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  1. well think about it, they wiped all the duped meks and tek suits, so now the dupers going over time XD 255 ping is essential to duping on servers
  2. with bloodstalkers added, breeding griffins should be allowed really dont care about a saddle except maybe for wyvs
  3. its easy enough to do just time consuming. but still broken who really need soakers that can soak an entire base or rexes that can solo gigas XD
  4. "u mean super op dinos" - exploit ive had rexes with -126348763/20 i know and its still an exploit, how can people be like...how dare people use exploits....then say nooo dont take away my super bred exploited dinos it severly effects game balance and is unintended
  5. they crippled dupers as long as it takes to run OSDs, which is maybe a day or so XD, foolish thinking at best...just wipe everything if your gonna wipe anything they didnt even cap meks, which is what they should of done breeding mutation exploits should be capped as well unbalanced is the theme and has been for years they might as well just sell tames in the hln-a shop and make it pay 2 win because everyone just buys tames in groups anyway
  6. Nah I heard some dude was selling tek giga eggs on official ps4...maybe they glitch out from missions and stay spawned...
  7. You could beat the gamma end boss, then do the alpha missions Which is what I think is the motive here, complete gamma then step it up to beta, then alpha Most people just wanna walk right into the end boss and go pew pew pew, I'm the greatest But in saying that they need to buff alpha moeder and alpha controller because the brutes hit harder than them, it's actually sad being one shot by a brute, yet u can kill the bosses pretty easy
  8. Skiff with mounted minigun turrets and a mounted tame in the grapple to get the tracks Then when brute appears you melt with turret Seen streamers complete that way, But yeah they are crazy, had the alpha raptor eat an extremely OP reaper with ease
  9. Ive see a Skiff and minigun turret with a ferox on the grapple Only done uptown beta on a reaper king max level 100%
  10. Damn eh, probably just gotta go meat run the lunar for a while
  11. I had plant x and the whole crop plots disappear from ocean biome Switched to basilisk in turret mode XD
  12. Place a bed down in needed zone preferably naked Transfer out of server, during loading screen exit game before it can load Start game, select server you were on, Spawn at needed bed Not sure if you can do it with inventory or not, we use to black weight and move metal like this when our quetz died on the island
  13. Hopefully they fix it, gonna need tek gigas for brute raptor
  14. "The arrival" by gen sys data, I would assume, hlna just scans the data and tells Rockwell probably entered genesis after helena already had been through, Because she would of mentioned genesis being corrupt on extinction before she ascended
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