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  1. prob just new raptor saddle
  2. Nothing new here. Yet people will rush it. Most will regret it. A few will be fine. Those few will cement themselves as alphas on the best map that has ALL bosses and ALL biomes except for extinction (maybe?). The risks are great with bugs and role back. The rewards are YUUGE.
  3. If that is true I think it is safe to say two things: 1. Classic server cluster will NOT be getting Valguero 2. Classic servers will die as soon as it comes out.
  4. I see a AB biome so I am assuming you can tame / get AB creatures like reapers, basilisks, and shinehorn?
  5. Not exactly true. Some dinos will aggro a rafts and its connected structures. Sarcos and arthopluria will. There might be more I am not sure.
  6. They put it in because they faced a hard decision. On one hand they knew tech savy players were changing their screens gamma setting so they could see at night giving them a big advantage. On the other hand they knew other players weren't. So the choice was find a way to block gamma changes (very hard to do). Or give gamma options to everyone in game there by taking away the advantage (very easy to do). WC in true WC fashion did what was easy and not what was hard and imo the best option.
  7. When I first started playing this game. My tribe and I had a rule. You get back to base before dark as we lived in the snow region of the island map. You would get lost at night in the winter temp and die. We lost many birds that way. We had a thing that once it got to an in game hour before dusk all the tribe members would remind each other to stop what you are doing and get back. Then we would light up the base with fire light. It was awesome. gamma has broken so much immersion in this game its not funny.
  8. While you and I don't see eye to eye on the leeds fish thread, I agree with you here. I wish WC would put into place gamma hardware polling software so the game adjusts the gamma back down to correct levels. Nighttime is also a saving grace when fleeing from an enemy.
  9. That's their only purpose as of right now besides screwing over bobs who want to live on boats to avoid the griefing teams from mega tribes.
  10. You know the biggest irony about all of what you said is? Aquatic tames (with platform saddles) in sea combat will utterly destroy a turret boat if the player knows their stuff about naval combat in ark. But I find the biggest irony of all that of WC nerfing sea creatures with platform saddles by taking their away their ability to have turrets on them. If we are worried about aquatic tames, then they need to reverse that change.
  11. Eels and jelly fish already make the ocean hella dangerous. More so than land imo.
  12. Its going the same place all threads that have disagreement in go. Circles. Nothing new here than you will see in every other disagreement on this forum. PS: I do.
  13. Except rafts were already VERY weak without the leeds fish.
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