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  1. But the thing is that if you have more important stuff going on your life you should not be concentrating on games or if event is week or two.
  2. And you have gotten a product for your money. What compensation are you expecting? You have not purchased the servers. Those are purely complimentary service that can be stopped at any point.
  3. If you dont have to time during events its not wildcards problem. You are in no way entitled to have evo events just when it fits you. If you want evo event when you have time to playe, you can go play unofficial with boosted rates or make your own server. And matter of fact is that if the rates were constantly boosted as normal the ppl would whine for evo events again. We have already seen that 2 times so far with each of the base rate doubling.
  4. What does leveling and taming has to do with survival? So you think staying lvl 1 and no taming is the only one making survival game. lol
  5. Microsoft has nothing to do with the Ark II other than exclusivity deal.
  6. Lol, inflatable t-rex. First costume that i actually want to get. But whats with the meh colors? All have already been available before. Should be some rarer colors...
  7. Wait,what? How can unofficial servers use tools to do that but not official?
  8. I can pretty much quarantee they have tools and logs. If posting misinformation like this please post proof also.
  9. What makes you think they dont have logs. They have logs for pretty much anything happening on servers including how many times you pooped lats game session. Majority of client crashes are from hardware issues at user end. Or engine issues that are from ue4 that cant be fixed by Wildcard. What tools seem to be missing? Tools are not an issue but GM’s need to follow company policies.
  10. Its a game... If ppl are so dramatic about release dates been postponed, maybe change of hobby is in order. Wont be last game to be delayed.
  11. Back then we did not have global pandemic making ppl work remotely. Granted, they should have told that earlier. But its still just a game.
  12. I have been playing ark prolly quite a lot longer than you. And i could not care rats arse if its delayed. Its a friggin game not your last meal.
  13. Why are you guys still here? If ark is so bad experience, you are free to leave and let rest of us enjoy it.
  14. Thats because server downtimes go to server outage form and not game support.
  15. You can easily see how many servers are there in a server virtualization by looking at the ip adresses and there has not been any noticeable changes of virtual instances.
  16. There is quite a lot of performance improvement on servers. One only needs to start their own server and see. On terms of official server, no performance update will mitigate huge ugly box base warehouses that are appearing like mushrooms after rain or everyone and their dog throwing their tames out during events and then leaving them out after. Even with cryopods available... You also realize that without these updates we would not been able to play 3 years ago on any official server if they would have had the stuff there is today.
  17. Yeah, i know it would be nice to get proper stuff back but its abusable unless you have proof what you lost. Even if its just pixels some ppl have spent loooong time breeding the lines we have on official and would be quite unfair to have random high stat GM spawned dinos just nullify all the effort. But against proof what you lost. Sure, why not. But the rule is internar guideline and prolly stems from amount of time it takes to replace different dinos and even lpnger to do that to certain stats or colors. The amount of tickets is already high so by the time you get some stuff back, you have raised 5 more what you lost.
  18. This is partly true. Its the workload that limits it. They have all the means to track what players have. They most likely can track how many times player defecated in las 24 hours. On serious note, all dinos have id’s and most of the items also. They can all be tracked, just needs a lot of work to read logs. And amount of tickets there is... yeah, not gonna be happening.
  19. And that is exactly what i said to certain level. And you can only blame players for that rule. If they would not had abused the system before we might still be able to get higher lvl tames reimbursed. You used to be able to get even colors reimbursed.
  20. This is false. They will replace stuff and dinos up to certain level if you provide proof that you had them. Before game was released there were everyone making tickets for ”accidentally” losing stuff and wanting it reimbursed.
  21. I am not at PC until tomorrow but yesterday when i posted the server showed fine on EGS. Have you tried direct connect through console?
  22. Found on Epic also. It has a new ip address so it wont show in favorites. You need to search it again from all servers list.
  23. Server seems to be working fine for last 2 days. https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/9394135
  24. For a change? All events have had 2x breeding going on so its nothing new. All previous events have had 2x taming also.
  25. You can check yourself from here. http://arkdedicated.com/dynamicconfig.ini 2x and been that way since the start of event.
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