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  1. It is true that its change based and that it can occur on any stat. But once the stat(s) are chosen, they technically become weight,damage,stamina mutations. So its common to call them as that.
  2. Yes you do have damage and weight mutations. Same as any other stat mutations. Mutation goes to one stat(or up to three stats or all in same stat if you are extremely lucky. Mutation happens and goes into weight its a weight mutation. Speed and oxy mutations you can put into adverse effects. Wasted points and mutation counter.
  3. Yep. Certain dinos cannot be transferred off the map they have been tamed. When the dino icon changes to raptor icon, you know its lost cause.
  4. Ahh integer overflow issue. Its not very effective way to breed as it can turn back to positive any generation you breed.
  5. They did not cap meks, they wiped them all. Also what mutation caps are you talking about?
  6. If you have whistled flyer to land and you hopped on it before it landed it will keep walking when you dismount.
  7. If you have transferred wyverns from valguero they wont unpod after that. If the dino has raptor icon in pod description, its broken.
  8. Its well known fact that max level is 450 on official servers.
  9. Thats because theri you are trying to uncryo is over the max level. 450 is max level for dinos on official servers. Cannot uncryo overleveled dinos.
  10. Well, even officials have gotten a lot of new players lately.
  11. Well if we are going for betting side. :p. I bet that the legacy is gonna be removed before officials receive wipe or are removed.
  12. Once again ppl are throwing the ”wildcard dont care” card without knowing the issue fully. You really sure they dont care and that there is simply no good enough solution to fix it for time being. We already saw what anti meshing measures did to server performance.
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