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  1. Should get reply in few days to week depending on ticket volume.
  2. That is very odd. I have never ever have a base starting to demolish while i have been in render range. Unless someone else has been there demolishing stuff.
  3. They do if you stay out of render aye. I have been sitting in "demolish allowed" base for up to 2 hours and it did not start to go down without me going out of render range.
  4. Its nothing but server query failure. Server fails to return proper information on settings.
  5. Normal structure pieces get deleted as soon as noone is in render range. Storages stay until demolished.
  6. Propably someone else tried to tame it before and did not finish. Server restart needed to fix that.
  7. Even before the clamp change bp’s got reseted to 124 when transferred so out of server trading does not change at all.
  8. However that was fixed before early access ended. Items uploaded will immediately be removed from server save so rollback wont get them back.
  9. Still quite a lot of hours left on 19th.
  10. Not correct. Dragon can kill deinos easily with flamebreath or fireball if one get caught on them. Alpha dragon especially loves to roast deinos that are at wrong place.
  11. Have you moved or reinstalled ark installation. Map discovery is stored on local profile on your computer.
  12. Yeh. Leveled up a chibi yesterday for getting extra max level on one of my toons and poof. All tek engrams gone. You might be safe if you have gotten all extra levels from chibi already but to be safe i would just unequip them. And that toon has never been at genesis.
  13. Leveling up a chibi and getting extra level from it deletes tekgrams also.
  14. And Fortnight is not using heavily modified ue4 engine. And much never version than ark so its much more simple job to do that. And its still taking them year or so to update.
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