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  1. Lol, inflatable t-rex. First costume that i actually want to get. But whats with the meh colors? All have already been available before. Should be some rarer colors...
  2. Under 20 mutation parents change to get better stat mutation is 3.34. One parent above 20 muts halves that. So we are looking roughly 250 to 300 babies to get mutation to correct stat with above 20 mut parent.
  3. Singleplayer,official,unofficial, mods? Were you swiped by tail when teleporting? Tribe log of the giga going poof? You did not teleport when you clicked and only your giga? Need more details. Also 90 or 100% is not as huge difference as ppl make it to be... Also breeding event going so breed some extra gigas.
  4. Remember reduced damage only works against the fireball. Fire breath does full damage no matter the resistance or armor.
  5. Depends on boss. Too many rexes is actually liability as many of them dont get to hit boss at all if you are not clever about ordering or grouping. Alpha brood is actually the hardest hitting boss. But 3 to 4 boss fight without healing is generally what happens. On center ape+brood can do 5 to 8 fights as they have less hp than island versions. 3000+ melee rexes. Usual squas is 2 x 6 and yuty. Center bosses with 1.5k melee old rexes.
  6. Depends on your rex commanding. 4k rexes will kill the bosses quite a bit faster if they get to hit boss and not get crowded in one spot where half them can only hit the boss. I never heal my 40k rexes between boss fights. Can do 5 to 8 alphas easily.
  7. Storages dont auto decay. They need to be demolished manually once timer is gone. However they will go poof if they fall. Vaults reset their decay time on fall.
  8. Why on earth you have that much hp on the rexes? Wasted stat points. 35k is enough for any boss par MC
  9. Wait,what? How can unofficial servers use tools to do that but not official?
  10. Yes, game only uses few cores efficiently. Thats if you are playing single player, you may want to start dedicated server on same machine and connect to that for increased performance as the server will use other threads from client. Client doesnt have to do everything any longer.
  11. I can pretty much quarantee they have tools and logs. If posting misinformation like this please post proof also.
  12. Multigpu support is going less and less on games now. Only 3090 have native multigpu support, others need software support for it and its abysmal. For time being mgpu is pretty much lost cause.
  13. First is due how the stasis works. Its intentional due how the spawning works. You will need quite powerfull computer to be able to run whole map without stasis. Start dedicated server on your machine and problem is fixed. As lng as you have multicore cpu running game and server on same machine will actually increase your performance in game as they they will both run on separate threads and single player process dont have to do everything.
  14. What makes you think they dont have logs. They have logs for pretty much anything happening on servers including how many times you pooped lats game session. Majority of client crashes are from hardware issues at user end. Or engine issues that are from ue4 that cant be fixed by Wildcard. What tools seem to be missing? Tools are not an issue but GM’s need to follow company policies.
  15. Pods are much better with less of clutter and size of info hud. Color id’s are wrong though.
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