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  1. This! Its not meant for new players to get their first tames with kibbles. And ovirsptor can be tamed with any eggs.
  2. I mean that with a crafting skill 1000+ character you get all the saddles roll a 10% or lower bonus instead of getting 35%+ bonus. Hell, i have gotten 5 saddles out of 15 saddles batch with under 1% crafting skill bonus.
  3. Or get extremely bad luck and get 10% or less bonus on each saddle you make from 30 batch.
  4. Where are you checking amount of players? 70 is max and you wont be getting more online. If you are looking at steam server info, its known to be wrong most of the time. Battlemetrics only show steam players also so not accurate either.
  5. Allmost correct. Thatch 4 days Wood 8 days Stone 12 days Greenhouse 15 days Metal 16 days Tek 20 days. Tek structures have different decay timers on some pieces. Like 80 on dedicated storages. Dinos decay after 8 days or run out of food before thath.
  6. This is incorrect. Each tier has same bonus on crafting skill. 100 armor mastercraft and 100 armor ascendant will both get same bonus from crafting skill if you get same % roll when crafting.
  7. All unofficial maps that have been added to the game have higher change for high level spawns than official DLC maps.
  8. Looks to be error from missing DLC or mod. Are you trying to play primitive plus? Might want to double check that primitive plus is downloaded and verified.
  9. Rare flowers and rare shrooms are best food for the gachas. Gives most food points.
  10. I am not at PC until tomorrow but yesterday when i posted the server showed fine on EGS. Have you tried direct connect through console?
  11. Found on Epic also. It has a new ip address so it wont show in favorites. You need to search it again from all servers list.
  12. Server seems to be working fine for last 2 days. https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/9394135
  13. Yeh, thats what i meant with wild dino limit. However its rare that the area limit is full. Unless you are alone on the server or play single players.
  14. Gigas are on their own spawn group. Other spawns dont hinder their spawning unless server wild dino limit is full.
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