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  1. well think about it, they wiped all the duped meks and tek suits, so now the dupers going over time XD 255 ping is essential to duping on servers
  2. with bloodstalkers added, breeding griffins should be allowed really dont care about a saddle except maybe for wyvs
  3. Nah I heard some dude was selling tek giga eggs on official ps4...maybe they glitch out from missions and stay spawned...
  4. Damn eh, probably just gotta go meat run the lunar for a while
  5. Hopefully they fix it, gonna need tek gigas for brute raptor
  6. Could be just another bugged aspect of the game, sucks maybe cryo? Been using cryo on ferox because they dissapeared
  7. Not the mission, because the tek giga you can spawn are breedable, I tried on my unofficial
  8. Gotta be a specific region of the lunar
  9. Where do the tek giga spawn? Lunar pretty big , gotta spawn somewhere
  10. Spider is the ultimate picker now Ganking noobs with it playing basketball Space whale is really slow, more of a support tame Magmasaur keeps crashing the server when I level it so havent used it yet Ferox is OP
  11. Thinking the homo deus are corrupt already, or element has already had it's way with them It kind of reminds me of the black goo in Prometheus...some strange alien bioweapon Or maybe it's an organism itself, propagates at a molecular level and takes over planets
  12. Fixed my blue screen on rag by dragging myself out of the dead zone on an alt... Lucky my owl was on follow, was raiding a base too close to the dams
  13. I've only had a character restored after lost in obelisk Never got my tek engrams back tho ?
  14. All the robotics on that A got me thinking we are continuing the pacific rim saga. Hopefully soon, I'm losing interest so fast Happened with extinction, didnt play it till 6 months later
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