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  1. you can color the regions on the queen using players only, they wont show except in the babies
  2. another one who wants to go cage bobs on the beach with the rest of the mega bobs XD
  3. well think about it, they wiped all the duped meks and tek suits, so now the dupers going over time XD 255 ping is essential to duping on servers
  4. i probably would. infact i love throwing trash tames at peoples bases, its a meta XD even pve wise i troll time to time..otters are so easy to tame on aberration
  5. you can jump under the asteroid and see if it teleports you up top the main question is how do you beat alpha and beta
  6. thats pretty cool, i like it one of my fav thing about unofficial, you could get all the cool stuff whenever just wish event colors would come back
  7. 40-60% torpor resistance i believe, cant remember the actual number its just classic mmo/rpg style gameplay...you fight stronger re skins of old enemies think how many games have done this through out the ages... wait till those z-dinos come out
  8. y they gotta mess with para scouting? just put orp on all servers if its a problem
  9. did chibis and skins for my server a while ago....official just missing all the event emotes i added XD
  10. with bloodstalkers added, breeding griffins should be allowed really dont care about a saddle except maybe for wyvs
  11. why worry about rexes and gigas? couple hundred titans will be wiping every genesis map soon as transfers open enjoy it while u can plus the amount of duping going on in genesis is unreal, the server performance makes it very easy
  12. X-dino spawns on Island anyone have any issues with a few of these? problematic ones: X-Rex, X-Sabertooth,X-Megalodon all others seem to spawn in fine, containers look okay, same ones i used on my ab server another thing is the microbe swarms, i have them in a container with giant turtle but havent noticed them in ocean yet to tame turtles, turtles everywhere getting mauled XD
  13. havent tried official, but they broke the tail on reaper queens again so i wouldnt be surprised...XD not the first ive heard of this though, its on twitter as well that people are having issues
  14. nah nothing, but ill feed them anything...even old skins and crap bps XD
  15. i was under the impression everything event related was removed from game, as they stated before it effected game performance and optimization so i wasnt surprised when the dino colors stopped spawning, although on sp sessions i havent played in a while i still have event colored dinos
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