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  1. Request timed out on the middle does not equal connection problems. It means the router failed to respond in time expected. Reasons can be many.
  2. On PVE titano only does damage to creatures or structures of aggroing player/tribe. Tested multiple times. Then again if the other players dinos are on aggressive and aggronpn something small near the titano -> mayhem begins.
  3. Nah, it was not testing. That rate was there for a looong time. Why dont you educate yourself instead.
  4. If you havent done wild dino wipe on server they will be in there until the are killed or removed.
  5. These kinda posts are useless. Post info on whats the problem with as much detail as possible if you want help.
  6. Except its as true as it can be. Normal rates now are 2x. And i havent played in legacy since game went out of early access.
  7. And? Whats your point? The question was if they are gonna do bugfixes. And like i said there has been bug fixes on almost every patch.
  8. Bugs are being fixed on almost every patch. Not sure what rock you are living under.
  9. Before exporting dino from game you need to look at ancestry tab on dinos. Then it will fill parents and tell you about any new mutations. Parents only if the parents are already in your library.
  10. You do know that we are actually running on 2x rate normally now a days? And 4x on weekends. Back at early access harvesting too much berrier etc with one action had a high change of crashing the server.
  11. I believe the mechanic over this is that each time you harvest stuff the data is sent to server on each item harvested. And that data used to be sent in real time and not every few seconds like its done now. And higher rate, more data is sent back and forth thus increasing communication delay.
  12. It was when the normal rates was half what its now. With 2x evo event it was high change of crashing server when ever harvesting berries with more than one bronto. Luckily servers are more stable now. But high rates its still possible. There was a mention at extralife stream that 12x is pretty much max official servers can handle.
  13. If 2x is on creatures inside cryopods gain 4x passive xp. That said put them inside pod for a month and they come out with at least 50 levels.
  14. Crashing the server by harvesting berries with bronto and increased rates wants to have a word with you. And that was steady phenomenom.
  15. 0.0 rate would make server lag free from gathering part. However 0.0 rate is not possible as it would mean nothing would be gathered. Higher rate, more server performance is needed to process more items gathered. There is no rocket science there.
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