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  1. every time i check both servers are full.
  2. maybe wildcard, but unfortunately they don't tell us anything.
  3. as I wrote in another thread yesterday: they could prevent so much hatred and displeasure if they just made a statement.
  4. kind of sad that you have to beg like this just to get a short information. it may not be possible to fix the problem quickly, but they could say something about it.
  5. they could prevent so much hatred and displeasure if they just made a statement. after three days without receiving at least any information, it is understandable that people are angry.
  6. I think so too, but if so, then wildcard should at least be fair and inform people about it early. it's a bit strange ... people who get the game for free seem to be more important than people who helped by buying during ea so that the game could be published properly.
  7. why do non-legacy-players always have to get involved in the topic? it's a thing between wildcard and us and has nothing to do with them. as if they have any disadvantage because there are legacy servers. we don`t need inappropriate comments from people who are not really familiar with the topic. what we need is an official statement!
  8. maybe you don't know that there are no current live server files. what shall we do with files that are almost a year old? ^^ some of us have been waiting for the latest files since the last server closings because we would like to switch to a private server. at the moment we don't get any information at all. neither information about the new map, the transfer between legacy servers (which is currently not working) nor when the servers will be closed. I apologize for my bad english. I hope you could understand what I mean.
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