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Community Crunch 233: Crystal Isles Console Launch, Official Rates Increase & More!

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Suggestion: Please raise the breeding rates as well. Honestly I've got real life stuff and taking a day to raise a giga to 10%, even with the flexibility of cryopods,isn't appealing as a gamer. Sorry

Excuse me, but a lot of the fan art today is stolen art. I can confirm the art ARK Drawing 3 by LukeZera is actually drawn by me, I drew this fan art for ark in 2015 and can be seen on my deviant art

So... old news for a new Crunch? Cool, I guess.

There's nothing wrong with this update, but guys, you really should do something to improve fights on console, hitting somebody's reduced body, dwarf, with the female character which means lower hitboxes, running at 300kmh, with also buggy hitboxes, considering the low frame run on console ; makes the entire game useless on console. I feel like you could do everything you want to add stuff, increase rates, new dinos, weapons and balance, but if you don't fix this, the whole stuff is useless. 

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On 8/15/2020 at 7:31 AM, BertNoobians said:


i am one of the most experiences breeders on ark and i can say without doubt that increasing breeding rates is very bad for officials.
during x3 i managed to get 3 rex mutations a week on a constant basis and capped the dino to 254 points easy in a short time which would normally would take far longer.

this will shorten the lifespan of the game or a total wipe will be required sooner.
servers are also back to normal ping now that breeding is back to x1. the game is playable again, no more 255 ping nonsense.

The perhaps a compromise? I know Gigas are top tier-end-game dinos but the 10% takes to long maybe make the getting to 10% only take 12 hours and the rest of it stay the same (add 12 hours to juvy time maybe?) The same for all the other dinos taking longer then 12 hours to reach 10%? An the ping being 255 has about as much to do with people being on the server with mega huge bases as people breeding.... just my humble personal opinion. Thanks to Cryopods some (SOME) players could reduce the size of their bases helping the server's ping BUT that is a choice a person would have to make on their own if plausible for their tribe. Also if you no longer are on a server heavily then perhaps tone back the base(s) to help ping? There's a million opinions on how to reduce ping, lag, land hogging, and inconveniences. I do not claim to have the best one but as gamers who enjoy the game we should seek to aid the servers, developers, and fellow gamers as much as we expect to be assisted.

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How about the hundreds or maybe more players that are stuck in Crystal Isles after the last update.  

Since the last update tons of people have been getting instantly timed out under floating isles, unable to log back in unless they somehow get lucky and die after disconnecting, but then have to avoid the area to keep from getting disconnected again. 

With my tames probably dying, bases probably decaying on multiple servers, hundreds of hours of work, because I am unable to login and do anything including transfer off to the other servers I play, I am really disappointed at how this seems to be a problem still after three days.

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about boosting breeding rates.........


good things:

makes game much easier?

bring more people into official servers


bad things:

makes game much easier?

increase player head count in server (extra lag/ crash likelihood)

increase creature head count in server (extra lag/ crash likelihood)

offset pvp balance by a lot


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I really think you should all consider raising the breeding and raising rates aswell, because if anything it will give us the motivation to play more of your game, many pple quit because of how slow it is to raise a dang giga, please take that into consideration and it will most likely get tons of new players.

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