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  1. Remember armor doesnt do anything against the flame breath.
  2. You can only have one character per server per account. If you move character from other server to other server where you already have a character. Game will inform you that you already have a character there. You can either cancel transfer or proceed which will overwrite previous character.
  3. There is no cap but a soft cap like GrumpyBear explained. Also soft cap heavily depends on what you a r mashing. So in the end its all on player to decide if its worth to put 5 points into the stat and gain same benefit as 1 point before softcap.
  4. Seeds have lower ”food” value than stone for example thus you need bit higher crafting skill on gacha to get steady 180 dust.
  5. Should be fixed. I am unable to add achatina paste into cementin paste box for example.
  6. Look at the transmitter or obi/loot beacon and you will see timer on items in your inventory if they have been added after last server save. Easy way to pick up a rock and go open the obi etc... and see the timer on it.
  7. Because the map is not linked to anything on SP. You need servers in cluster for it work like that. When you play singleplayer you have your own ”server” running but its not in cluster with any other sp ”servers”.
  8. Its right there in the update. Changes to crystal isles and mesh on other maps. So all maps need to be downloaded again. Each map is 1 gb to 3 gb in size.
  9. Thats because its not download that takes the time its applying the update. And that depends on speed of your drive. Yes it will take hours if you do it on old mechanical drive. The update took 25 minutes to finish here and download only took approx 10 minutes.
  10. Well the problem for it being other way around is that you are loading a huge base that takes a while to render, giga materializes in front of you befause the structures needed to load first. Actors are quite good on inable to go through unrendered walls and buildings its just that when that part gets rapidly rendered and unrendered the glitch happens. And thats also limitation of UE4 engine when actors load first on block.
  11. Game has actually gained quite a lot players.
  12. Read patch notes and you will find out. And 11 gb takes like 5 to 10 minutes to download and is quite small for modern game update. And if your net speed is not up to par dont blame devs for that.
  13. Try starting the paint few seconds before server save. Should not kick you out then.
  14. Have noticed same thing. And most of those around 30 min downtimes listed are not actual crashes but bm unable to query servers. There are times when you cant connect to servers without getting connection failure multiple times in a row. Seems they are either limiting query amounts per second/minute or server has trouble accepting requests.
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