5. @ItWasntMeUse a vpn and slow connections don’t hinder cheating enough to deter. Or the can hide behind free isp gateways like colleges. All of the above is really irrelevant because WC doesn’t ip ban so it’s a moot point.
  6. And cheaters will load up a dozen or so plus copies for a week or two of meshing duping aimboting. its a bad idea
  7. hopefully it will never be free. makes account bans almost meaningless
  8. I hear hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin helps as well... maybe.... maybe not....
  9. You are right that buffing offense only aids online defense. But you need to understand why buffed defense rule sets like orp only work when you are offline. Minor buffs for off line defense are several factors more potent when a defender is online. It would be impossible to balance that. You want to boost offline defense?Put in a far more complex and comprehensive tribe privilege system so tribes can aggressively recruit without fear of insiding and can insure players are always on.
  10. 1. Maybe they don't speak English. 2. Maybe they do speak English but are all talking about the guy talking in general in their voice chat discord. 3. Maybe they are too busy hunting you to chat.
  11. Consider this though. Strong offensive minded changes are defensive as well. Strong offense can be a defenders best tool if they choose to 'counter attack'. So buffing offense buffs both.
  12. happens a lot. your character is 99% gone if on an official server. Now get in line and wait the WEEKS it will take for a gm to come tell you that they will give you a fraction of what your character was in xp and engrams. If you don't like it they will just leave and force you to make a new appointment and wait WEEKS again. So be sure to say thank you ma'am / sir as they DILO you over. GLHF SURVIVORS!
  13. False. GM Rose upon arriving to give me back my 134 all tek engrams character AFTER WAITING 17 DAYS informed me that even though I gave a SS of my ID# AND engrams she would only level me to 105, give tame imprints, and 5 tek engrams... And if I had an issue with it there was 0 I or she could do about it. Customer service is a joke.
  14. Character Automated Back ups All a character is can be stored as a single line of information. WC needs to put into place a once a 24 hour character back up system along an automated restore option managed from the website. Character loss represents too much of a loss and too much a burden on customer service reps to be ignored. Please upvote
  15. The most germane question isn't what causes it to be deleted server side. Rather what is the best way to perform backups so that an automated restore feature can be used the moment a character is lost vs WEEKS of waiting for banker hours customer service (ya right...) rep can tell you why they can't help you and go pound off....
  16. I’d love to hear from a dev why this game doesn’t do a character back up once a day. The sheer loss a missing character represents makes easily a top five issue under meshing duping aimbotting and ini. you literally could contain all a character is in a single string variable.
  17. That’s an interesting opinion. From my time on unofficial they have been far more laggy and unstable due to mods.
  18. anky esp if you can raise one and get imprinting on it with good melee.
  19. This happened to us a while back while doing island overseer. why WC doesn’t do daily character backups is beyond me!
  20. get new friends...
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